Nissan GT-R 2012

Race Spec Nissan GT-R Headed to Le Mans?

What’s this? If these rumors (just rumors at the moment, pal) turn out to be true, Nissan could bring its highly impressive GT-R to duke it out with the big boys at the Le Mans 24 hour race.

I say good. Racing improves the breed, in the first place, and in the second, I think that Nissan should throw down with the GT-R.

Posting good numbers in the car books and hot lapping the ‘Ring as quick as a Porsche is one thing, but if you want me to take you seriously, you’re going to have to go racing, and go racing for real. And Le Mans is about as real as it gets. Twice around the clock at that place is a grind unlike any other, and not as easy as some marques make it look.

Just ask Nissan or Toyota. Both of them had high profile, high buck efforts to win at Le Mans, and both came up short. Repeatedly.

So now, supposedly, Nissan wants to bring the GT-R out and see how they fair against the big boys over the course of 24 hours, day or night, rain or shine?

Bring it.

If you lose, at least you’ve gained some valuable experience, and hopefully it points out the week spots in your car. And then you can make the GT-R better (I know, for you fan boys, how can it get any better than it already is?). If you win, not only do you get to fold the engineering knowledge you’ve gained into the next gen GT-R, but the advertisements almost write themselves.

Source: AutoBlog