Audi Releases A1 Sportback, We Think It Should Come Here

The Audi A1 has been a key element of Audi’s international expansion plans. Sales of the car have been brisk around the world, especially in Audi’s home market of Germany. While rival BMW has an entry-level brand in the form of MINI, it is set to take the A1 on itself with the production i3.

So far, Audi has decided not to make the car available in the United States, sticking with the slow-selling A3 hatchback as its smallest offering. MINI has pretty much been the only successful mini car in the U.S, leading them to conclude it isn’t worth it.

A new five-door Sportback model has been released hat should help significantly expand the A1’s appeal around the world – and here in the U.S if it was offered. In fact, Audi expects the A1 five-door to eventually account for 70 percent of A1 sales. Most people want the added practicality of a four-doors.

A few years ago, we wouldn’t have thought the A1 wouldn’t have sold well here in the U.S. Today, the equation could be different. People want to be unique, and a small, fuel-efficient car with luxury features has more appeal than ever before. Interestingly, the A1 Sportback is exactly the same size as the three-door. It is however, wider and taller, by 6 millimeters.

How comfortable it would be in the back seat is debatable, but Audi is said to have increased rear legroom. Don’t expect to squeeze five people in to the car though: its a four seater, thank goodness. The A1 Sportback’s design and specifications list is unchanged versus the three-door A1, and the car goes on sale next spring. Take a look at the A1 Sportback in our gallery below and let us know if you think it should make the trip over to the U.S or not.

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