Fiesta Launch Looks Promising for Ford

2011 Ford Fiesta
2011 Ford Fiesta at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Today, Ford is opening up for customers to reserve their own customized 2011 Ford Fiesta for release this Summer. After te Fiesta Movement where 100 people were given a Euro-spec Fiesta to drive around for six months, interest has gathered about the small car and has resulted in 6,000 people already reserving one and more than 100,000 showing an interest (how they gauge that I don’t know.)

Ford reports that 51% of the pre-orders are from previous non-Ford customers, which is a pretty big deal for Ford. Surprisingly (and fortunately,) 65% of buyers are choosing the five-door hatchback model over the four-door sedan. This is great news, and shows that we in the States are finally starting to accept hatchbacks (plus the Fiesta hatch looks much better.) Another excellent statistic: among the top three color choices are Blue Flame and Lime Squeeze – two bright and vibrant colors! Regular readers know how I feel about boring car colors.

2011 Ford Fiesta rear

The 2011 Ford Fiesta starts at a reasonable $13,320 for the sedan, $15,120 for the much cooler hatch. Ford estimates the EPA fuel economy ratings at 30 mpg city, 40 hwy, which needless to say, are great numbers. The Fiesta is powered by a 119 hp 1.6-liter engine and mated to a 6-speed automatic or 5-speed manual gearbox (seems a bit strange that the manual is a 5-speed.) Here’s hoping that next year we see a turbocharged Sport model.

Reserve the car on the 2011 Fiesta website or your local dealer and get the SYNC and Premium Sound upgrade package for no cost.

We saw a couple of the Fiestas at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, which are the pictures you see above. Also check out the gallery below for more images: