Nissan 350z GT-S

Nissan Confirms Production of 350Z GT-S

Back when I originally reported on the 350Z GT-S, it wasn’t for sure whether or not the car would be produced. Nissan has confirmed that the GT-S will be produced in limited numbers. The output will be increased from 300 hp to 382 using a supercharger and will reduce the 0 to 60 time from 5.8 seconds to 4.8.

Also, unlike most cars fitted with a supercharger, this one should have a switch that allows you to disable it.

Left Lane News expects the GT-S to cost around $40,000, based on the fact that there will be a 50% price jump between the base model and GT-S in the UK when it goes on sale there later this year. Based on this information, the GT-S upgrade will cost about $13,000. For a supercharger and slightly modified front end?

I really hope they have something else in mind because for that price, I would rather pick up a $7,000 twin-turbo kit and boost the output to around 450 or 500 hp.