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  1. Richard Cansdale

    Readers might be interested in this car’s history before it went to Turin.

    The car was spotted by my uncle (Dr. Robin Williamson) as a complete wreck in a hedge near his home in Oxfordshire, England. This was in the 1950’s. He asked the farmer about it who agreed to let my uncle restore it. I remember it as a small boy. Sadly my uncle died quite young in the 1960’s and the car was sold at auction in London. I was a student in London at the time so I went to the auction. The car sold for the top price, £10,000. I think it was driven across Europe to Turin.

    For some years the car was quite neglected and a member of the family was quite disappointed when he or she saw it, but clearly now it is in stunning condition. I believe it was used as an officer’s staff car in the first world war.

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