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BMW ActiveE Field Trial Launches

BMW is determined to have a strong presence in the electric vehicle sector. Dedicated electric vehicles i3 and i8 are being developed, and we are awaiting there introduction. Before their on-sale date though, BMW is launching the ActiveE Field Trial.

With it, BMW wants to learn more about electric vehicle usage in real life. The ActiveE is based on the BMW 1-Series Coupe. Other cars have been released with the ActiveE moniker, but they have been applied to hybrids instead of pure electric cars.

Being a field trial, the ActiveE is limited to 700 lessees in the United States, handpicked by BMW. BMW says it is looking for 700 “electronauts” who will embark on a “collective mission to help define the future of mobility.” Electronauts are “adventurers and explorers; they are front-runners of innovation and advocates for sustainability. ” No hubris there….

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More details about the program were announced today. The ActiveE will be available in select markets that BMW has determined friendly to EVs. They include Boston, Hartford, New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco. The ActiveE’s drive train and battery technology is the same as the upcoming i3. This program is all about ensuring a smooth launch for the i3 when it arrives; the ActiveE represents the second stage of BMW’s electric vehicle development plan. The first was the Mini E pilot program.

To be one of the lessees, you must complete a charging station consultation with AeroVironment. The company will determine if a prospective buyer’s house is capable of handling the charging system, as well as briefing this person on the ups and downs of electric car usage. If you clear those hurdles, the cost is $499 a month for 24 months, with a down payment of $2,250.

The only caveat: BMW hasn’t released any information on the specifications of these cars. We want to know how many miles it gets on a charge. Presumably that will be something they discuss with each prospective lessee. If you’re interested, head over to BMW’s website, Activate The Future.