Lamborghini Releases Another Teaser Pic of the Jota

Lamborghini just released their second teaser pic of the new replacement for the Murcielago, rumored to be called the Jota. When they released their first teaser of the new car scheduled to be unveiled during the 2010 Paris Motor Show, they didn’t give us much (any) information about the car. This time, they’ve given us a bit of an insight into what the car is all about.

Lamborghini mentions in the their press release that the two main reasons people buy their cars is for design and performance. And for performance, the priority is as follows, in descending order of importance: top speed, acceleration, and handling. But today’s supercars all have a ridiculously high top speed – well in excess of what we can drive not only on the roads, but even the track. So Lambo is proposing that the newest supercars must focus on handling and acceleration. I couldn’t agree more.

So what’s to change? They first mention the power-to-weight ratio. This is the almighty number in regards to performance – much more important than raw horsepower or torque. So they already have plenty of power, and with the focus on efficiency in today’s cars, they’re most likely to focus on reducing weight wherever possible. Looks like Lotus has been spot-on all these years after all. So how to noticeably decrease weight while continuing to have all the required safety and convenience features? Two words:

Carbon Fiber.

Also check out the other teaser images:
the first teaser
the third

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