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Modern Porsche 914 On Hold

A few days ago, we reported news about the status of Volkswagen’s BlueSport concept. After hearing about its eventual production ever since the North American International Auto Show in 2009, it appears its debut is on hold.

The BlueSport has been developed, but VW apparently doesn’t think it can find enough buyers to make the business plan work. We still think the roadster will see the light of day when all is said and done, but more ominous news comes about the project from Porsche.

There has long been an assumption that three roadsters would be based on the new VW Group platform: Audi R4, VW BlueSport, and a Porsche small roadster. The Porsche model would be a modern 914 of sorts, slotting in below the Boxster. It would be part of a plan to boost Porsche’s global sales.

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New models are in the works for Porsche as the brand aims to increase sales – the small crossover Cajun is up next. Automotive News reports that a small Porsche’s platform variant, like the VW, has been delayed.

Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller spoke to a German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, saying: ”Possibly we need to wait until the next generation of customers before the idea of a small roadster will work for Porsche.” Next generation of customers? What is that supposed to mean? In February, Matthias made more positive comments about Porsche’s consideration of the idea.

AN says the worry is over the roadster “diluting Porsche’s image.” If the brand is adding cars that aren’t inherently sporting in nature, like the Cajun, it should be adding enthusiast-aimed vehicles as well. Matthias did say a new range-topping model is on its way, though, to slot in above the 911.

Whether or not this is a mid-engined model, a la Carrera GT, or a front-engined successor to the 928 GT. We should hear more about the small roadster’s status as well as the new range-topper soon.