2008 Toyota Supra Concept

Ever since Toyota discontinued production of the Supra in 1998 (2002 in Japan,) they’ve been lacking a real sports car. I don’t count the MR2 Spyder, and the Celica was a pseudo-sports car anyway. The past couple years have brought along a lot of rumors regarding a new Supra, but nothing so far has been confirmed. AutoExpress got some more information and concept pictures regarding the next Supra.

Toyota Supra Hybrid Concept

Based off of the Lexus LF-A concept shown a few years ago (although the 2008 Toyota Supra site thinks it will look very different,) it is rumored to use the Lexus GS450h’s 341bhp 3.5-liter V6 hybrid powertrain instead of the LF-A’s 500bhp 4.8-litre V10. The 3.5-liter V6 should be powering the rear wheels by way of a seven-speed sequential auto transmission. Read on…

Toyota Supra Hybrid Concept

The Supra Concept is said to have the amazing ability to sprint from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds, hit a top speed in excess of 170 mph, and still get around 30 mpg. The concept should debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2007 and go on sale the following October. Hopefully we will get the chance to see it at the Chicago Auto Show in February as well. If it’s there, rest assured I will have pictures and information for you right here.

Toyota Supra Hybrid Concept

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  1. Jim says:

    Great looking rendition… great concept… great company!!

    Bring it on!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Looks horrific. Hybrid??? don't worry that will be swaped out by a 2jz by many. Very dissapointing, Toyota great job with all the green cars, but dont ruin the supra!

  3. Jose says:

    It looks cool but they got to fix that back bumper it look like they got a big hammer and hammerd, put a little of curve on that.

  4. CARBIZZ says:


  5. mck says:

    Just like the new skyline and rx-7, the legendary supra looks like a manga toy!! where is the spoiler, the scuare tail lights,the targa, the pschyo dog face… :-(

  6. DRFFTR says:

    i think its cool but when veilside come out with a body kit for it it will be better

  7. Tabs says:

    Ok, as much as i was looking forward to the Mk-5 supra (I own an Mk4) i don't believe toyota are going to release a new supra, i have seen this design as the FT-HS design i believe, so i wouldn't cross your fingers that this is a new supra

  8. VEILside says:

    YOU can make this car, just not a HYBRID. A supra is a fast car and people that want to go fast will only buy it! Grandma's want hybrids. Make the fender and body more curved! I jope if they do make a new Supra, it will be cooler and better than THis ONE!

  9. DNOSSI says:

    k this is shiity all the new designs of cars are killing me. They should really make em look better, this design is not a toyota design, its ugly. Theres really nothing else to it.

  10. stu says:

    first off, VEILside, on the 11th is a retard because anybody who knows any thing about cars knows that sharp lines are in right now.. curved lined were cool 10 years ago. i really like this design alot.. i especially like that 3/4 view of the rear end, thats a good lookin shot. the big vents behind the front wheels are sweet too. this car is real bulky and full, and looks like it has muscle… the only thing id change is that front grill… its needs to be a lot wider

  11. stu says:

    oh ya… fuck hybrids

  12. KOBE says:

    what the hell…this design fucking sucks…dammm

  13. Andy says:

    Obviously some people out here are unaware of the future in Hybrid vehicles. The amount of instantanious torque released through a hybrid engine is unparalleled. The future of performance cars is going to be revolutionized by hybrid technology.

  14. egon says:

    Great point Andy, I forgot to touch on that.

  15. ed says:

    i agree this car looks stupid they should ask people for opinion then make a scarach car then put people ideas together i say it looks like a box fuck up

  16. Eragon says:

    Yes this is very goooooooooooooooooooood car

  17. Kyle says:

    All I can say is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD is rated at almost 600 Ft/Lbs of torque. If there is going to be an even more powerful gas engine in this as a hybrid, I say bring it on!!!

  18. Noypi says:

    It look likes Honda Prelude…

  19. Chris From Las Vegas says:

    MKIV Automatics rule! Sticks loose their boost and momentum.

  20. Chris From Las Vegas says:

    There are so many rumors about a new Supra but no confirmed reports from Toyota saying anything. The economic fact is that Toyota will hurt its flagship Lexus models if it comes out with something as great as my MKIV (94TT auto). The new Supra, (if there ever is one) will probably have horsepower between a Celica and a GS400. After all Toyota doesn\’t want to hurt some Metrosexuals feelings when some 17 year old smokes his new GS400 with a Toyota.
    PS: A message for all you people who think a supra MKIV stick shift is better than an automatic…You need to go back and learn more about turbo charged engines.

  21. petrie2001 says:

    can't wait to see what shows up in october 2008!!!

  22. king of the game says:

    this car is the bomb cant wait damn it gona be fast and sexy

  23. Chris says:

    That car looks like total dog shit. Not the supra from 95 or 96 which is the only jap car worth having. Hybrids can suck my fossil fuel burning ass.

  24. Travis says:

    What, not manual transmission? I was all about buying one for my Wife, but there isnt gonna be a non-clutch car in my driveway. What a disgrace.

  25. Just Me says:

    This car is fine. Everyone needs to stop being so anal about it being comparable to the older models in which the purpose of a new model is for a better look anyway. The hybrid engine is the wave of the future so just deal with it.

  26. jonathan says:


  27. blink says:



  28. DaWickedPrevail says:

    Ok First I hear talk of a 5.0 V-8 with 450 HP going under the hood, which is nice but where's the roots of the turbo that took the streets. Then I hear talk of a hybrid going under the hood. WHAT THE FUCK IS A HYBRID ENGINE DOING UNDER THE HOOD OF A SPORTS CAR, is basically what I said to myself. So my conclusion is that the planners of the 2008 Toyota Supra are either SMOKING CRACK, or TOO OLD and in dier need of being replaced.

  29. Drifter18 says:

    Some dumb guy said it looks like its a prelude..haha.what a loser. Anyways, the fact of having a hyrbid supra is just stupid and Toyota will realize it when only granny’s will be buying them. And for all those that say Automatic is better…well try learning manual first. Automatic supra…..how are you going to drift, down shift, play with the clutch. Automatic is for old lazy dumb people who don’t have the skill to drive. BTW stick doesn’t lose its boost, and thats what a BOV is for. So just shut up.

  30. Chris From Las Vegas says:

    I understand where you are coming from. You are probably 18, only been driving a little while and your very opinionated because you still think you know everything; and you think that everybody wants to drive like you. So lets hear from the experts of automotive racing. Where do they put there money and what do they drive. Michael Schumacher’s (Ferrari F399) Transmission: Ferrari electronically controlled semi-automatic sequential seven speed.

    AMG SL65 V-12 Turbo what's it come with? Automatic. Porsche promises that its latest version of the 911 Turbo will run from zero to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds when the driver has a six-speed manual transmission to stir — but only takes 3.4 seconds when there's a five-speed Tiptronic automatic aboard. Somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of the Ferrari F430s that come to America have the "F1-inspired" electronically triggered and hydraulically actuated transmission installed. Every Mercedes SLR McLaren comes with a five-speed automatic. Where the high end goes, the rest of the industry eventually follows. And the way this is going, the clutch pedal is doomed.

    So when you grow up and know more about cars then AMG, Porche, Ferrari, and Michael Schumaker…Then we can talk. Until then please stop showing your ignorance and Troll behavior.

    Need help with big words see Troll @ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

  31. Chris From Las Vegas says:

    PS: That's not what a blow off valve is for… To learn more see .. .
    And when you want argue some more, please back it up with references and facts not Troll talk.

  32. Chris From Las Vegas says:


    There now you can see the whole link.

  33. andrew says:

    this car is nice

  34. Toyota4Life says:

    Dont worry the new Supra will be coming out with 2 different engines. The first is a hybrid yes but the engine that they want to cram in there with it is the Lexas IS 350 V6 pumping around 350 HP and in its sproty edition itll come with the Lexas GT 450 V8 pumping around 500 HP but because of all of this major expensive items being put into this car it will also jack up the price to a possible 50,000$ but a set price is not set yet so im hoping itll drop, alot. Now u can say what you want about the hybrid Supra but what are u going to tell all your freinds when they find out you got your ass handed to you on a fuckin gold plate by a green tree hungin little hybrid. Thanks

  35. 2008suprababy says:

    What are you pepole thinking I will buy one as soon as it comes out seeing how gass prices are just only going to raise this is the new shit it 2007 not the 1990s any more, and when i do buy it i will race any of you that talk down apon it and i bet money it will hang with your car if not stomp on it and use less gass well doing it.

  36. Wow says:

    I am a supra fanatic, and this does not compare to anything that is a supra. really unsatisfied

  37. A-lec says:

    I think this body style is pretty awesome, but i am a little dissapointed about the angles on it. The previous Supra’s were very rounded off which really made it stand out from many other cars. Not saying that this car won’t stick out, because it no doubt will stick out. In a good way that is. But I think the angles should be taken away.

  38. egon says:

    TJ is right, the Supra itself will never be replaced by a car called "Supra." However, the new Toyota FT-HS is said to be replacing the gap left when the Supra was discontinued. Look out for coverage on the FT-HS, I plan to feature it in the near future.

  39. TJ says:

    This is not going to be called a supra. It is going to be the new sports car to fill the gap left by the supra. There will never be another supra made. Rumors have come out every single year since it left and will continue to do so. If you have a supra keep it. There will be no more.

  40. jonathan says:

    the front end of this car sorta reminds of the audi r8 i am hoping this comes with a six speed manual because driving a sports car with automatic or tiptronic sucks

  41. Chris From Las Vegas says:

    So it dawned on me, with the original Supra any person with some basic turbo and mechanical knowledge could turn the Supra into a Ferrari stomping, Porsche eating, Vette shattering, machine. With a Hybrid you have to live with whatever the Toyota engineers decide is fast enough. Even the Techs at your local dealership won't be able to tweak the horsepower and torque.

    That being said, Toyota has done just about everything you can do to a gas engine and offered it to it's customers. Turbos, superchargers, exhaust etc. The only thing the engineers have not done is create a super fast hybrid with that instant torque only an electric can deliver. So this summer they will release the Lexus LS600H to compete with the V8 Kompressor, the normally aspirated V12 from Mercedes, BMW and Austin Martin. Toyota could have used their V12 but the engineers want to do something that has never been done before; create a screaming fast car that gets 20 mpg city and 27mpg highway. At $3.29 a gallon for 91 octane I would consider trading in my wife’s car for a LS5600H (but not my Supra, it gets 16.5 MPG even with my heavy foot and it will beat the LS600H by a long shot)

  42. Crusty says:

    I DONT KNO WHAT THE FUCK YOU ALL ARE TALKING ABOUT SAYING THIS CAR LOOKS GREAT AND IS THE SHIT. This car is a piece of shit to what the Supra used to be known for. The Supra is my favorite car in the world and this is a terrible let down to all the fans of this car in the world. The only thing i would look forward to if this is the model of the car that they brought out is that the price of the late 90's models will go down fast as hell and ill finally be able to afford one so if they want to bring this model of the car out let it be cause ill get the one that i truely want. This car looks like shit and i could make a better model that would better represent want the Supra used to be in a new sleeker look so people would be happy cause everything has to look more modern. Thats all i have to say and please god help me and let them bring out a model that looks more like the old one and i dont care if its not as powerful as this model as long as it can do what the old one can cause thats what a Supra was and what it should always be and for all of you who say im a dumbass and dont kno what im talking about this is for you SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MOTHER FUCKING DUMBASSES!!!

  43. egon says:

    Whoa, take it easy Crusty :)

  44. Big K says:

    making a supra a hybrid is bullshit, it just ruins the name of the supra

  45. Toyota4Life says:

    i still cant figure out y everybodies bitching about the hybrid thing…its fuckin easy to understand if u dont want the fucking hybrid then dont get the fuckin hybrid package dumbass …jesus fuckin christ all u babies fuckin whining about fuckin nuting…just shut the hell up

  46. The Flash says:

    All of u who think hybrids are shit are tools, a hybrid engine will give the supra instant acceleration and all of u bitching about "why doesn't it look like the old supra SHUT THE FUCK UP! if u want the old supra go fucking buy it, this is a seriously sexy car and it'll rip anything at the lights

  47. Tim says:

    putting a hybrid in the supra is like dressing up a lion in ballet clothes and spray painting it pink.. not gonna happen. Hybrids r good but save it for the prius geez, when it comes to real sport cars, DONT MESS AROUND. it wasnt a hybrid supra that everyone loved in the 90's!!!!

  48. noor from Afghanistan says:

    surprised eh? thinkin why a guy in Afghanistan is thinking about the concept supra. well we afghans love sport cars and this is great news. i gotta tell my friends about this. toyota has built some great cars being sporty and environmentally friendly at the same time. the design of the car shows very few characteristics of the past supra but it’s good. nice crisp lines and aerodynamism are the factors of a concept car these days. i like it. it is good. i hope it comes with and auto/manual optional gearbox.

  49. zeteq says:

    this model and lexus lf-a concept, both look like 95 prelude.

    toyota should come up with something original and distinctive like bmws. instead of going with generic designs, that may not offend anyone nor stir any passion.

    for corollas and camrys i guess this policy is fine, but for exotic vehilcles, a prelude looka like wont be going anywhere

  50. Toyota4Life says:

    im srry zeteq but there is nothing similar to the supra and the prelude….im not sure wat uv been snorting or if u just need glasses but that was a very retard thing u said….and wat makes BMWs so original i havnt seen any major body changes in the last 5 years…..and to the afgan guy u dont want the auto/manuals, yea they are fun to mess around with but when the mess up then its way more expensive to fix and they go bad faster than even automatic tranies

  51. Rendor says:

    That Supra is the best car i have seen in my life. I wish that when i am 21 i get one if they come out

  52. Viktor says:

    ok i admit it looks good, but why the hybrid? supra and hybrid DO NOT MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make it just not a hybrid!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. SupraFanatic says:

    i just wanna start by saying this body style is crap. And i want a supra with a inline 6, not a crap v6 hybrid crap. maybe the make a MKV. i dont know, all i know is that the old supra engines you could over rev all day and never do any damage, i mean they were almost indestructable. but to anyone who thinks hybrid will be cool is stupid, supra is a race car its meant to be messed with and tweaked you cant tweak as much with a hybrid. the only thing that would make this car good is if they substituted the TT for only big turbo more hp.

  54. kadell says:

    all you real smart guys pay attention and stop using your heads as hatracks and platform to grow hair on. there are no hybrid dragsters, supra owners want to be faster than vipers, mustangs, vettes, feraris, lambos, porsches,audis, and fighter jets,we dont want hybrids, unless it can run like those little electric cars you have at the malls today,so uless toyota has an all wheel drive 4 motor electric car with a high ouput inverter generator built in they can make the 2jz a 4 liter a5liter or a 6liter, or the 5vz-fse a twin turbo or take the 5.7 liter out of the tundra and force any one of those type engines i the 1997 supra just bring the car back and we supra owners will be happy to pick up more parts to add to them to make them go faster still ; By the way do not shame the supra by calling that white reworked celica a SUPRA call it a celica.

  55. kadell says:

    this one is for toyota gm ; do you know that porshe is making a car called the cayman, and they are selling ruff engines, hint, so cayman owners can surprise the ruff owners, what do you plan to do?

  56. kadell says:

    If toyota was a man and had 3 kids they would be called hino,lexus and scion but their father,toyota, would keep them in line. nissan 350z,infinity g35,and now the nissan altima, nissan copied your supra engine and ran it in reverse,copy nissan and bring 3 supra look alikes to market :Make one a2800 lb four cyl scion ,and the other two lexus and toyota rivals so that we have someone to race because the supras have dusted everything else they call sports cars offffffffffffffffffff come on with ti.

  57. ben says:

    toyota should build a new supra. they don't because, they are, well, dumb. like ford. unlike gm. see i'm not biased.

  58. kadell says:

    if toyota makes that ,they should make something else and I even have a name for it ,supra -SCD (super car devastator)

  59. kadell says:

    put an RVX-05,06,07 in the 97 body style and make everybody very very happy

  60. mike mira says:

    the old ones are better more detail and better design over all

  61. aaron says:

    id rather fuckin drive the 93 supra it looks way better and hybird come on what the fuck was toyota thinking the should twin turbo charge that shiet

  62. It’s just plain ugly. I am sure many things will change before production…. Well, I hope at least. If not I’m buying a Z.

  63. Aus 1 says:

    people; it’s called progression. i’m sure that the designers in the glorious Toyotaland are well aware of the drifters want to fiddle and tune an engine for Fuck Right Off power, thet are not stupid people and are well aware of their comsumer basis; that’s why cars have options!! The Aero styling of the bodywork also has key informing factors too…wind tunnels people. if you still want curves.. buy the mk and let those who don’t run around looking to the past get the updates. oh, and what is with no one having a clue how to spell??

  64. timby says:

    it's a nice concept, but leave the hybrid

  65. $unny v says:

    great car and very slick but hybrid and supra dont go together.

    but then again 97 was way better than these

  66. i own all says:

    ok guys. if you want the curves, and non-hybrid engine of the MKIV supra, buy an MKIV supra. it's simple. toyota has new ideas and wants to keep the world clean and give you a car with great performance. plus it is not going to have the supra badge. so if you like the old supra buy one and stop complaing about how this one is not exactly like it in everyway.

  67. patrick says:

    Ok, this car is faster than a stock 1990's model supra, and it gets 30 mpg. Wheres the downside again. I swear some people just like to bith about something all the time. If you don't like the looks that a matter of opinion. complaining about the hybrid however just seems stupid to me.

  68. Egon says:

    I agree Patrick, I guess it's just the idea of a Prius that turns people off when thinking about a hybrid sports car.

  69. SupraMaster18 says:

    I'm just going to say, the Supra MKIV is my all time favorite car and I find it hard to believe that will ever change. I have two of them. Toyota does need to come out with a real sports car to compete with Nissan's 350Z and Infinity G35. I'd mention Honda (the 3rd leading Jap car company), but what the hell do they have? The S2000 with a 4-banger? I'd only own one with a 2JZ. Honda could probably do a new sports car too. And WTF is the new Skyline? I'm mean… It's nice but I can't imagine Skyline enthusiasts being too happy about its release. Anyways… Toyota needs a new sports car. It probably would be better to give it a new name because they have a lot to live up to with the name Supra. If they can rep it well though, I say go for it! Hybrid isn't such a bad idea but they should make one that's not hybrid also; and possibly turbo.

  70. SupraMaster18 says:

    Chris From Las Vegas… Sorry to call you out but you seem like a pretty inteligent guy and there hasn't really been any inteligent arguments against your automatics are better bias. Being from Las Vegas, you've probably seen a lot of Supras at the Supras Invade Las Vegas event every year. What's the ratio of manual vs. automatic Supras you see at that event? Yes, new technology has made semi-automatic transmissions quite effective but Supras don't have that. A fully automatic transmission is not better than a well driven manual transmission. From the marketing outlook, people typically buy their sports cars manual or with the technology for shifting control. Notice that manual Supras are sold for sigificantly more money than automatics. The amount of control is much better for racing. What I'm saying is that I don't agree with you and I think your bias is ignorant. Don't get me wrong. I always respect a fellow Supra owner and tiptronic technology is great and innovative, and I think it's the way of the future, but straight up automatic has nothing on a well driven manual. And I am an 18 year old…

  71. Mentze.. says:

    Well put SupraMaster.. but the Hybrid isn't that bad in a Supra, I mean yah you might think it doesn't go together, but have you ever seen a Hybrid Supra? NO….so why not give it a chance, common now. Just because you people think Supra and Hybrid "doesn't mix" doesn't mean your opinion is right and thats how things go. the MK5 is gonna be siiiick.. I like the shape of the body, different and unique, but it's a well thought design.. All in all, i'm likin' what they are putting in front of me right now, I guess we'll see what happens when the time comes

  72. Mentze.. says:

    and 2008SupraBaby……i'll be up to that challange if I ever cross paths with you, I will own you anyday, anytime, anywhere..My '92 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo will out-do this hybrid when you get it….which I doubt you ever will, so don't talk until you know you can back it up, which I know you can't.

  73. zynda says:

    cant belive what im reading!!!! hybrids are for soccer moms

  74. mac says:

    completly killed the supra

  75. joe says:

    they are not going to put a turbo on it. thats wrong in my book if you think supra you think of the whinning turbo sound. if you take away the turbos you take away some of the supras personality. it would be way better with a turbo at least offered. i know a normally asperated engine has its advattages mainly no turbo lag but this is 2008 surely toyota can design a turbo with little to no lag. we have come a long way since 1998 the last time toyota made supras. shame on you toyota.

  76. joe says:

    3.0 liter turbo 320 horsepower??????????

  77. matt says:

    i wonder if they are finally going to give the car some handling capability

  78. Scott says:

    gotta love the supra but this one you mine as well make it a hover car…. to futurish… not practical

  79. Dee says:

    Supras are well known for their attractive body kits, this just doesn't fit the Supra chic. Its a very 'angry' look compared to the much more sporty look of the previous supra. The designers definitely need to go back to the drawing board a redefine its image.

  80. JON says:


  81. TOYO 4 LIFE says:

    Funny how everyone is arguing over a car that hasn't come out as yet. Wait for it to come out, get hard evidence, THEN argue to hearts content. These arguements would be even funnier if toyota cancelled the whole project. THEN we'll see which one is better, hybrid , turbo or a car to drive at all?

  82. TOYO 4 LIFE says:

    Another thing. Auotmatic or manual? Why argue. Tiptronic was born out of the neccessisty to take the advantage's of BOTH and NEGATE the disadvantges of BOTH. That's why they are used in the latest and greatest beacuse they offer the best of BOTH world's. But for a SUPRA you only get 2 choices. Auto or Manual. So how about keeping the debate between the two.

  83. Toyota4Life says:

    if you wana see the new supra in action look this site up

  84. Chris says:

    Looks a lot like the Lexus LF-A (on the video) – I wonder how closely they'll be based.

  85. big rick says:

    im sorry but i think this car cant cum out! thy can do so much more thin that. cum the fuck on more hp and a fat turbo is wut we want 2 see. a v6!? yea thats a slap ill drive my 88 b4 that.look at the new oct 2008 import tuner THATS A SUPRA!! and the girl is hot=~)

  86. baydi says:

    i think so toyoto compny should lounch the new design of supra in pakistan. pakistan should provide them a good platform

  87. gazeebo says:

    This really answered my problem, thank you!

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