Porsche 911 GT3 Receives New Touring Package For 2022

Porsche has just taken a page from their old playbook and applied it to their craziest of 911s, the GT3. The new Porsche 911 GT3 with the Touring Package is a subtler choice that, according to Porsche, retains every ounce of the excitement and performance you would expect from not just a 911 but a GT3!

Wild Rides

Through the years, Porsche has had a habit of making these sort of half-crazy near race cars for the street. Then, a model year or so later, making slightly toned-down versions of those cars. Think of the first RS, the 1973 911 RS. That thing was out for about a year when Porsche started making the 911 RS Touring. It was just like the RS, but it had thicker carpets and window glass and stuff like that. Move to the present day and Porsche has gone and done it again, only this time with the 911 GT3.

The GT3 should need no introduction to you serious gearheads out there. It’s a complete monster on the track and drivable, more or less, during the workweek. Like I said, more or less. You could drive a 911 GT3 from New York to L.A., but it wouldn’t be that enjoyable for most people. Ergo, the new Porsche 911 GT3 with its Touring Package, which aims to make their GT3 a little more user-friendly.

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 With Touring Package.
2022 Porsche 911 GT3 with the Touring Package. Photo: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

New Touring Package

The seventh edition of the 911 GT3 can now be ordered with the new Touring Package, and, even better, it won’t cost you a dime. The no-cost equipment package was introduced for the prior GT3, but now it’s again yours for the asking (and it comes with all sorts of goodies). In case you’re worried this will take the performance edge off the GT3, Porsche says the new Touring Package is a “subtler choice that retains every ounce of the excitement, the feel, and the performance you expect.” So, in other words, don’t sweat it.

For the first time, the Touring Package is available with the seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. However, if you’d like, you could go with the traditional six-speed GT Sport manual transmission as a no-cost option. As before, the engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, and tires are straight from the regular 911 GT3.

Premium Treatments

The quickest way to tell the difference between the standard GT3 and one with a Touring Package is the absence of the fixed rear wing found on the 911 GT3. The Touring is graced by an automatically extending rear spoiler at high speeds. Slow down, and you go back to a more “understated appearance,” according to Porsche. The grille is unique to the Touring, as are the silver trim strips made of high-gloss anodized aluminum on the side windows. Also, the front fascia is painted the same as the exterior color (the standard GT3 has a black lower section).

A special GT3 touring logo can be found on the rear grille, while the side window trim elements and tailpipes are bright silver. The lower front light modules are also dark-tinted as part of the Touring Package. The steering wheel, gear shifter, center console lid, door panel armrests, and door handles are upholstered in black leather. The door sill guards, dashboard, and center console are each made of brushed black aluminum.

2022 Porsche 911 GT3 With Touring Package.
Options include several leather upholsteries for the lower half of the interior to contrast with the upper dashboard. The leather is embossed to create an appearance specific to the Touring Package. A Porsche crest even graces the seats. Photo: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

Pricing & Availability

The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 with the Touring Package is a welcome sight. Be prepared to shell out for this beauty, however. Starting MSRP is $162,450, which includes the $1,350 for destination and handling. Still, it’s probably worth every penny.

If you are shopping for a 911, this free and easy search tool* will help you. Although there may not be too many, that tool will allow you to search Porsche dealers closest to you (and you can see what they offer for deals on a new 911). Expect the 911 GT3 with the Touring Package to arrive in early 2022.

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Photos & Source: Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

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