Chevrolet Active Phone Cooling 03

Chevrolet Hot For Smartphone Cooling

Chevrolet-Active-Phone-Cooling-04These days, we use our smartphones for everything.  Texting and calling are only half of it too – I use mine for navigation, checking hotels, dinner reservations, flight statuses, social media, and listening to music.

Such connectivity is nice, but it’s easy to find your phone heating up and the battery dwindling.

Constant use of the device’s data, graphics processors, higher ambient temperatures or simply charging the device can cause or worsen overheating.

That compounds inside vehicles during hot weather, especially sitting in the parking lot.  I have come out of the grocery store before, to find my phone on the dreaded 1 percent . . .

Chevrolet is addressing this with Active Phone Cooling, a forthcoming, industry first technology for some of their models.  No other manufacturer offers a similar solution, meaning Chevrolet has beat others to the punch with a very useful technology.

GM engineers regularly subject vehicles to the most extreme climates imaginable to ensure everything works properly.  While testing a wireless charging feature, they noticed some phones would suspend charging or shut off altogether after being exposed to high temperatures inside a car after a few minutes.

Granted, most smartphones have thermal protection features to preserve battery life, but that protection can be enhanced for customers on the road, using their phones for important business.

An air vent connected directly to the car’s air conditioning and ventilation system is directed to the charging bin, where the phone rests for wireless charging.

The cool air is directed to help lower the phone’s temperature when the HVAC system is on.

Active Phone Cooling is a novel approach, relevant to everyday life and for Chevrolet, such technology only seemed to make sense.

“Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel.  Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.” ~ Dan Lascu, Impala Engineer

Active Phone Cooling will be available in the 2016 Chevrolet Volt, Cruze, Malibu, and Impala.