Huet Brothers Coupe Is A Throwback Coupe From Another Era

Who are the Huet Brothers? We’ll forgive you if you haven’t heard of them before; it’s the same situation here. They are a company based in the Netherlands (two brothers, as their name implies) that is making a splash with their just-announced Coupe model. They’ve made a throwback (and we mean really throwback, no retro to be found here) open top “HB Special” for a few years and now are setting their sights on something more ambitious.

As with the Special, the coupe aims to be a car that harks back to a time when “courtesy was a common good, when men held doors open for their female counterparts, (and) when TV was still an amazement and not a necessity.” They list more than that on their website, but you get the idea.

The Coupe is a car that aims to retain that design feel, while having all the advantages of a modern car. That includes safety, reliability, performance and comfort. Unfortunately, there are few images available – and no angle shots. What’s up with only the direct side and front views? In their release, the Huet Brothers made a straightforward list of their “wants” for the new Coupe. They are as follows:

• I want a sports car that is fuel efficient
• I want space for my bags and golf kit
• It needs to be comfortable with climate control
• I don’t need to hear the engine all the time
• I want heated seats and surround sound
• I sometimes get stuck in traffic
• I promise not to crash but if I do I want to walk away

Other places in the release they mention wanting a race car for the road, one that is usable in all weather situations and that doesn’t rust. Doesn’t rust? Most modern cars don’t rust at all, but the Coupe won’t be able to since it will have carbon fiber body. The Huet Brothers Coupe will weigh in at about 2,400 pounds, powered by a 3.0-liter BMW inline six-cylinder making 306 horsepower. A less expensive 2.0-liter diesel four is said to be available later as well, making 204 horsepower. The company estimates a 0-62 mph time of 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph for the six, with a 5.6-second run to 62 mph for the four-cylinder. The Huet Brothers haven’t given any expected arrival date for the Coupe, but they are selling merchandise to help raise funds for its development. Head over their website, to check out what they have going on.

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