Porsche To Compete With – Mercedes-Benz E-Class?!

Everybody in the auto industry, luxury and mainstream alike, is pushing for increased sales volume. Porsche is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group.

After being independent after since it was founded, Porsche’s attempted purchase of VW led to the very thing it was trying to prevent; a takeover. VW is becoming a modern day 1950’s General Motors, with a plethora of competing brands under its roof.

We wouldn’t at all be surprised to see VW take the global number one sales spot by 2018. Under VW’s ownership, Porsche is looking to expand sales. The Porsche brand is as valuable as they come, and it has some of the best profit margins in the business.

Coming next is the new Macan (formerly referred to as the Cajun, which was a better name) small crossover.

Porsche Panamera GTS 2012 1280x960 wallpaper 2a

Automotive News reports that Porsche is looking to add a sixth – yes a sixth – model line.
The new model, codenamed Pajun, is said to be a smaller Panamera, aimed at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and CLS. Pricing information doesn’t make much sense – AN says it would be between about $84,100 and $129,140. Those figures are in Panamera territory, so we aren’t sure how it would compete with the E-Class.

The Panamera is a car we have approved on, and we even saw the financial reasons behind production of the Cayenne when it debuted. This steady addition of models is just diluting the brand though. We’d like to see some actual sports cars too, like maybe a modern 928 GT based on the Panamera’s platform.

Besides, Isn’t competing with Mercedes what Audi is for? Apparently not – VW wants to push Porsche sales to 200,000 units by 2018. To do that, the brand may expand to a total of seven models. The seventh lineup? Who knows. At this rate, maybe an MPV….