Hamann Lamborghini side

Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo Spider – Awesome Doors!

Holy crap, this is hot. Check out what Hamann did to the doors on this Gallardo Spider.

The Gallardo, being the “Baby Brother” Lamborghini, has been lacking in the “bad-ass” factor the other Lambo’s have.

It’s been more of a tuner car than anything else. To be honest, I’ve been considering it a really high-end Audi. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the Gallardo just doesn’t compare to the previous Lamborghini’s in terms of being a beast. Although, doesn’t this kind of negate the whole point of the original Lambo doors anyway? Wasn’t it designed so that you didn’t bang the door on stuff when getting out since the doors were so long? Oh well.

This Hamann is really cool, though, and it isn’t just the doors. They also added a computer chip, giving the car 550 hp and increasing the top speed to 199 mph.

On top of that, they added the obvious body kit with 19? wheels in front and 20? in the rear, and big eight-piston brakes. This only makes the millionth Gallardo variation out now.