Ferrari 360 Modena Replica – It Looks Good!

Ferrari 360 Modena

Weird, this is the first Ferrari 360 Modena replica I’ve ever seen that actually looks good! Now that I think about it, it’s one of the only kit cars in general that looks good. Yeah, that picture up there is the kit, not the real 360.

The Ferrari 360 Modena happens to be my favorite car of all time, and while there aren’t very many kits out there for it, there are a few I’ve seen…and they’re hideous. Take this horrendous example:

Bad Ferrari 360 Modena Kit

Sorry to whoever made this, but that looks terrible, and wouldn’t fool anybody. It doesn’t even have the glass covering the engine! C’mon, that’s part of the 360’s character.

Anyway, this kit from Extreme Cars looks great, and being such a 360 Modena lover I’d say I’m pretty critical (or is it cynical?) It can even be converted from a 2-seater to a family-hauling 4-seater. That’s pretty impressive. It’s built on the Peugeot 406 as opposed to an MR2 or Fiero, which attributes to the accuracy. From what I can tell it’s of high quality, and each panel is spaced correctly, showing the craftsmanship is good. The rear of the car is surprisingly accurate, other than the lack of tailpipes, unless I’m missing something here:

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Rear

The most surprising thing on the car is the attention to detail, giving it every badge, shield and detail that the genuine car has. The 3.0-liter V6 is front-mounted (giving it the 4-seater capability,) but if you know the 360 Modena, the clear hatch showcasing the engine has been a problem for past kits. This offers that same clear cover, and has a faux-engine back there. If you look closely, you can tell it’s fake, but it’s still a very good job, and someone who doesn’t know this car inside and out could not tell the difference.

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Detail

Not including the donor Peugeot 406, the complete kit costs 6,000 GBP, or around $11,360 USD. Certainly not cheap, but considering the quality and accuracy, it might just be worth it. Don’t go out and buy it just yet though, the “complete” kit isn’t quite complete. The wheels shown cost an extra $1,900 to $2,900, and the wheel spacers to make them look right cost another $748. We aren’t done yet. The essential original badging costs $340, the headlights $1,700 per pair, and the tail lights are $473. OK, that’s just the exterior. Because I’m sure you want to spend even more, the interior kit is $950, and if you want to do the 2-seat conversion (it stays 4-seat otherwise,) that will cost you around $1,150.

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Engine

Needless to say, if you want the car as close to the authentic version as possible, all this is necessary. With some quick math, that comes up to around $20,000, plus the cost of the donor Peugeot, plus the cost of installing it. You do have a couple of options though. If you get lucky, you can catch a turnkey car on their website ($47,000 to $57,000,) but not get it exactly how you want it, or they will do the installation for you for a mere $20,800.

Those prices don’t even include the poly-carbonate windows, the standard lowering springs, or the coil-over suspension, but I’m sick of doing conversions from GBP to USD :P I know it seems expensive, but this is as close to a real 360 Modena you are going to get, without spending closer to $150,000. Plus, the insurance will be much cheaper. Their next project includes an all-wheel-drive version with two 3.0 L V6’s; one in the front and one in the rear.

UPDATE: Please read member comments below before considering purchasing this body kit.

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  1. George Manolov

    Man I did not expect this one. Pretty clever but it is really sad that peopel want to replicate super cars. This car is nothing like the real thing and I feel that it is not right to copy the design of such cars.And the worst thing is that they probably puled out the molds from a real ferarri.How comes ferrari do not do nothing about it? I do not thing there is pride copying successful design. Unbeleivable amout of work is done puting the kit car together and all that work and talent goes down the drain becouse the work is not unique. Not good but better than copying Barabus TKR.

  2. Kit Cars

    Surely it does not matter about copying the whole world copies something and if the car looks good and is cheaper then why not is my answer.

  3. kitter

    yeah well its better than having none at all, tune up the engine for maybe a few grand and u will surely turn heads where ever you will go. for about £10 000 i can have this car made and tuned to nearly the performances of the real thing, you cannot wait another 20 years for the prices of the real thing to get down to 20k. :P i already have like 12 k and im gonna assemble it myself will be great and will purr like a tigerrrr :)

  4. xishkx

    Hey guys im new to this so wusup all.
    I think its cool to have a kit car which looks like the real thing but without the expensive maintanence, its more economical & affordable for everyday use unlike the real1 but i prefer the mr2 version (topless) Hey Kitter if your looking to make a 360 go for the conveterbal look chicks love it im starting to buld 1 on an mr2 & i cant wait to have it finished, If you need any advise KITTER let me know i can let you know were to get the kit from.

  5. richard

    hi ya,Im the man if you want to know anything about these kits,especially from Extreme kit car company.I had a 355 replica kit off 1 of there agents.I dont know were to start but I been waiting for a chance like this to tell you guys out there about this company and there kits.I will be competely honest with you in all the things I experienced.Firstly before you buy the kit ,they tell you it easy and straight forward to put the kits together .they say that because they have been building them for years and also made the kit.They dont tell you all the extras involved if you want the car to look real.You think it will take 2-3 months to build but it can take upto 1 year because of all the body work you have to do and filling everywhere.Finally when you've gone through time,money,headaches and your fed up then you start to drive the car and before you know it you have movement cracks in the paint and body work ,so then you have to spend thousands more to have it strenghten and respaired.It took me 3 years to fix everything.Now you are thinking, well you buy a ready one off them so you dont go through all that trouble but still you will find that you will have trouble with the body and also you dont know what sort of car they have given you underneath.I had my car for 6 years before I converted it to a 355 replica.Guys all Im sayings is its not what you think ,it cost loads and after 1-2 years everybody knows about these replicas so if you got a real one or not everybody thinks it a replica so youve wasted your time and money.Dont trust extreme kits !

  6. Idrees Q

    hi there, just wanna say thanks to richard. I was seriously considering investing in the kit but after reading the trouble you had with assembling the kit, i have done a U turn and changed my mind. I think most people don't realise that the company wants to make money and what they don't tell you is that the materials used to make the kit are cheap. All show and no go. If you want to get attention then get a proper kit for a 406 for example a wide body kit and get it sprayed with a custom paint. It will look decent and people will respect you more for it.

  7. Thanks Idrees, I agree. Richard, your comment is very much appreciated, and I’m sure has helped with the decision for a few people who were considering investing in this kit or one similar. It’s a good point that many points are not considered in body kits, no matter how attractive they look on paper. I’ll add an update in this article to reflect these comments. Thanks again, and your comments are always more than welcome!

  8. xishkx

    Hi Guys.

    Firstly i just wana say how sorry i am for Richards misfortune, But yes extreamKits are well over priced & not honest at all as a close friend of mine faced the exact same problem with his 355 as Richard did BUT don’t confuse the 2 kits, Firstly the 355 kit is a very difficult kit to put onto an mr2 as its mostly bond on parts & if you don’t have any experience then forget about it….

    Im speaking of the Ferrari 360 Spider kit which is simply bolt on Yes there is a bit of bonding to do for instance the outer doors needs bonding on to the m2 door as the same with the boot & bonnet need bonding together, This kit fits on to the mk3 spider it has around 25 pieces & im giving myself around 1.5 months to do it in, im still looking for a donor car. Hopefully ill find my car by the end of jan 07 & will have completed the build by latest Feb 15 depending on when I have the car.

    Exstreamkits make a similar kit for the 360 buts its for a Peugeot 406 & again its all bonding a difficult kit to put on & it’s a coupe but im sure every one would rather have a convertible right? Now they have there kit up for just under 20k way too much.

    If your thinking of making the 355 from the mr2 mk2 I suggest you think again on this but as for the 360 kit id give the thumbs up on this but if you guys are still wary on this subject I suggest you wait for me to finish my build & see if my views have changed on this.

    Richard had a bad experience with his 355 build but please don’t confuse the 2 different kits, 1 is virtually a bolt on (360spyder) & the others a pain in the ass to make (355).

    Hey Mark id be more then happy to help you drop me an email on [email protected]

    & ill get back to you as soon as I can

  9. richard

    Hi guys and girls out there its richard here again.After 3 long years of struggle and misfortune its come to the time to sell my replica.I know it sounds crazy now when after all that madness , now its finished for me Im going to sell it.You people know from my last report that all thats happened to me from dishonest people that Im am completely up front.If there is anybody who is interested in buying a 355 replica,the latest model by extremes but I have to say that its not like any other one because of all the unique stuff that I made personally to make it look as closest to the real thing.See for yourself if you are interested.I will send you out photos and anyone is welcome to come and see it in person.Send me your e-mail at [email protected] if you like.I will also in time be putting it on e-bay but I am a bit reluctant because of all the other crap replicas that are on there.I know this sounds a bit out of line but if you are interested see for yourself.Take care people and watch out there are alot of real ferrars on ebay that seem to be quite cheap but there frauds.You can also tell because the ebayer selling these cars say to contact them by e-mail only and have no rating so watch out guys!speak soon!

  10. sean

    for the people saying how wrong it is to steal the design please,

    do you really think someone considering one of these is actually stealing buisness from ferrari?

    joe blow is about to buy a 360 and then he hears he can get a toyota with a body kit for 1/10th the price>? doesnt happen ferrari dont care and they shouldnt imatation is flatery. japenese cars are all copies to start off with take a look at the car this is made with the toyota mr2 and put it next to a porsche boxster. then get back to me

  11. Thanks for the comment, Sean. I agree with you in that replicas don't steal business from the real manufacturer; anybody who wants a real Ferrari and can afford it would be willing to spend the full amount on getting the authentic car.

    However, saying that all Japanese cars are copies just isn't true. The MR2 does look suspiciously like the Boxster, I've said that since the MR2 Spyder came out. Could you give another example of a Japanese car ripping off another manufacturer?

  12. john

    Hey xishkx. how far have you got with your project??

    your supposed to have finished by now right.

    i hope your getting on ok cos i really would like to build one myself can you help me get the 360 body kit please i really want to have one made for the summer.

    so haow far are you mate

  13. John Davies

    hi i just wanted to add that i've recently cought a 360 bodykit for my mk3 mr2 from and they wer eextremely helpful and well priced. I paid 2k for my kit and they are more than willing to help with any problems you have and also they are currently setting up a step by step build guide on their website along with a chat forum.

  14. Anthony

    Now i am stuck! i own a mk2 mr2 and a 406 coupe and have been looking at the 355 kit and 360 kit, after hearing all these bad reports i dont know what to do, ideally i want a 360kit but it seems that the kit for the 406 aint so good, i need some impartial advice please! email anth.payne(@) take out the bracket btw.

  15. ian

    John Davies.
    Before recomending mr2bodykits you should have actually completed the build because someone i know purchased a kit from these guys & it didnt fit like they stated, alot of the parts didnt fit together & the door panels were 1″ narrower then it was supposed to be the rear light panel was again 1″ too smal the list goes on!! he had to spend thousands currecting all the faults & on top of that when the car went in for spraying a few of the panels bubbled up coz of the poor fibreglass quility & this had to be sanded back down fillered & then re painted
    So before you come on here saying how good of a bargain you really got first finish the build then tell everyone if you really got a bargain or not!!
    So guys think twice about john davies recomendation!
    xishkx were did you purchase your kit from???

  16. Antonio

    I want to buy a replica of the 1958 ferrari 250 testarosa. Where can I get it or who can make me one???

  17. Sergio

    If you all want to buy a kit for the 360 Spyder on toyota, 360 coupe on Peugeot, or 430 spyder on Toyota…I CAN SELL ANY OF THEM TO YOU ALL!!! I´m from Spain and I can send it worldwide!!! My email: [email protected]

  18. ian

    Hey guys be very wary of these international arsholes thaey took me for 3 grand, they promis you the world & when it comes down to the crunch the F**K OFF with your hard earned cash. a similar person promised me a dodge viper replica from spain he showed me these wonderfull pictures promised me everything for a real bargan price i was nieve & haned threw the banks a deposit of 2 grand he sweet talked me for about a month but once i gave him the deposit i never heard from him again just an email with a picture of the sunset i was extreamly upset i went to the bank & they told me that there was nothing they could do as these transactions are not insured & they are sent under your own risk because it isnt a business transaction i was stunned. So please guys dont let these Tossers sweet talk you into taking your hard earnt cash learn from my mistakes you will be better off sticking to buying from the uk.

  19. Sergio

    Hi again,

    some information, I have mounted the kits of the 360 on Toyota MR2, and I´m finishing the mounting on the one on Peugeot 406 from Extreme. The one on the Toyota, is o.k. to have it finish, not too difficult, but the one on Peugeot, it´s terribly difficult, you have to cut the roof, all the back of the car, etc,etc, so you loose a lot of hardness and strong from the roof and back of the car. The pieces don´t fit any good. The exterior fibers once they are on the car it looks like a pick up, they are so high from the floor, it looks awful, and the pieces for the interiors doesn't work at all, they don't fit. Also the glasses they sell you are not glass, so you can´t use them in Europe, not legal. Also the fibers that I got where in very bad conditions and some pieces that I bought in the kit where also missing, then I got in contact with them and they didn't want to send them to me, they said they had already send them to me. Missing parts were: pieces of iron including structures to mount the car, front lights covers. What out with this guys!!!!!

    In a few months I'm planning on going to live to Florida and build the kits and the cars over there, with very good prices for the American market, very competitive! keep in touch with me in this e-mail: [email protected]

    Send you pictures of the cars finish(turnkey), actually I have in stock one 360 Spyder and a F-430 Spyder on Toyota MR2. We'll have fisnish a new 360 Spyder and a F-430 Spyder, on Toyota also, in about 5 week, and a 360 on Peugeot 406 coupe in about 4 weeks.

  20. Thanks for the heads up, Ian. The comments on this post show that we should all do our research thoroughly before making any expensive purchases of this sort, especially from overseas.

  21. Sergio

    Hi Ian and everybody,
    I don´t know who you paid for that kit that you say you already paid and you didn´t get. I have the kits and I sell them, if you don´t believe you just have to come to visit me and buy it with cash at my business, so you wn´t loose any money again, but please don´t say that here from Spain we play with your money and your ilusions. Some body did, but not me. I´m them only one in all Europe and I think in the all world that is selling the kit of the new 430, and of course I do deliver the kit. Please first think before talking ….THANK YOU!!!!
    Send me and e-mail, and we can talk about it, and maybe I can try to help you to find this guy from Spain who stole your money. Give me his name and address and what ever you have of him. I´ll help you. REGARDS

  22. ian

    ohhhhhhh….. So now that ive spilt the beens on the spanish con our friend is moving to florida can this be a coinsidence!!!


    why all of a sudden are you saying that you are moving to another country!!

    Guys please dont trust this man he is extreamly manipulative & has a wicked tounge but for those that do not learn from my story SHAME ON YOU!!


  23. Sergio

    Look Ian, I don´t know who has been playing with your money, but it wasn´t me!!! You can´t say that it was me, and if you follow saying that you´ll have to do it through the justice!!!! Please give me your full name and address because I´m not going to allow you to keep saying such things about me and my work, I´m not a thief!!! I really feel bad if some body had played with your illusions, but you can´t simply say that it was me. Please get in contact with me by e-mail and if you want I´ll try to help you. I won´t take any money from you like somebody did. If you don´t stop saying such things about me I´ll go to the justice for sure.

    Yes Im moving to Florida, what´s wrong with that????

    I have a brother in S.C., and I love the states. I´m going to follow with me business overthere, but remember I sell kits and turn key cars. If you can´t prove what you say please…SHUT UP AND KEEP YOUR TONGUE QUIET IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!

  24. Sergio

    No,no, it´s not a duel, it´s somebody saying wrong things about me, I´m not the guy that he´s talking about. If some body wants a kit or a turnkey, just have to come to Spain to visit me and buy seeing what you´re buying. If this guy did something wrong with his money he can´t just say it was me. It´s not fair to me. I´m a serious bussiness man. If you want a kit just come to visit and get it. I only get money from my work, and my work is to sell kits and turnkey cars.

    Please Ian give your full name and address, and stop talking about me. You can´t just trought the stone and hide your hand. If you say what you say against me, do it with full name and address. THANKS.

  25. mikey

    Hi guys. Interesting comments. I live close to the Extreme factory and am probably going to go have a look at the 360 product and see what's involved with fitting it to the 406 kit.

    If you have any questions you want me to ask when i'm there, just post here.



  26. Alan

    Hi Mikey – if you could share your perception of the 406 conversion by Extreme vs a real 360, that would be very appreciated. Also, following on from Richard's comments on the 355, it would be great if you could go for a test drive in the 360 and see whether you just end up hearing panels creek (or fall apart!).

    It would also be great to see a bunch of pictures – both interior and exterior – as most of the ones on the net seem to be either from a kitcar show or their own promotion pictures.

    Finally – does anyone else have any comments on the Mr2 conversion? I'd be interested to know whether that falls apart (pre-spending £kkks) too. Generally, I'd prefer the roadster version. Also, anyone have any 'candid' pictures of this?


  27. Sergio

    I do have the 360 on MR2 and the 430, both spyder. Also have almost finish the 360 on Peugeot 406. Neither of them fall aparts. If you want pictures of this cars(I have many of them), I can send them to you if you email me to [email protected]

    Those cars are in Spain and are for sale. Also if you want I can sell to you the kits to build them, you just have to tell me that you want a kit, which one, and come to pick it up, once you see the kit, you pay to me and then you take it with you.

  28. Dan

    Hi all …

    I am currently looking to purchase a complete Ferrari 360 modena or a kit to apply, but from reading the previous posts … i.e. Richard having probs with his kit and Ian being ripped off by Sergio (joke) … I am thinking that owning a ferrari for so-little money is too good to be true …

    I am currently looking at something like … i would love for people to tell me the pro's and con's of buying a car like this, especially as i can't afford to waste £20K !!!

    your advice would be appreciated … keep up the good work, Dan

  29. Sergio

    Hi Dan,

    if you really want to buy a good replica from Ferrari, I have them and you can see the 360 spyder, the 430 spyder(unique in the world right now), both of them on Toyota MR2, and the 360 on Peugeot 406. Please get in contact with me on this email [email protected]

    I have the turnkey cars for sale, and aso if you want I have the kits for sale so youcan build them yourself.

    I didn´t get any money Ian, I don´t even know him, so please don´t joke about that.

    If you want to purchase a car or a kit, or you want me to build you one, please come to visit me and I will show you everything and I will make your dreams reality.

  30. Sergio, please provide a website for the readers to review your kits. Most buyers need to actually see the car they're buying before buying one.

    Mikey: When you go, please take pictures and let us know how it goes. Thanks!

  31. Sergio

    I don´t have a web site right now, but if you email me, I will send you pictures of the cars and the kits. Also if somebody know how to put the pictures in thios forum I can put them, no problem, please tell me how to do it. Thanks.

  32. Dan

    Did anyone get a chance to look at the Ferrari in my prev post?

    if anyone owns a mod-ferrari … how much to insure? runnin costs? etc …

    i am completely new to this type of vehicle, but can see why everyone is interested in them

  33. Sergio

    In Spain we take the insurance for a Toyota MR2, so it´s relatively cheap. Running cost is also cheap, because it is a Toyota MR2, so it´s really cheap. You have to change oil, filters, everything to a Toyota MR2. It gets about 8-9 liters of gasoline to run 100 km. Spare parts cheap(comparing with Ferrari) because it´s a Toyota. Tyres are a little bite expensive, 275-285/30/19 for the rear and 225/30/19 for the front wheels, but it is not a really powerfull car(comparing with Ferrari) and you get a lot of km. with a set of them.

    So it´s a good deal to have this cars, they are not as fast as the originals, but the price is much, much cheaper, the maintenance is ridiciolous, and for everybody on the streets and wherever you go you are driving a Ferrari, without many expenses. This is a car to show not to run race tracks.

  34. ian

    Sergio nothing against you BUT Why on earth are you even on this blog YOUR IN SPAIN!!! so get OFF!!!. I dont think that anybody wants to go spain & buy anything from some1 in another country especiall when your talking about taking thousands of pounds with you to another country to buy from some1 who we know nothing of & you dont even have a website. for some1 who says they have the best replica kits & says they will make the 360 for cheap should have a bit of cash to splash out on a really good websit (I Bet he`s gonna say he has 1 under contruction now) BULL S**t!!

    I was wathcing Watchdog last night a a guy went to buy a car he thought was a real bargain which he saw on a website, he took around 3k with him to another town by himself they beat the crap out of him & robbed him, after watching this program i wouldnt trust any1 let alone some1 from spain!

  35. ian

    Also in your blog about it being difficult to fit the 360 on a Peugeot you have just blantently coppied exactly what xishkx wrote back in january, he`s already said how difficult it is to fit to this type of car but you have just re-written it in you broken english context.

    Guys dont let this guy brainwash you!!

  36. Sergio

    I don´t know what your problem is? sorry about my english, but at least you and everybody can understand me, I would like how good you do speaking spanish!!!

    I´m in this blog because I love what I do, I have good kits and turnkeys to sell, and if somebody is interested I would love to make him happy.

    However you don´t give your full name and address, I don´t know if I can help anybody in this blog, but sure you don´t, you are a negative guy, and you think every body is a thief just because you let your money go who knows where.

  37. John Davies

    Hi everyone again, i'm new to all this but currently bulding my 360 and loving every minute of it. I would like to know who Ian is and infact if he has his own company selling these kits as he seems to slate and constantly abuse every single person that comes onto this site to post a comment. Very true i do think you should be wary of international sellers but i also believe you should be wary of sellers in this country (I gather that watchdog programme was set in this country?!) I think guys, Sergio has posted enough comments stating that were more than welcome to go over and view the cars and make our own decisions before handing over any cash. You dont have to carry the cash with you!!!because that would be stupid. He's not pressurized anyone into doing anything.

    So Ian do you have your own business or are you just a very bitter person that's had a bad childhood and cant trust anyone?

    So what i'm trying to say guys is that maybe we should all take what Ian says with a pinch of salt and enjoy what we do but be very careful who we buy from and what were buying.

    Cheers for listening guys



  38. Dan

    John … How's the building on the 360 going? i guess u are quite mechanicaly minded to take on a project like that? does it work out a lot cheaper as a DIY project than purchasing from a company? Rgds

  39. John Davies

    Hi Dan,

    I'm no mechanic but i do love my projects( boats mainly!! to my girlfriends delight!!!) At the moment i've repaired my donor car which wasnt to bad. and have fitted the chassis extensions which cost me £295 + vat. The wishbone extensions etc come to around £375 + vat but i havent fitted them yet then all you have are the lights and wheels to buy. the kit is obviously bolt on but thats no big shakes. the guys i've bought the kit from have sent me pictures of the parts i've had problems with and have a technical email address if there are any issues your unsure about. I dont think its that hard a project as long as you take your time with it cos thats where you make mistakes and when you go to paint the car it will stand out and ruin your kit.

    So all in all when most kits themselves come to around 8 k un built and i will have completed mine for about 3.5k + the car i would say its a lot cheaper than buying from some of the companies and cant beat the customer service to be fair. If you are interested mate email me at [email protected] and i'll pass you there contact details. I actually went to see the kit on a car at there garage before i bought anything so yes you can trust them (sorry if that sounded bad but i thought i'd stick it in before Ian decided to have a dig , AGAIN!!)



  40. Kash987

    Hi john how far into the project are you? & what parts of the 360 body have you mounted onto the car??


  41. John Davies

    Hi Kash i've not done much to be honest read my last post.I've only maange the chassis extensions and front and rear bumper, unfortunately due to illness!!! arghhh but i'm fighting back and cant wait to get back to it. I've roughly placed the wings etc on and it all looks good. Have you got one on the go yourself?

    Oh by the way everyone Sergio has sent me emails with all pics and prices and a nice email. cheers sergio



  42. Kash987

    Sorry to hear that john, & yes i am building one, but in your blog you said you had got the extensions but you hadnt fitted them yet so thats why i was asking haw far you were

    i had problems with the rear mounting frame they didnt fit as good as i was told i had to inlarge the holes and cut a chunk out with a grinder for it to fit correctly, im stuck i cant find the correct hinges for the bonnet i was hopping you or anyone else doing this project can help?? i have mounted the front end and rear bumper onto the car but it way too high off the floor

    how high does yours look from the fron and not forgetting once we put the 18"/19" this will take the car higher of the ground i know were going have to lower the car but im worried the cars gonna look too high for it to pass the test??

    Jonn what do think

  43. 1-Q

    Hello! I've read all the posts and now i am a bit confused. are building a toyota or a peugeot? Is it hard to build? Don't you know if the guys that you bought the kit from ship worldwide? Allan, have you visited ExtremeCars yet. From what i've seen on the net so far, they seem the most serious and have the best project. I know that they are kind of the most expensive but the project seems to be the best, considering the car that you are using, because i think that the peugeot is far better than the toyota, and, from what i've seen, their kit is the most accurate on the market. Or, if we consider just the toyota version? witch company delivers the best kit, in terms of the exact similarity and the price. What do you think guys? In the end, witch is better?

  44. John Davies

    Hi Kash if you email [email protected] they are who are supplying all my parts and they also have the hinges etc… i havent bought them yet but i have seen them on a car they were building.



  45. John Davies

    Hi 1 Q i'm building the Toyota but to be honest i couldnt tell you which kit is better as i'm no expert and this is my first one. I have looked at the Extreme kit and it does look very good and accurate like you said but its too expensive for me.

  46. 1-Q

    thank you. know that you have your on at your garage….did you compare it with the real deal? are there any differences? how much do you think that you would have to spend on it, without the paint? i belive that you already have the price list from them, could you email it to me at [email protected] because i don't think that i could receive it from them any time soon. thanks

  47. 1-Q

    From what i can see there…they have just the spider version. is that true or is it possible to get a modena kit mounted on a mr2, because from that i can see, the mr2's have hardtop as well. thank you and still waiting on your reply

  48. Sergio

    Hi 1-Q,

    I had already sent to you the prices for the kits and all the pieces that you need to build it, please check, thank you.

    I can send any of the kits to you all in less than one week, because I have two of the 360 spyder in stock, one of the 430 spyder, and one of the 360 for Peugeot.

  49. 1-Q

    thank you, it hasn't reached my email box, but i will revise it ass soon as it arrives. john, the last posts were ment for you, so if you are kind enough, help me in this matter. thank you.

  50. Sergio

    I can tell for sure that the one on Toyota looks much better than the kit for Peugeot, I had built the three of them and it looks much much nicer on Toyota. First on Peugeot it looks very high from the floor, second front engine for Peugeot a little bit more powerfull but also heavier, the windows for Peugeot are fake not real ones, you have to cut the rear part of the car and it becomes not safety, weak, etc,etc

  51. 1-Q

    yes, i know, but i am kind of more interested in the modena version for both of the models, and i don't know if that is achivable with the mr2. are there any interior kits that replicate the interior of the ferrari's? because the mr2 has no resemblance with the ferrari, and that is crap. :D

  52. 1-Q

    question…very important: dose the mr2 kit fits perfectly with the real car, or are the dimensions scrambled?

  53. Sergio





    Now you can compare with the real one, the sizes are really good and looks very similar, no smaller, no bigger, no too high, it looks pretty good…check the pictures!!!

    Regards friends

    How can I put the pictures like at the top of the page so you can all check? can anybody show me how to do it? is it possible?

  54. Sorry Sergio, this isn't a forum. The best thing for you to do would be to put the pics on a web page and link from here for all to see. For free image hosting please go to If all else fails, just send them to me at egon [at] automoblog [dot] net and i will host them here and post the links.

  55. Jason-X

    Hello everyone. I'm kind of new to this whole thing.

    Just want to say there are some very interesting comments made about the Ferrari 360 kit & about some of the character's on this blog, I don't think that its fare to say that ian is discouraging everyone in purchasing the kit from the companies described by other bloggers so that he can benefit by selling his own kits to the guys (& Girls)

    on here as there hasn't made any indications that he has these kits up for sale, but if he`d done so that would be fare for john to say what he has in his blog, It looks as though ian & Co has had some very unfortunate mishaps with this whole body kit scenario so i just want to say thanks for warning everyone here about your bad experiences.

    I would also like to mention that buying such an expensive kit from someone in a different country to you would should i say be foolish as

    firstly you wouldn't know if it will fit 100%

    2.. If you get into problems with fitting the kit will you receive any support with your problems

    3.. bringing it back with you..This will require you to ship the kit by boat & this will need to be cleared via HM Customs which let me tell you isn't cheap so in the long run i would say stick with the uk producers as buying abroad will just work out way too expensive & not worth it in the end.



  56. Dino

    What a bunch of winey little girls you all are, Ive been to the shows and if they 360's are on mr2 cars they look crap too short etc. The ones from Extreme look the best as do their 355's if you can't tell the differance from the other companies then your not very observant. At the end of the day they are kit cars not the real thing, I suggest you save up your pocket monies and get a real Ferrari.

  57. Oakley

    Well, where do I begin. Ive read the lot and yet no one has actually built the Extreme's 360 themmselves. Ive got the build DVD, have been to theit Factory and have driver the Yellow Demonstrator. Pure Lust. Im for shure going to be firstly purchasing the 360 in 3 months time. Allowing 1 year to complete. Then I will probably sell to finance an mr2 360 kit from DNA in birmingham and another Extreme coupe kit. Again this DNA kit is the dogs which Ive seen and sat in. Ive done the maths and at worst Ill be looking at 15k completed ready to drive for either kit.

  58. 1-Q

    Hi Oakley!Could you update the build dvd on a tracker or on a website if you host one so that i could take a look and decide a little if it is worth?i'm from another country and can't go to the factory.waiting for your response.thanks

  59. Sergio

    I´m building the 360 from Extreme in Spain, I have pictures of the car almost finish, please ask on this email and I will send them to you. [email protected]

    I also sell the kit for the MR2 of the 360 and of the 430. Also I can send pictures. Please ask for them.

    Thank you.

  60. OAKLEY

    TO 1-Q – email me your address to [email protected] and ill post you the DVD. Just let me know what format your DVD PLAYER WILL PLAY. EXAMPLE – PAL etc.


  61. Sebhelyesfarku

    You cheap fuckin' beggars. If you don't have enough money to buy the real thing then fuck off. You wear Chinese "Rolex" as well, huh? You think that anybody will believe that you can have a Ferrari? You fuckin' losers.

  62. Sergio

    I think you have too much time to LOOSE!!!

    What are you looking at here? you should be looking at Ferrari web page and don´t make us LOOSE our time reading your interesting comments.


  63. OAKLEY

    ha…….here's a guy who's probably forked out 90k on a modena and here we are talking about a 20k replica which is exactly the same to look at from the outside. No wonder he's throwing his toys out of his crib

  64. Dan

    Oakley …

    I hope u dont mind me asking … could i get a copy of the DVD …

    I have downloaded the extreme trailers and done some research, but never actually sat in a replica like yourself … As you can see from my previous posts, i'm doing a lot of research before spending any monies … Cheers Dan

  65. beetlebaily

    oakley….are u sure nobody has built the exteme 360 themselves…….all i can say is beware..i have been involved in building 2 and in my opinion yes the car lookes dimensionally correct but has a list of problems as long as my arm …if anybody wants this list let me know

  66. Chad

    I am the owner of the 2003 Toyota MR2 Ferrari 360 Spyder replica pictured in red. Anyone interested, please email me. A GREAT car~! FUN

  67. OAKLEY

    beetlebaily…..why not just put this list up on the forum for all to share. as i said, info for self build on these cars are simply not available. this would be a valuable insight

  68. Kash987

    Hi can u pass on da list so dat i can read it please. [email protected]


    Any chance on gettin dat dvd of da build from extream as im in da middle of building a 360 on a am project but time consuming

  69. beetlebaily

    ok guys lets have a look at this list:

    as sergio has said u cut the rear of the car off….straight through the spare wheel well behind the rear wheels .thats the rear crumble zone that peugot put in gone to the bin..the cage u put in doesn't distract a rear impact away from the driver quite the opposite..

    Next removing the roof skin and cutting the centre bridge so u can bring the top of the b posts closer …no problem..i reckon u dont want to roll one of these cars..slicing approx 2 inches out off the central roof crossmember has weakened the structure..solution full interior roll cage in my opinion.

    Moving forward this is where the fun begins…as this kit was designed to make the 406 fit the 360 and not the other way round the front wheels on the peugot need to be moved back to centralise them in the 360 front arch….to do this the front wishbone needs to be cut in half and rewelded at a different angle so as to force the front hub back approx 25 mm…..this in MY OPINION is wrong and leads to multipe problems….in pushing the wheel back the front tyres will now foul the front chassis support rail to the rear of the front arches…quess wot u cut this out…..think about pushing the front wheels back…. ur front wheels are connected to ur steering…so now ur steering arms are set at a different angle to wot peugot set them at…wot about ur drive shafts again the angles have changing all these angles i wud be believe excessive wear is on the cards..if not other more severe problems…

    Another problem area i believe is the bonnet….the pitch of the peugot bonnet is higher than that of the 360…ur engine is now sitting very close to ur bonnet….leads me to believe that there will be overheating issues and also bodywork problems on the fibreglass bonnet…..these problems are also not helped with resticting the airflow at the front of the car….due to the design of the 360 front bumper…lack of cool air flowing through the rad….as for the kit requiring only minor body prep before paint..i wud hate to see wot these guys call major….

    another area for contimplation is the glass or should i say the lack of it the front windscreen is the only piece on the car and again this sits at an angle that it was not designed for..plenty of sealer used here…….AS i have said these are my opinions and iam sure people will trash them…just to let u know i am not a DIY guy and have years of experience modifying cars and bikes……earning my daily living out of wot i do……..The problems with this 360 kit are not unsolvable….for example the front end problems…why not fit the 360 to the 406 instead…HOW?….stretch the front wings in front of the doors by 25mm, just leaving the wheel where it is,ie move the 360 wheel arch forward, no shaft problems steering joint problems etc….move ur bonnet way from the engine, ie again stretch ur wings upwards, to improve cool air flows through ur engine bay why not fab an airduct that attachs to the front bumper behind mouths in front bumper and direct airflow to the rad…secondary fit a 12v fan regulated by ur temp switch in this duct….although getting hot air out of the engine bay is another problem…fans fitted to ur inner arches might help here…..

    Almost forgot air flow problems from ducts in rear quater panels forcing air into the cabin of the car…u have to make sure u seal the cab well…..wud air ducts like wot is used in lambo diablo kit cars work here???????…

    i hope this is helpful to people

    Another problem area is to do with the windscreen and windscreen wiper motor….part of the front bulk head needs to be cut out to accomodate the wiper motor..problem is thats where ur 406 has its chassis number stamped into it…..

  70. Dan

    thanks for the brilliant post dude, it was very much apprieciated … its about time someone f**king explain all the issues we come across … keep up the good work mate …

  71. beetlebaily


    just to let u know the stretching of the front wings and bonnet, with a replacement scuttle panel, so u use the original peugot 406 wiper motor has been done in ireland and is readily available…this means less cutting, and no need to move the 406 front wheels back…(cutting wishbone)….reshaping bonnet to help cure distance between engine and bonnet shouldn't be to much of a problem if u where to order ur bonnet as a top bonnet skin and bottom bonnet skin ….u could curve ur bonnet giving added clearence………..although not dimensionally correct these changes help solve some issues….

  72. OAKLEY

    NICE ONE BEETLEBAILEY. Doesnt explain the wishbone stuff on their DVD nor did the boys at Extreme mention this. FUNNY THAT. At least when I chatted with the Brummy boys of DNA, They were totally honest and up front with what was involved. Trust goes a long way. Thanks DNA. P.S. Some excelent reviews in the kit car mags. well done. Looks like Im siding for a rag top!!

  73. Sergio

    Two kits of the 360 Spyder to be build on Toyota MR2 in stock for sale!!!

    Anyone interested please contact me, great offer!!!

    7.500€ each kit plus transport!!!

    [email protected]


    I have also a 360 Spyder and a 430 Spyder mounted on Toyota MR2, turnkey for sale in stock(delivery time anywhere in the world between two days and three weeks).

    Also nearly finish, in about three weeks, another 360 Spyder, another 430 Spyder, both of them on Toyota MR2, and a 360 Coupe mounted on Peugeot 406 coupe(with wider body, rims 19″, rear tyres 305/30, looks very big, 3.0 V6 engine, leather, etc…)

    The two cars in stock are ready to sale, and we accept reservations for the other three cars.

    Anybody interested we send pictures, welcome to visit to see the cars, and make the reservations.

    Nobody has that many cars in the all world for sale in stock, NOBODY, I DO!!!

    Ask for prices, you don´t have to wait to your dream car to be build, if you want it you have it in perfect conditions, just come to visit, buy it and take it or drive it home.

  74. Alison

    Is it just me, or does the DNA kit look a bit short! The extreme kit looks perfect because it is taken off a real car, however the DNA kit has been modelled to fit the MR2 spider. And that is where the problem starts. The photos look great, and I have seen the car at the shows, and it really is fabulous. The problem is, it just looks stumpy at the front, and definately too short.


  75. Alison

    Has anyone seen the DNA 360 next to a real Ferrari 360? If so, how do they compare? Does the front look different?

  76. James Jim

    This is old news – the guys over at the Kitcars Forum have been building 360s for a few years now – what's even more impressive are the new <span class="removed_link">Porsche Carrera GT replicas</span>

  77. Alison

    Thanks DNA, though, do you have a much better close up, honestly showing the differences. Length, the front section and how the vehicles differ. I have seen your car at the show, and there is definately no question about the quality. The devil is in the detail, as they say.

  78. Alison

    I did a bit of research on James Porsche Carrera GT replicas. It is nothing like the success of the Ferrari 360 replica produced by DNA. The Carrera GT is not a particularly attractive car to start with. Too many bolt on bits and gaps etc. Then you have to completely wreck a Boxster, stretch it by 12 inches, then add a fibreglass body work. I think we are back to the Extreme 360 problems again. So, DNA are still the closest. Can anyone actually present a decent photo of the DNA360 alongside a real 360. The DNA photobucket shots are just too small. Close ups which identify the real differences in size and shape.

  79. Oakley

    Alison, the DNA is only 3" shorter. All other dims are correct.

    Trust me, if the car is on its own you will not see this. As you have probably seen as I have in the shows. The Donny show had the DNA and Extreme which I sat in both and talked to the guys. But the more negatives I here about the Extreme kit the more Im siding with DNA. Sorry Sergio, no offence but you do not have a web site, are you a registered company, etc etc etc.


  80. Sergio

    No, I don´t have a web site right now, I used to have it, but not right now.

    Yes, we are a registered company in Spain.

    Why don´t you come to visit to Spain, there are really cheap flights and I can show you the cars and the company, I don´t have nothing to hide, and much to show. I´m the first in the world that has a 430 replica to show. And a 360 spyder to show also, and a Extreme 360 finish in two-three weeks also to show, all of them in my bussiness. Please come to visit, you´re like what you´re gonna see.PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT ME, AND COME.

    I´m the single company in Europe and probably in the world that has cars in stock ready to be sale.

    Why don´t come anybody to visit???

    I sell cars!!!!

  81. DNA have been working for months on other projects wich will soon be released not to replace the 3sixty but to run along side it and we have cars we can take people out in 99% of the time, and we aim to build cars to fit what the customer wants, and supply kits that do the same.

  82. Beetlebaily, I have never heard so much bullshit. Just to let people know Beetlebaily is someone from Ireland that got our kit to copy. We where told about this a week after he got it, we made a point of trying to make things hard for him so he could not copy it but it looks like from his website he did it. ( xotic replicas)

    We supply the new front wish bones with the kit and it says this in the DVD, all new lower arms (wish bones) are not cut. If you want to lower a car around 80 mm you need drive shafts that can handle this, this is why we had some made up so people can lower down to 100mm knowing after driving it for 2000 miles they will NOT destroy themselves. Lowering any car by 80-100mm will put undue stress on the shaft so it is only sensible to make sure none of these problems can happen. Moving the front wheels back 1 and a half inch does not upset any steering. Anyone is welcome to come and drive our demo car and an untouched 406 we have here and they will se the replica drives better. They can also see it does NOT over heat.

    If people want glass instead of polly carb windows they are welcome to it. The top of the range 360 stradale has poly carb windows so why cant we?

    Why would you want to cut the bulk head when you don’t need to?

    The car when completed is stronger than the normal 406 anyone who has built one will tell you this.

    This is a very poor way of trying to put a company down so you can sell your own kits

    None of your cars you have kits for sale for are complete you even go to shows with half finished cars!!!!

    Sergio is another one that has copied our kits. If someone wants a kit that looks like it should do then you know where to come.

  83. Enzo

    hmmm…I read a lot about Ferrari replicas lately, especially with the DNA and Extreme cars and saw a lot of pics. I then saw both cars at the Donnie show. I would say it depends on what you want. Do you want a 360 replica? Then there is only one way to go – Extreme. Or do you want a look-a-like…then go with the DNA or the 430 from Spain. It is more work to build the Extreme, yes, but it is WAY closer to the original. Way! Almost 100% if you ask me. There's videos on their website of the car compared to the genuine one. And an overlay picture…you won't see a difference if someone parks a genuine 360 next to an Extreme (from the exterior). Both the DNA and the spanish 430 are build on the MR2 without changing the wheelbase and – more importantly – the windshield. The MR2 has different measurements, the windshield is tiny compared to a real Ferrari, the overhang in the back is bigger, the wheelbase is different and other little things. If a genuine 360 parks next to them you will immediately spot the difference. I went to other internet forums and read posts from owners of the Extreme 360 – they all praise not only the quality of the body kit but also the help from the guys at extreme. And this is why I decided to buy a 360 kit…although now that I have seen the new Extreme Murcielago I am not too sure anymore. Heck, that Murci is un-be-lievable!! Anyway…just wanted to give my comment on this thread.

  84. Sergio

    Hi EXTREME, first of all I didn´t copy your kit. Yes I bought a kit from you, I don´t have anything against Extreme, only want you to know that I didn´t make any copies of your kit.

    I´m almost done with the mounting of your kit and it looks very good, I made it wider. I´ll send you pictures.

  85. Broken_Symlink

    I am interested in building a replica 355. I live in the us however. Has anyone seen this video on youtube
    it is an extreme kit that took about 1 year to build according to the owner. he sold the car afterwards. I haven't tried contacting him yet to see what he thinks about the extreme kit after building it.

  86. Alison Jennings

    Does anyone know when the next show will be where we can see these kits. I would like to actually see the DNA kit against a real 360 spider. A 430 kit sounds exciting too. My key observation of the DNA 360 kit was that the front of the car did not appear authentic. The front bumper seemed stunted somehow. Is that just me, or would others say that it is fairly accurate to the genuine 360. Enzo has summed up the two well, it is just that I would like to buy the DNA kit, but I am very fussy and want it to be as authentic as possible, without enourmous amounts of bodywork etc. After all, I am just a girl that wants a Ferrari, not an engineering degree.

  87. 1-Q

    Alison, if you wait s bit, the EXTREME 360 Spider will come out, and i can vouch that it will be the most accurate one on the market, because they use the genuine cars to make their molds. They are working now to the Murcielago and the Vanquish, and in a bit the spider will be the one in their hands, and after all, it's not hard to do, because they already have parts from the modena that are the same.

  88. Alison

    I understand Extreme are definately not developing a 360 Spider, so if it is going to be a convertible, then it has to be a DNA, or if perfection is the objective, then it has to be an Extreme. It is a shame the DNA is not a particularly close replica. More a look-a-like. So with the quality of these replica's getting better, it would be best to see what these Lamborgini's look like. I think it is such a shame the DNA does not authentic. It really is a beautiful car.

  89. tom


    ok, I actually didn't wanted to post…but it seems that someone tries to put someone elses work down here. Extreme (as far as I know) is the only company that actually takes moulds off the genuine cars and then (if at all) makes them fit the best donor available. This results in one simple thing…the best replica possible (if not on a tube frame)! Their 355 is not 100% correct…but it is an easy built an it looks pretty sharp. The 360 is more work…but ..have you seen it??? I went and visit extreme and saw the yellow demonstrator – AMAZING!!!!!! The quality is A1!!!! Sergio – no idea what you are talking about – to me it seems you just want to push your own product…and even this might be a copy…but the Extreme kit is superior in quality and fitting. Thick material, it comes with a DVD and Ashley, the owner, is very helpful. I made my decision – Extreme 360! I wish they had the spyder already…

  90. Alison

    Hi Tom, I think from the research I have done, you are absolutely right. The Extreme is simply the best replica available. However, they have no plans to do a Spider. The DNA is also a very high quality product, and does not require the donor vehicle to be dramatically changed. The result though is an inaccurate look-a-like. Somehow the lines of the DNA360 just look wrong at the front and the back. It is pretty, but does not seem to have the beauty of the Ferrari 360. I wonder if the problem lies around the windscreen size. So, if anyone with a DNA360 could post some really hi-res images, this might dispel the belief that the DNA does not look right. As regards the spanish cars, let's get some hi-res images up somewhere. And are they left hand drive!

  91. Alison

    In the absence of any really good hi-res photos of the DNA build, I think I have found some. here is the link
    This is based on the MR2 Roadster. A close look at the vehicle from the front and the scale of the windscreen shows the problem. It looks like the windscreen is far too small. It would be great if someone could supply some more information.

    Alison x

  92. Chad

    I have placed my 2003 Toyota MR2 360 Replica (Auto/Tiptronic) for sale on eBay. If interested, please check it out. Fantastic FUN car!

  93. welshnigel

    Visited Ashley at EXTREME and I must say that he's a genuine and Honest chap. We talked about an Hour, purly on the build of these cars and didnot for one moment push that hasr sale on me. This car sells it self. Ive sat in it and the DNA and the DNA just doesnt come close as far as authenticity is concerened. If you want a pretty picture buy the DNA, Its easier to fit and takes less time. If you want like for like and are a perfectionist, buy from Ashley. Why spend 15-20k on something that looks the same but isnt quite right and people pick up on. OBVIOUS CHOICE REALLY. – ME, ILL BE ORDERING SOON.

  94. Alison

    Hi Nigel, I am in Berkshire. I agree with your conclusion. I think it is the overly small windscreen and the incorrect rake angle that causes the DNA to look incorrect. This is a shame because the DNA is actually a better kit in terms of build and impact on the donor vehicle. It appears to be significantly easier to build and exceptionally high quality. The problem is that the windscreen just lets the whole vehicle down. So, I have decided to buy a 911 (996), and convert it to a 997 GT3RS look-a-like. Cost of conversion is about £6000 including wheels. I have worked out that you could just do a 996 to 997 conversion for £2500 all in. Though I think the Ferrari 360 is pretty and very sexy. But I cannot live with the inaccurate small windscreen on the DNA, and I do not have an engineering degree to do the Extreme 360 kit.

  95. steve

    the DNA 360ish and the extreme 360 are completly different, extreme have made a replica that will fool all, its a massive car with all the right lines, curves etc ok the engine is in the front but that has its advantages, enough room to make a relica engine (which is available) and enough room to fit a genuine exhaust which sounds amazing, The DNA 360 seems to have made alot of compremises, the car looks roughly the same and looks good in a show etc but if you seen one on the road you would soon spot the difference, dna quote a couple of % thinner but its alot more than that, the car is tiny compared to the rear thing and the windscreen is far to high, both cars have great build quality but thats about all they share in common,

    My advice, if you want a 360 replica that will fool all by the extreme 360

    if you want a rebodied MRS that will fool some people when your doing 80MPH then by the DNA 360

    Theres no comprimise

  96. steve

    oh and those who are sceptical about building the extreme i am a custermer of ashs and i have recently built a 360 replica, i have never built a kit car before and have no mechanical skills, the kit is easy to do, i had help with the welding and had a mechanic do the little jobs like front wishbones etc and i did the rest, labour cost me 450£ and altogther inclu the donor i have spent approx 13£ and i have a ferrari replica worthy of parking outside the hilton in london!!!

    If anyone is serious about building one of these and want some info either speak to ash ( he will help you all day long, i have rang him at midnight before and he has helped me out) or email me at [email protected].

  97. lee

    A convertible is always a special car whatever it is. The MR-S though small and not very fast is a mid-engined 2 seater with rear wheel drive and is very tuneable. It’s going to be reliable forever. It’s always going to be fun and last.

    I think the pug is a bad car to start with there is nothing special about it. It’s going to get to you if you spent all that money to sit

    In a traffic jam on a rainy day with you kids screaming behind you in the back and every one else in the traffic knowing that a real 360 has no seats in the back.

    in ten years time the converable is still going to be cool.

  98. Enzo

    dna…those measurements might be ok….but if you compare the measurements of the windshield…and other details…you must admit there is a HUGE difference to the real one. Yes, maybe the wheelbase is "only" a few inches off…and the overall length maybe almost identical…but those are not the only measurements to compare them. The windshield of the MR2 is tiny compared to the genuine 360 – and as you don't change it …but have almost the same car width…this looks totally different to the genuine 360. A fact you can't deny. The Pug might be a front engine car…but it has almost the identical measurements…the windshield looks almost identical, the width, the length…compare the genuine 360, the DNA and the Extreme…and you will see the Extreme is almost 100% !!! The rear overhang of the DNA is wrong, too…but as someone else said…it depends on what you want. A very easy build, a body kit that resembles the 360…plus a spider…and you go DNA. If you want something to even fool Ferrari owners…Extreme is the way to go…

    I found these on extreme’s website:
    Here they put the moulds taken off a genuine 360 on the MR2…this is what I mean…it shows clearly that the MR2 is totally wrong..
    They also have some video clips on their website, one that shows a walk-around both the genuine 360 and the extreme, parked next to each other…hard to tell the difference…

  99. steve

    dnas car is a mile out, comparison pics means nothing, some clever positioning of the cars makes all the difference and lets face it, everything looks good in pictures. the windscreen is the big giveaway, but the car also looks flat, the front bumper wont accept guinuine grills, the mrs has no beter reliability than the pug, and who was it complaining the pug has 4 seats, well ust remove the rear seats of fit the 2 seat quick conversion kit from extreme, then with a fake engine your laughing, the mr2 has a mid engine but no room for a fake so a frosted engine lid has been fitted, there isnt much room in the engine bay for anything, no 360 exhaust then???. i heard the dna 360 at stoneleigh and it sounded good for an mr2, but nothing like a ferrari, and before someone says it yes people do no what a ferrari sounds like.

  100. lee

    "The interior is uninspiring, it's poorly made and unwieldy around town" WHAT CAR ABOUT THE PUG.

    "Open-air fun that won’t cost the earth. The hood is simple to operate, too."WHAT CAR ABOUT THE MR-S

    "If you want something to even fool Ferrari owners"pint of what your on plese ENZO.


    The 406 coupe is the right car to use for lots of reasons. The windscreen is the right size, the wheel base after our alterations is only 1 and a half inches longer than the genuine car .(longer results in a better look, as you don’t have to distort the panels in any way). The dashboard of the car is very close to the genuine car and with our interior kit the door panels can easily be made to look like the 360 door panel.

    The car can be lowered to the correct ride height without upsetting the steering geometry . This is achieved by bolting the track rod end in the from the top of the hub, instead of the normal way from the bottom of the hub. The car is also a big car like the 360 & has all the nice extras people like to have in a high class car as standard. It is available with both 2L and 3L V6 engines and although the cars cost over £25,000 new, you can now get them from as little as £2,500.

    The car has the engine in the front of the car. Now at first you would think this not right and maybe silly as the engine in a 360 is in the rear, but it has its advantages. You have 4 seats. It can also be converted to a 2 seater with our simple 2 seater conversion pack. The chassis is strong enough to take an engine in the back, we are doing this but also leaving the engine in the front so two 3L engines with 4 wheel drive will also be available soon. This will be a limited run and cars will be £40,000, so if you want a perfect replica it is possible. It has a large boot and is designed by pininfarina, the same company that designed the 360. The whole car was designed by them and shares no panels , either inside or out with the 4 door 406 saloon . They also use the well known Brembo performance brakes on the 3L V6.

  102. lee

    i think the extream kit is great. i think the dna kit is great.but please dont tell me any kit would fool a ferrari owner.small wind screens and an engine in the wrong place dont matter.


    it needs to be fun.and not cost you lots.even when you sell it.

  103. Sergio

    I can´t understand so much discussion on which one is the best, MR2…406 coupe, both of them look very good when they are finish, why so much talking trying to take down any of them, they all are fantastic as kitcars that they are.

    I have two 360 on Toyota MR2 for sale, two 430 on Toyota MR2 for sale, and one 360 from Extreme also for sale, all of them turnkey cars. You all talk and talk, try to take me down, (and also DNA), we offer pictures of our cars, information, and I´m really tired of all of this, everybody thinks is in the right to talk about me saying that I don´t have a web page, and a lot of things, ok, I don´t have right now a web page, but I´m the unique in all Europe that has so many turn key cars to offer and show at a time, think about it, stop talking about me and my cars and come to visit, you all are wellcome!!!!

    While you don´t come I won´t get again in this blog because I´m just loosing my time and my nerves.

    Remember all DNA´s, Extreme´s and Sergio´s kitcars are beautiful, look very good, and are great to drive around!!!

    They are not Ferrari, they are just kitcars, cheap maintenance, and close looking to originals, but are not original!!!!!!!

  104. welshnigel



    i tried to buy some parts from sergio an have them shipped to the USA an he simply ignor my emails so if he has a problem sending parts be catious about a hold car on the other hand EXTREME set me some parts no problem an they got to me very quick

  106. WestOz

    I've been researching building a Ferrari Replica and read your many very interesting comments on your build experiences.

    Has anyone not experienced challenges fitting glass panels to their F355 kit? What was it that you did which others failed to do? Did the DVD or Video which came with your kit offer step by step, helpful advice?

    I've been interested in the Extreme Sports Cars kit, but they simply give one liner answers to my questions, which only frustrates.

    Has anyone had experience with DNA automotive building their 360 spyder Ferrari replica?

  107. Hi WestOz, thanks for the comment. Hopefully someone here can point you in the right direction. Have you read through all of the comments above? I know it's a long read, but maybe that will help out too :)

  108. WestOz

    Hi Egon

    Thanks for your reply….and yeah I did the long read.

    Having read Richards comments on 29/12 that gave me a reality check ….great difficulties with fitting body panels, frustration and extra expense, then paint cracking etc., other builders also have had varying degrees of success, though some seem quite happy. This variation in attitudes and reactions caused me to go online with the questions.

    My frustration with Extreme SC has possibly saved me jumping in and buying, what could be a very big, but unnecessary challenge.

    Hence my question re DNA Automotives, Birmingham, UK who seem to do a very nice soft top version of the Ferrari 360. I live a l-o-n-g away from the sources of both of these vehicles, so I am stepping very cautiously. Best wishes.

  109. WestOz

    Hi Egon

    In fairness I should say that both Extreme's vehicles and DNA's vehicle look/present very well in the pics.

    Given the challenges, it is my potential to duplicate that build quality (without tearing my hair out and loosing weight through extreme frustration) that is my concern. I have done a re-build of a vehicle in the past and found that it required more time & expertise than indicated.

  110. I understand your apprehension. In my opinion, when it comes to something like this where the build quality is in question, I might vote for sucking up the cost and buying a turn-key. That way you have the assurance that it was built by the creators themselves, and can test the car before actually spending the money. Either way WestOz, please let us know what you decide.

  111. WestOz

    Hi Again Egon

    I've not checked the cost of 'turnkey', but would assume the paint problem to continue to exist, due to, I assume, body panel movement ?!?

    I had the idea that if my first build went well and I was confident with the vehicle and the supplier, I might push the building to a second. Hence the research.

  112. The only way a you would see a crack appear would be when it has not been bonded on properly, this would be the same with any kit bonded on to a car, it will only be as good as the builder wants it to be. We sell panels for genuine Ferraris and Lamborghinis if they are good enough for them they are good enough for kits.

  113. rob gallagher

    i am very interested in getting one of these 360 replicas built. in my opinion even with the inaccuracy of the front windshield on the 360 spider, it would still be the one for me, simply because of the bad reliability of the pug and the boring interior, on the otherhand the mr2 mk3 is reliable and fast, easy choice..

  114. Sergio

    If you really want one, I have a turnkey for sale from private. You come to visit and if you like it you pay and you have your turnkey. E-mail me: [email protected] Only if you are serious, I´m tired of losing time. Thanks.

  115. WestOz

    Turnkey is of no use to me

    However, I would be interested in the quality of kit which you offer. Please send complete details of the F355 kit, with pictures and cost to me at and I will assess whether I am interested.

  116. steve

    the only cracks i see are of women when they jump in me car, as for the mr2 being fast what do you drive at the moment, a 1.0 fiat punto, i carnt understand how you can say the interior is boring, has no one hear of leather. The best this about the extreme 360 is its the same size, ash provides a full dvd manual and is on the phone 24 – 7 with any help, i have never built a kit car before and this was a piece of cake, i have drove 1000 miles upto yet of trouble free motoring and along the way have stoped at various pub etc and not a single person has asked me is it fake, I dont hide the fact that its a replica and if some asked if it was i would say yes, i just have never had the chance to yet!!!

  117. WestOz

    Hi Steve, I see that your capacity for expression grows upon yourself. I have not referred to interior as boring. nor to the speed of the vehicle. I've actually read the printed reports on these issues!

    I also choose not to demean myself with comments which openly display the capacity of my mind for mud and slush; that you may so choose is your own challenge.

    But thanks for the confidence builder that you managed to build your 360 so effortlessly and have your vehicle still holding together after 1000 miles.

    Perhaps you have replied to the wrong enquiry, because my enquiry specifically referred to the F355 , not to the 360.

    You've helped me have some fun. Thanks

    Hope you enjoy many more miles in your 360 replica


    i would like to convert my 360 replica to a 430 rear ,i am looking for fiberglass side skirts ( rockers )an rear quarters (fenders ) if i have to lenghten the parts i will as long as the shape is correct an the parts are fiberglass i can modify them email me a price quote for the 4 pieces at:[email protected]

  119. tal

    hi guys i like the extreme 360 but there is no engine displayed at the rear. i would of thought onlookers would head for the rear to see the engine. i must admit that what puts me off from buying one.

  120. tal

    hi welshnigel i searched hi n lo to see that engine cover and no joy. has anybody out there bought a turn key from extreme coz my mechanical skills arent great so if i was to buy a 360 it would have to be complete. also i have heard about builders tweaking with the engine and buying an origonal 360 exhaust to make the car sound like a ferrari, how much extra would this cost?

  121. tal,

    You could buy the exhaust from any Ferrari dealer, but it's not gonig to make a toyota 4 cylinder sound like a Ferrari V8, no matter what the engine. If you buy a kit car, that's one of the sacrifices you have to make. You can only do the best you can to choose an exhaust that sounds as close as you can.

  122. tal

    its the extreme 360[406] i was on about but hey if they are working on the lambo [extreme] i may hold out for that one and lets not even go there with the aston…put it this way im gonna be skint

  123. Alison

    Has anyone else built a DNA 360 recently, and if so, what did you think. Do you have any photos. What does it drive like?

  124. rp

    im a bit surprised by what i read here from ppl who say fake is s***t, that the objective is to have the exact copy of a car, ect : dont forget the notion of FUN!! : of course a replica will NEVER be like a real ferrari, anyone who has heard the engine of a real one or drived a real one knows that. so, its absurd to say "that one is the best replica" because anyway you wont have the impression of driving, the sound, ect of a real one. The objective is not to have exactly the same car, but to have a FUN car: a nice one, no matter if its 20mm too short, who cares? 95% of the ppl here will never be hable to afford a real ferrari, they are expensive and even more after because they need a lot of work to stay at their best. So, being interested by a replica, that can be considered as a tribute to the real one, but with a sensible engine and easy to repair, is a good idea. On the other hand, i have the feeling watching videos, ect, that building it is a HUGE work and should be reserved to ppl who know what they do; saying "is easy to build in 50 hours" sounds dishonest to me. maybe by the makers of the kits, but not for anyone, so caution. thats all, have fun ; )

  125. Stu WD

    Have to say rp is right. There is nothing like a real Ferrari, and although I have a F355, I am about to start a Replica 360 Spyder, just as a fun thing to do for my wife.

    I have already built two GT40 Replicas, so I reckon doing a body kit should be relatively easy.

    You guys are getting just a little worked up over this emotive subject. A Replica will always be a Replica, especially if it is a Mr2 or Peugeot underneath.

  126. Debbi Turner

    Hello I bought an Enzo Ferrari replica and a Reventon Lamborghini from Super Replicas. The Enzo was built on a streeched Fiero and the Reventon on a MR2. My husband now wants us to buy the new Super Replica P4/5 Ferrari he did own the Super Replica P4 Ferrari clone but sold it. The Super Replica site is also the Enzo Ferrari site is
    I don´t know why Super Replicas don´t use the Peugeot after reading I am going to ask the Super Replica rep if it is possible to build the P4/5 Ferrari kit on the Peugeot.

  127. Andrew Harris

    Hello Debbi, I had Super Replica build a P4/5 replica and an Enzo on the MR2 toyota because the front is so small on the original models of Enzo and P4/5 you can't modify the kit to have the engine in the front to suit a Peugeot chassis. But the Super Replica Buggati Veyron and the Super Replica SLR Mclaren Merc-Benz both have the engines in the front and you can use the Peuguot chassis but just modified to fit the Super Replica kits. Just see

  128. Ginto

    Look sergio your not going to capture a buyer by sounding like your desperate, in fact you make your self sound really suspicious. Tell them once you have what you have and bugger off, it wont make them interested by you repiting it every single line. Fair enough you have replicas which you can sell and their made good, but you've got to factor in that people will have opions and beliefs about diffrent things and you or me or everybody else can't change a damn thing. And just a sign of good faith not being an asshole I'll email you and ask for some picture which I will tell everbody else after I 've seen it

  129. Debbie Turner

    Thanks Andrew for your advise I spoke with a representative at Super Replica his name is Tony Sinclair and he said it was possible but suggested the mitsubishi eclipse was a better match. Sorry Ginto I don't know a Sergio I did however track his messages above Sergio said he doesn't have a web page, nor is he in Latin America. He factory id in Spain. Anyway I ordered my cars through the Super Replica website. If you can't get to there workshop they will send you videos of there work or you can just call them, their phone number is 00 507 6406 0287 or their website is
    or their home

  130. Chris

    Debbie, this SuperReplicas sounds very fishy to me, and the images of their kit cars are the pictures of the real cars. Not very reputable if you ask me.

  131. Andrew

    Chris Super Replica uses both their kit replica photos and pictures of the real cars to compare the differences between the clones and the real. An excellent example of this is Super Replica Reventon Lamborghini video

    Super Replica also explains why they use pictures of real cars for two reasons one for comparing prices and designs the other as references to other companies to educate people not familiar with the fiberglass industry. In the Super Replica links

    the company explains all this information. I suggest if you want go and visit them and see for yourself I am happy with my replicas.

  132. Ricky

    This is for Debbie and Andrew. Are you guys happy with the replica you purchased? Does it look like the originals? I'm planning to make a trip to their factory and purchase one of there replicas but I just want to get some feedback from recent buyers and hear what they have to say. If you guys could contact me at [email protected] or [email protected] that would be great… hope to hear from you guys soon.

  133. John

    Hi Ricky,

    I was sent the official super replica website today. The customer service agent told me some of the links are under construction at the moment for the new 2008 offers.

    Jason I am waiting as well for some things, but I was told it will cost $2500.00 for shipping to the UK.

  134. simon

    Hi there every one above .I have watching different sites and reading through different comments on the 355,360 ,dna and the extreme.I will definately be purchasing the extreme 360 or the murcielago rep this year.My advise to all above who are thinking about building one of these mind boggling,wallet robbing,time consuming looka-like super cars buy one ready to drive home.Go see extreme these guys don't fanny about look at there place of work its massive and for god sake stop arguing Sergio you are a joke!No web site or piccys no sale. my views on the 355 look-like looks nothing like the 355 when you put them together side by side,nasty.The extreme 360 is amazing only if you buy one built ,these guys no what they are doing.If you have problems matching up the lines of the panels then go to home base and by a tape measure.The diablo vt on the stretched fiero is a good rep to buy ,this is if you want a super good looking rep that no one will question,apart from wondering where you got the coin to pay for it expecting to see some one looking like you on crime watch running out of the local bookies! If extreme have the lambo merc on show soon then keep your penny's in your pocket and see these guys when they have finished it.regards and good look simon

  135. John

    Hi there Simon I would do some shopping around first guy because the Ferrari 360 built by Super Replica is gorgeous. I love their photo gallery. I think their replicas are the closest to the original and are sooooo cheap. They offer a 360 Modena with a donor Peugeot 406 for only US$22,000.00 and the donor MR2 Toyota for only US$20,000.00. Also you can have a tube chassis version built to the identical specifications of the original Ferrari 360 thats cooool man! You can choose the motor size and the interior is spot on. Just check out their video and photos at and photos at
    Also Super Replica offers a wide range of Lamborghini s including the Gallado and the Gallado Spyder, the Murcielago and the Murcielago LP640, the newest addition is the Reventon Lamborghini check out the Super Replica catalogue
    the best part of it is you don't have to wait like you do for hobby builders these guys will guy get on your order straight away.

    I say it is the best I have seen for quality and identical Replicas John

  136. SWD

    Thought I would add my comments to Super Replicars debate.

    I have sent 5 emails to them asking for a written quotation for a relica of a McClaren F1. I have also asked for contact details of anyone in UK [with the owners approval] who has a Super Replicar model.

    The guy who respons is Enzo Ferrari [Thought he was dead]. He does not answer any of my questions, but just refers to the various websites with pictures of genuine cars.

    In one of his emails he did actually mention that the cars are constructed in Panama – no address so I don't know how you visit the premises. I still don't have a quotation.

    Doesn't give me any confidence that these people are genuine and that your money is safe.

  137. alfasan

    I've been following this debate with a lot of interest, as for a while i have been studying all the various replicas. i get a bit anal about detail, and from that view point extreme wins hands down. I have had 2 real ferraris to date, and to be honest with you, i'd rather have a replica. I guarantee you that you will have more fun all the way round, therefore, my interest. I like what i see at Super Replicas, and thats the problem,seems a bit to good to be true. i hope it is cos the choice that they have is mouth watering. BUT!!!! nobody seems to seen an actual complete one. Nobody seems to be in the process of having one done. No build diaries at all on the web, just some utube vids, not good enough.could be anybody's from anywhere. I dont care if they are based in timbuktu. I would love a gallardo, but i agree with chris and swd, until i see, feel, get a confirmed purchaser, build diary or something, those guys are stuffed to the hilt wit s**t . Furthermore i've seen the genuine diary on the slr coupe, its built on an old w123 and it aint theirs!!! check this link out

  138. Brent

    I was looking for an SLR Merc kit and I came accross the Super Replica version. I was also sceptical at first but in the end they made me an SLR replica and it is the only I 've seen built closest to the original. Before I came to my conclusion to buy from them I was also worried for a while because they are in a third world country. I had doubts like will it be finished on time!! will I get the right papers!! will they ship it to my home ect ect!! And after looking at the photos I was even more doubtful because some of the photos were of the original car. I called their rep and a Tony Sinclair told me that they were using some photos from other companies, but he said it is only for sample purposes and if you want to see their work or workshop with their replicas made from the past you have to order their package of videos and official spec's. I then asked why Super Replica doesn't advertise the package on their web page and he told me they do in their policy agreement. Well I felt like a fool for being so skeptical and not doing my homework. I was being a bit of a cheap skate counting my pennies and thought it is a big investment for me if they don't come through with the goods, you have to understand asking for a replica of a car worth over a quater of a million dollars for only 20k might be cheap but 20k is still alot of money for a working class guy like me. Anyway to make a long story short I decided to order their pack and after watching the video I was sold. I contacted the rep this time and we created the specifications of what I wanted and this was all done in the comfort of my lounge room on line. The SLR Super Replica kit was built on a W203-2 Sports coupe and it took them two months to get it to turn key stage.

    Anyway to those who are considering building a kit car with Super Replica I say you will be making a good choice I love my SLR.

  139. Jason-X

    emmmmm…… This Super replicas seem too dodgy for my likings iv`e done quite abit of investigating on this company i will have it all compiled within a weeks time so every1 dont get too excited on this company!

    Brent if you love it so much why dont you share the lovely pictures of you slr with maby you sitting inside it eh?

    If you dont respond to this then without me even showing my investigation on this company id say that there a fake company once they get the money id say you wont ever hear from them again. also Debbie and Andrew we`d love to see your picture aswell>

    All the guys and girls in the uk lets see what pictures we get from these 3 so called replica owners.

    Waiting for you pics JASONx

  140. Paul

    Hello I have also been watching this and I think it is funny that the ones critical against Super Replicas have workshops. It seems to me that these guys are all feeling intimidated because they can't compete with the price of Super Replica.

    I think instead of trying to find dirt on a third world country company why don't they just lower their prices and become more competative with the Asian and Latin markets. I really think Super Replicas is only the tip of the ice berg of cars being built overseas soon you are going to see more especially from the Asian countries they are producing replica cars as well. I can tell you now what I have seen will nock your socks off. I think you guys are going to have to change the way you think about third world countries and their labor hire prices or you are all going to have to go on the bread line. I think if those criers that say "the sky is falling stay with us or perish!" predictors spend half the time visitng Super Replicas and checked out their facility rather than speaking slander against something the have no idea about then maybe we could see some positive comments rather than the competion bagging because they feel intimitaded.

    Wake up guys and start thinking how to improve your workshop and lower your prices.

    Jason go and visit them pleeeeeease

  141. John

    Yea I agree I think if you guys try to build a Gallardo if it isn't as cheap as what the Mexicans can build it for I would say don't waist your money trying. Anyway why should the you feel intimidated with replicas built in third world countries if your product is as good as what you make out it is then people will pay extra money to get it built by you but if you can't match the quality then you guys should really consider dropping the price of your replicas. I think like Paul that those who are trying to find mud on Super Replica should start trying to look within and ask yourselves how are we going to compete with the low prices???? Just promote what you have and build it the best way you can and if you feel you need to keep the high prices on your kits great do it. I just hope you can last now the globalisation is upon us and world markets are really opening up to more oppurtunities and the internet dammmm… that is a great way to have the third world country on our door step to do buy things dirt cheap. Anyway I think we need to start thinking differently than the way this forum has been in the past and start being positive rather than being like jealous nagging housewives who gossup all day about the new girl in town. She might be more attractive than you she might have a better body than yours but if you are as good as you say you don't need worry about Super Replica being a threat to your jobs I suggest you worry more about whether or not you can have faithful hubands that won't hump your neigbors wife. Here is a question for you guys Is your clients getting ichy feet? Are they seeing the grass greener on the other side? Then you need to have a better bait than to spend the time putting your attention on the competion. I think you need to stop promoting Super Replica with your negativty because you are digging a bigger pit to fall into yourselves and start concentrating promoting how good your kits are. You have got to be more professional. Hey has any of you seen a movie called Roger and me by Michael Moore? It is excellent it is about the same thing of whats going on here on this forum. The GM plant closed down in Flint and moved down into Mexico and all the people in Flint were crying poor because they lost their jobs to the Mexicans. The thing is though they bagged GM for doing that but these same people wanted cheaper cars. The moral to this story is you can't have the best of both worlds. If your clients want cheaper prices they're going to go else where to find it.

  142. Gordon

    whats up with you guys I can't believe it.

    I went to Super Replica webpage it is clear where they are based and how to contact them.

    I had trouble too getting through but when I asked them why they said its Christmas break and they are short of staff.

    I still get through though it just takes a while sometimes by phone.

    I am waiting on some specifications and prices as well so I know what you are going through.

    All I can suggest is wait your turn.

    I hope next week though it is better with all of their staff back to work.

    We should get some results.

  143. Michael L.

    Hello. I've chatted (through IM) with Tony Sinclair. The contact at Superreplicas. I asked him for pictures and a reference, but wouldn't give me pictures but said his references were all in South America and only speak spanish. I told him that's okay because my wife is spanish. I think that threw him off. He asked me to leave my number..which I did..and I got this missed call from an international number. I wonder if that was his reference.

    Anyhow..I WANT to believe in this company. I really want one of those cars. The whole part of them just running w/the money scares me a bit. And even if they don't..I don't want to be stuck w/a replica that looks very replica-ish(like the ferrari above).

    Tony's responded to my emails/chats in a relative amount of time, but I still need something more substantial.

    If it's as good as advertised, I would be getting 2 of these suckers.

  144. John

    Hey Mike your problem is you are with a group of kit builders who feel intimidated.

    I asked Tony about you and he said Super Replicas asked for all your information, but you were not willing to give it.

    Tony was trying to call you but the number you gave didn't answer.

    And he ask for your address so the client referrals of Super Replica could contact you but you wouldn't give it. Now seeing you screaming on here makes one think that maybe Tony's suspected something. What you have to understand there is a war going on at the moment with the various kit car groups and feathers are being rustled and everyone is becoming paroniod to release information for the threat that the other will use it against them. Super Replica is trying to respect the privacy and confidentiality of its clients and if someone is really an interested client (and not someone who wants to blow the John the Baptist trumpet screaming distrust and hate,) then they will be more than welcome to share information with you.

    This is why Super Replicas are using discretion they are protecting the interests of their clients. It is a standard procedure of most companies that they have a security and even if you want to join some clubs or forums you will be tested to see if you are true.

    The question is are you really looking for a replica or are you just trying to rock the boat for the oposition. If you really want to build a kit then they will be more than welcome to trust in you and share with you thier pearls, but at this time no one wants to through their pearls in the lions den. I suppose it is only natural when there is this tension like there is at the moment. If we all just went back to doing what we are doing and stopped trying to find more mud to dig or falsely accuse each other causing more distrust and paranoia. The problem right now is there are amongst us ruthless critics ready to condemn someone elses work.

    Unfortunately it keeps driving a wedge between us all.

    I say build a relationship of trust with this foreign company and maybe just maybe you will get that dream car you wanted, but if you present yourself as a real trouble maker wanting to discredit before you have actually used their product I think you miss the big picture.

    Mike I suggest you take it easy with them because Rome was not built in one day and neither will a kit be so just be more positive and patient.

  145. Michael L.

    Hey John.

    Thanks for your reply but you're really reaching on your perception of what I wrote. As you say others are overreacting to the reactions of other kit owners, you are completely overreacting to what I wrote.

    let's get something clear for everyone in the forum to read:

    I LIKE TONY SINCLAIR. I LIKE SUPEREPLICA. Let's get that straight. I wouldn't be on this forum and trying to get more research before making my investment if I wasn't. Please look at what I said and realize I am just intimating what I've said to Tony.

    And to be clear. Tony asked for my contact information. Not my address. I gave him my number. And to be fair, I asked Tony for pictures of the completed cars and there were far more questions that he did not answer than questions you say I didn't answer. And BTW (if you must know)..I work at a bank and Tony called as I was in a board meeting. I am going to call him back, but not on the bank's phone.

    John. NO ONE was screaming on here..(boy isn't someone jumping to conclusions?)

    And the bigger question is this. YOU weren't in the conversation. Why are you commenting on a conversation Tony and I had and asking him about me? I think I would know what Tony and I discussed more than someone who wasn't part of the conversation. Doesn't that seem tangential in the least? Whether you know him or not..seriously..why is it any of your business? Wouldn't that be tampering w/Tony's potential client?

    So my point is..I am a cautious, researching and serious buyer.

    I will make this clear once again. I LIKE

    I mentioned in my previous post that if I am satsified w/the purchase I want to buy two.

    Might I suggest John that you take it easy on your response and let things happens as they do. I am a serious customer and it's really between Me and Tony isn't it? or are you helping to pay for my car?

    So thanks for your comments and I appreciate your concerns, but it was a little too extreme a response from someone who wasn't directly involved.

    I really don't care about any of the other replicar companies on this thread and the other banter going on.

    ALL I WANT TO KNOW is of the other owners from Superreplicas and I wanted to know their feedback. That's normal and intelligent for any prospective buyer.

    I am just relaying my experiences w/superrelicas which is still ongoing and things will happen as they happen. I'm not exaggerating thing or leaving anything out or trying to sway anyone. Again read my post. I said at the end that I want to believe in this company because they have the best ability to achieve what I want.

    Please let that be clear.

  146. Michael L.

    Also John. I would seriously appreciate you not speaking to Tony in regards to me.

    If anything, you're probably giving HIM a bad impression of me by involving yourself and misrepresenting what I'm saying in a BLOG.

    Please allow me to speak to Tony in confidence(you know..the customer privacy that you speak of? I hope you can afford me that as well).

    I would like to have a one on one relationship w/Tony Sinclair and I didn't ask for an intermediary and don't need one. Please respect that.

  147. John

    hey guy, I am sorry and I agree this forum and the kit groups on here are not certain Americans who use redneck tactics to discriminate against Mexicans.

    And you are right it is a big investment and you want to make sure that's just human nature.

    The problem with "certain" other kit car groups (no names) just certain kit groups is they use a dirty under the belt extortion type of propaganda to undermine others so they can control the monoply of the kit car market.

    It reminds me of the tactics of Hoffa and the mafia, it really is a problem in the USA with certain kit groups who create forums and use a vigilante type of rhetoric to condemn their competition. If they cannot find mud on their competitor then they will create scandals and misinformation to discredit and force the other guys to close down.

    It is sad that they choose to use such a primative and uneducated way to represent their kit groups.

    I also appreciate that they have a hard time trying to sell vintage replica Lamborghinis like the countach for very high prices like 29,000 bucks.

    It must be very intimidating to have Mexican and Central American competition that can produce kits and offer prices of 20,000bucks for the newest models.

    The price war is causing terrible friction amongst even their own teamsters who created their prices and agreed to support each other on those ridiculously high rates.

    The only way "certain" America kit groups feel they can beat the competition is by using charactor assassination.

    Once again Michael I apologize for commenting about your relationship with Tony and yourself that was inproper.

    I am not excusing myself when I say it is only human nature to investigate critics that give negative reports but like you I also try to get all the facts thats why I called Tony and asked him what was the problem.

    It seems to be a very delicate subject at the moment (due to the price war of course) and this is why there are various comments made on this forum to try and encourage other kit groups to change their primative business practices and ethics, lower their prices and compete with the international market. Once upon a time replicas were just built by the handyman jack of all trades hobbiest, but today it is a commercial market.

    When entering into the arena of the international replica market it is necassary to use a more professional approach to deal with your clients and the oposition.

    I have read "certain individuals" comments on this forum that tend to sway with "certain" American kit groups that use bully tactics using vulgar language and derocative terminology to get their point accross. I believe we all need to become gentlemen on this forum and keep vulgar and abusive laguage down to a minimum and if possible not at all, so those new comers don't get the wrong impression of this forum.

  148. Michael L.

    Thank you John. A accept your apology.

    As a favor, I would hope that you can clear things up w/Tony regarding anything you said about me and after that..allow me and Tony to speak in confidence. Thank you.

  149. Michael L.

    Hello all. I just got off the phone w/Tony Sinclair.

    He sounds like a very nice man. We spoke over some details and

    we'll see where this goes! Excellent!

  150. pamagroup

    hi guys i dont think thers anything wrong with buying kits from abroad you just hace to be careful how you go about it.i have just come back from panama to visit a company called Super Replicas and they make the most accurate 360,gallrdo,buggati replicas see their website test drove a finished garlado replica and i will be putting an order soon.they also have replicas build on a tube chassis and these are very accurate.the garlodo comes with a 6.0 V12 bmw engine all totaling £18,000 finished product interir +exterior

  151. pamagroup

    i agree with paul labour is much cheaper in 3rd world countries the company i work recently moved its production factory to zimbabwe and its much i said i visited my sis whos married in panama and the super replica workshop is air ticket was £687 return i suggest anyone seriouly considering getting a replica from them to visit the work shop .

  152. john

    Can anyone provide a photo or tell us any experiences they have had dealing with Super Replicas? I love the sound of what they are doing, and have spoken to Tony Sinclair, he sounds like he knows what he is talking about! Is the company real? Does it exist? People are saying they have been there and driven cars etc. can we see some photos? Debbi says she bought 2 cars, any chance of putting all our minds at rest and showing photos of your cars?

    Please help!! I want this to be true! I want an Enzo!!!

  153. Ok I have been watching all this and here is the thing, would you trust a company who stole our video off you tube? That murci build is ours everyone knows it’s ours. I have contacted them about it, no reply??? Really guys come on do you really think there’s a company that’s out there that can replicate any super car on the road and for peanuts?? Ok questions to be asked, why steel our video? Answer they don’t have there own because they haven’t done it!

    Why no photos of finished ones? Answer because there isn’t any!

    Trust us we know what we are on with and we find it impossible that anyone could produce those cars at those prices, its just not cost effective! There’s no premises or finished cars to look at, just pictures of genuine ones on links????? Anyone’s more than welcome to view our cars in both the development and finished stages. It has been known for sometime that our murci is as good as finished and the Gallardo is in its early development stage, These developments have been on going for over two years, and have had thousands of man hours put into them so we can provide you with the replicas available to date, Please think twice before handing over money to a company selling you a link for $25000, Companies like those should either show what they have got or just clear of, it looks like a typical scam to us. We have been in this business since the late 80s and we have never heard of them, and if you do get in touch with them ask them why they have our murci video as they don’t answer us!!!!!!

    This is our link to it

  154. john

    Thanks Extreme! I know you are right.

    I would love to do one of your 360 kits but i'm not clever enough to fit it. Do you do a fitting service? Could i give you a Peugeot and buy the kit and you get it all ready for painting? If so how much do you charge for this service?



  155. Tony

    I thought it was time that Super Replica makes an official statement seeing there are other kit groups who presume they know about us.

    Have you ever wondered why all the attention is on Super Replica? Why the critics are not people burnt from a bad sale but rather people hurt because of our prices being too cheap.

    It is Super Replicas outstanding prices and record time to produce a car that the ones hurt are angry and say lies to harm our reputation.

    The problem is those who are saying bad things have never visited us, never purchased from us and never experienced a bad deal from us, why because they are other kit groups who are trying to sell replicas as well. Plain and simple. It is not whether we do or dont exsist. It is not whether our videos have things that might not be appropiate to others. It is only because we are cheaper and faster than those critics. Lets face it If an American or an English man spent hundreds of hours trying to build a new model replica design that takes years to finish it will cost a fortune to sell. Why because the American and English men works by a very high hourly rate. If a Mexican makes a Super Replica he is going to work more hours in the day and for only seven dollars a day or less than a dollar an hour he has accomplished more than the Englishman or an American who has worked for twenty dollars an hour thats a fact.

    At the moment we have a special offer if you order a 360 Modena Ferrai with us we we build it on a Peugeot and transfer a new Ford V8 motor in the back of the car because the Peugeot has the engine in the front.

    It will have the identical interior and exterior as the original and we will guarantee it will be ready to drive in only three months. The price only US$21,000.00 about 11,000 pounds.

    Please see our link at
    bye for now

    Super Replicas

  156. Donnie


    It is very funny that you would even try to pass off other peoples cars as your own. This is why people feel you are nothing more then a scam. All of your photos are taken off of builders sites in the US, UK, and Ebay. Take your site down, come back with your build photos, then maybe people will take you a bit more serious.

  157. john

    I will gladly order a car from you Tony if you show me a finished photo of it and provide me with details of someone who has bought a car from you so i can speak to them about their car and your service. What is it exactly that you are trying to protect? Surely if you can make these cars so cheaply and no one else can, then you don't have anything to worry about. Your site is very good and answers all questions etc. I really want to order a car from you but i cant find anyone Worldwide that has ever bought a car from you in the 30 years you have supposedly been trading, neither can i find anyone who knows this is a definite scam! I just wish i could believe in you and order my car. I would love to be the first person around in the UK with a replica Enzo!! And Tony you would have sales coming out of your ears because everybody would order from you. Stop this silly war and provide us all with some real proof! I am not saying you are a scammer, but i cannot understand why you don't prove us all wrong. It is good that you have entered this discussion and shows that you maybe genuine but you can stop all the doubt easily. Have you got some pictures of the outside of your workshop showing your Super Replicas sign etc. Come on Tony, stop worrying about competition and deliver some concrete evidence for us all. I promise you i will order first as soon as my suspisions have been put to rest. I am in the process of looking for a Peugeot 406 and am going to go down the Extreme route with the Ferrari 360 Modena as it looks right and with the real exhaust sounds right too. I have the funds etc. They show the finished cars, let you go and view so you know exactly what you are getting etc. and so do DNA with the MR2. If you do the same you will stop all this rubbish and be inundated with orders.

    Come on Tony, we want to believe you! Prove me, everybody else, and all the kit car companies wrong! The ball is in your court!!!!

  158. Jon Michael Bischof


    I believe in order to be called "legit" you would have to show what you are worth. Put the money in your mouth and start caughing out the pictures of all these clients who claim they have purchased from you. I believe you yourself wrote these comments and there are ways to prove it. My opinion is that you are full of it!!!! Plain and clear B.S. SCAM ALERT. SCAM ALERT. SCAM ALERT. IF YOU WERE FOR REAL YOU WOULD BE FILLING YOUR WEB PAGE WITH PICTURES OF YOUR BUILDS AND FINISHED PRODUCTS AND NOT OTHER PEOPLES PICTURES AS YOU HAVE DONE. IT ONLY COMES TO PROVE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW AND ARE FULL OF IT. STAY CLEAR FROM CROOKS LIKE THIS S.O.B. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF GOOD.

  159. Jon Michael Bischof


    Come to think about it: if you really want to save face, here is an E-mail address where you can send me pictures: [email protected] (your own, not pictures of real cars, not someone elses pictures of other kits) but of cars that you have actually built for your said so clients: Say Andrew or Debbie's, for example. I am sure they would have pictures to share, wouldn't every one else? Or is it just coincidence that nobody who has bought a car from you in 30 years has a single picture? This truly sounds very fishy. I believe and insist that every post praising your car or claiming they purchased from you is no one else but you yourself writing, representing to be some one else. You tried to pull that off with other peoples pictures of cars, so comes to figure. This is your Last chance to prove you are for real or personally I will have Interpol all over you in the Chiriquí-David area. They are hungry to put scammers to sleep and as far as I am concerned you are a FRAUD! FRAUD!! FRAUD!!! Of course, until you can prove the opposite, but until then, you are simply a SCAMMER trying to make an easy buck. I´ll be looking forward to getting your pictures…or Debbie's…or Andrew's at that. Mail to: [email protected] You have 3 days to send them. If I get them, I will personally appologize in the open, but if you don't , you are in for a treat, 'cause this bounty hunter is out to sink you so deep, Titanic will be a breeze to rescue compared to your arse!!! Clock is ticking…

  160. john

    what has that proved? Absolutely nothing! Just that you are backed into a corner and can do nothing but make stupid comments about nothing. At least everyone knows now!!!

  161. john

    last comment was aimed at Tony Sinclair Super Replicas he removed his last comment which the above was about. It was a childish, angry outburst which must have been regretted otherwise Tony wouldn't have removed it. That's enough for me!! I'm out!! I wont be getting my £10,000 imaginary Enzo after all.

  162. Jon Michael Bischof

    John, It does sound as an attack to my person (lol) but thanks for clearing the point about this guy erasing his comments. This guy had to erase his comment for there is no way he will ever prove anything. I have dealings with the Panama government and hopefully I may soon be able to post one of Tony Sinclair's pictures. More likely of him in stripes and behind bars. The guy is a total crook and needs to be brought down big time.

  163. Jon Michael Bischof

    As was expected to happen, tree days have gone by and Mr. Tony (B.S.) Sinclair was unable to produce pictures and further more there was no response from the alleged "buyers" who claimed to have bought fantastic kits that could have saved his neck. Reality is there never was any clients and there never will be any cars available unless of course you still want to send this crook your money and let him rip you off. I deal businesswise, continuously with latin american countries and as a result of that I was recently appointed as an aid for the International Comission of Import-Export (ICIE) better business bureau. I am in charge of reporting on good and bad business practices between U.S and Latin American Countries. You would be shocked at how much hanky panky goes on and unfortunately, it happens both ways. This gentleman just got himself on my list of reports and I will be glad to inform those here on how things evolve. I will be notifying the "Ministerio de Comercio Exterior" in Panama about this person's illicit practices and hope he is unable to continue defrauding people and missleading with false intentions of commiting crime.

  164. john

    well done to you sir! Give him what he deserves! Taking money for nothing off decent hard working genuine people is a disgrace!

    What a total messer! He is full of it!

  165. MERCenary

    Hi guys, I wanted to chime in on this blog. I too would like to see photos of the completed cars that previous bloggers mentioned on this thread said they bought. It only takes a second to attach a photo or two. I would love to get the Murcielago Relica with the BMW 12 Cyl and tube chassis etc.

    I have been in talks with Super Replica's via e-mail and they invited me to visit their facility in the City of David. I may go there in the 1st week of April.

    Here is what I was told: We are located next to the Chiriqui Hospital in the City of David. To get here you take a flight from Panama Airport to the City of David. It will take one hour from Panama City to reach the City of David. Once you arrive at the David Airport you take a taxi to the Chiriqui Hospital and we will meet you out the front of the Hospital.

    Please contact us and tell us what time you would like to visit and we will have a guild waiting for you to direct you through the work areas. (I assume they meant guide).
    If Tony reads this I look forward to seeing you and possibly being the first American to buy from you.

  166. Jon Michael Bischof

    Expect to be drugged up in that hospital and later taken to cattlefields common in the area where you will hallucinate exotic cars while watching cows. Save your money…you are in for a trip. The guy is nothing but B*ll -Sh*t. The "Coordinador de fraude y negocios ficticios de la República Panameña" has informed my commission that they are investigating thoroughly and have been unable to come up with anything that proves these people are legit. No commerce license, no tax payments under any of used names. If they had been in business for 30 years, tha would seem fishy…

  167. confused

    I am going to keep this as basic as i can. I am interested in buying some replicas from superreplicas as the prices quoted are very resonable, however i do like the money i have earnt and have now plans to GIVE it away!!!!! can any one please give the answer yes to any of the following:

    Has any one bought from super replicas?

    Has any one been to super replicas workshop?

    Has any one ever seen a super replica car?

    If any one can answer yes to any of these please respond .

  168. MERCenary

    Confused, I have done my research and candidly believe these guys are all phonies. I have two other U.S. based builders I am speaking to and that will cost me arounf $70k. So it is with that that these crooks prey on unsuspecting people to sent them money. I have decided NOT to take any chances of sending these guy one red cent. I have looked and lokked and have not been able to find anyone that has ever purchased a replica from them. I have e-mailed back and forth and gave Super Replicas and ultimatum to send me names and contact info from a few of their customers and they have never as much as replied with a photo of a car they produced. Then they sent me a video link to their shop and in the video I do not see a single replica not even in the background. SO they can go rip off someone else. I'm not buying

  169. confused

    I too have watched the video showing around there workshop ,office etcand it is of a VERY amateur quality, the only cars in sight are painted on the walls!!!!! and to be fair the paintings on the factory walls do not seem up to scratch. I think they have a very good website etc… but for someone trying to sell a product they are not very forthcoming in physically endorsing it. I for one will NOT be sending them any money as i think it is one big CON. When you read previous messages from Debbie turner,Pamagroup and Andrew harris etc…. they are quite clearly part of the Superreplicas scam they all claim to have seen, driven a super replicas car and when you ask for pictures etc they NEVER respond. When you look deeper into it you will find that the names mentioned above have a very similar email address to the superrelica offical statement rep i.e TONY and have even used the same I.P address!!!! so TONY or is it debbie turner, pamagroup,andrew harris come and defend this allegation with 100% evidence i.e credible refrences, real pictures of your OWN cars. If you do this i will retract this message with a full apology and pay $500 to a charity of your choice and will even post a receipt of the donation on the web for every one to see. STOP leaving links to videos or pictures on your website that are of no use to any one,we can all get the same pictures from your site from a main dealer or google images.

    TONY you must have taken video/pictures of the cars debbie,andrew,pamagroup are reffering to? Answers please tony…………..

  170. Temptation

    Hi E1, first of all, i gotta say i stumbled upon this blog and WHAT an exausting read that was! Anyway, I was kinda thinking of purchasing a Ferrari 360 Spyderkit car(Best looking Fezza in my op). But read that Extreme was doing a Gallardo, oh the temptation… 360 or Gallardo? Is the Gallardo ready yet? Any1 about to do one? There would be one car i would choose above all else….. Aston Vanquish… anyone do a kit for that?

  171. confused

    well i have waited 10 days with my offer to charity!!!!! it seems my $500 is safe as are a BIG fraud, i have spoke to them and they are full of rubbish etc………..KEEP AWAY if you appreiciate your money, if you are thinking of sending them any money give it to a charity instead as you will NOt get any car from them as they have none. I have offered to fly to there unit tio see cars there and was told NO due to trade secrets, i then asked for video,photos even view a clients car of theres was told NO again, so they expect you to buy a car on a promise yet there website is full of photos and videos from other websites that they have copied!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED KEEP AWAY FROM THEM…………you will not get anything from them…By the way i will now donate $1000 dollar to charity if show any of there own work anywhere on the web as it DONT exhist!!!!!!

  172. Zack

    Confused go to their Home page again. they have edit it. their is even an photo of a Lamborghini Murcielago and that off an M'Claren F1.

    The photo's are between those of other's ,you must pay attention.

  173. Zack

    oops, sorry not an F1 but an Enzo. But the photo of the lambo is very clear, you can see its inside thei workshop

  174. confused

    ZACK are you for real?????? here is a link to the homepage the picture of the mcclaren F1 is a libary picture and i have been on every page on there site and theer is NOT one picture of any genuine cars pleae copy and paste the link on this website for us all to see what RUBBISH you are talking!!!! I now add Zack to the supereplicas phoney list that consists of Tony, Debbie turner,Pamagroup and Andrew harris all saying how great superelicas are yet all using the same ip address!!!!! come on guys you are really one person trying it on!!! CAUGHT BIG TIME……….or if you want prove me wrong my offer is now $2000 to charity if i,m proven wrong!!!!! and i shal post the payment to charity on the web for all to see……..

  175. Sam

    They are a scam, trust me, they got me. I flew out their and after 3 hours of getting treated like shit at the airport. I finally go to their location and they only fix tires and cars from the 70's. The people you see in the videos are not there. I called the cops and nothing at all. they denied everything. they got my deposit.

  176. Tony Sinclair

    Hello Sam,

    please don't lie we did not recieve money from you why are you lieing is this how you have to make the people think they should by from you? Please show your airline ticket and your contract when you sent the deposit reciept to us on the wire transfer because you didnt pay us cash.

  177. confused

    Zack come on my friend they have only set up a flashy website to set up this scam, trust me that is not that hard. YES it is a good website but all the pictures on there are from the companys that make the cars i.e not Supereplicas.

    The only picture on there there website is of a tube frame being welded!!! That does not mean they are making supereplicas as they claim. There are NO photos,videos or happy clients refrences to show or prove there product is real etc……The videos on youtube can be made up in 15 mins with basic computer knowledge. If supereplicas are such an honest company why dont they show there end products i.e CARS THEY HAVE MADE….. as they have not made any. TONY SINCLAIR I KNOW you read this forum as you respond now and again, so please show US your finished products and maybe sam will show us his ailine tickets, money paid etc………….. TONY prove this man is lying as it seems with each day your scam is falling apart!!!!!!! SHOW US ONE finshed car and i will pay $2000 dollars to a charity of your choice and will put the receipt on the web for ALL to see, i await the next responce. SO FAR SUEREPLICAS.COM IS A SUPERSCAM untill proved otherwise

  178. confused

    In reponce to Michael L we all know about the youtube links from before so what are you trying to tell us????? Are you trying to endorse there product by showing us links to poor quality you tube videos!!!!!

  179. Zack

    No Confused ,i'm not Zack livigstone , as i wrote before, I'm from the Netherlands Antilles. My Last name is begins with a G and it's in Dutch (it's a dutch name). As for Supereplicas I want to know if it's real. My Girlfriend is from Colombia and she told me that those Prices are reasonable for an Latin American country. That's why i want to now more of Supereplicas.

  180. Frederik Valeur

    damn i just thought i finally found a kitcar company who could make me a cheap lambo murci:(… are you 100000% sure thats its a scam?

  181. Michael L.

    No Confused. I am not endorsing them. I just wanted to see if others who posted..see the subtle clues in the videos.
    I’m just revealing the links to them actually walking around their “facilities”.

    they talk about the extensive “fiberglass” work for the bodies, but I did not see ANY shells in the videos.

    Also am looking at a welded frame, but like you, am wondering where’s the finished product. I’d like to see that frame attached to the engine, the steering column..etc…I want to real fabrication.

    Also listen to the direction of the camera guy and the can hear it in the videos.

  182. Tony Sinclair

    The big question in every ones mind is who is confused?

    Why is he hiding? Come out in the open.

    Is he the scammer?

    Is he Sam?

    Of course he sells replicas with terrible interior and he wants you to buy it for close to a US$100,000 dollars.

    How can you tell?

    Well look at the way he began all innocent and said he was confused and then like Sam comes out with his story how he is the scam buster.

    Look to take a person like this serious you would have to be really willing to be brain washed by the idea that all cars cost over fifty thousand dollars new.

    The big question is what car costs that much?

    If you can pick up a car new Toyota for US$14,000 and a new Mustang for under US$30,000 where on earth are these scammers coming up with outrageous prices of over US$50,000 with an old Pontiac Fiero that you can pick up for only US$2000.

    Please the backyarders have no idea what they are doing nor can they be trusted if they act like Mr. Confused or Sam the lier.

    No matter what we do if we hired the director Speilburg and Hollywood stars to present our workshop, these jealous uneducated false accusers would still try to through mud in our face. We were asked by a pretended mr. john to present photos of the workshop to prove we exsist and another man by the name of jon then said we had three days or he was going to be the bounty hunter scam buster whatever he was anyway we did what was asked and that was show that we do exsist by using like every other kit builder does on youtube an informal video showing parts of the facility with the Super Replicas name on it.

    Then these same scammers pretended to be me and Chris on the 28th of Jan removed the false comments and said it was the scammer John the same scammers who I believe is now pretending to have come to Panama and paid a deposit none other than Uncle Sam.

    The thing is though the way these scammers are acting they just discredit themselves even more because as the story of the little boy who cried wolf ends no one believes this scamming slander anymore. Please work on your projects and sell them at reasonable prices and stop trying to pretend your someone your not.

  183. confused

    AHHHHHHHHH at last Tony Sinclair reponds!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea who Sam is and if you read my previous comment i encorage "sam" to show his tickets if you show us your product!!! I dont believe what sam says too much but i speak from personal experiance with yourselves, I have requested photos, videos client refrences so i can BUY oof you as for $20k i will the first in the que, but before i release my money i have asked several times for what i think is a fair trade policy. I am NOt a dealer or involved in any kit kar company i am a customer who was trying to buy a car but keeps getting fobbed off hence my name "confused" quite simply show me your product and i will endorse you and remove any negative previous.Stop being on the defensive and go on the offensive that way you will fill up your order books for thew next 5 years as demand i feel will be that high!!!!! you say about copyright etc but that is looking painfully a load of rubbish. REMEMBER i want to buy so convince me and you get my money and as for SAM he should prove that he flew to you etc…………LETS GET IT SORTED BOYS

  184. Tony Sinclair

    We have found a solution to all of these accusations I challenge Mr. Confused to reveal himself and I will not encourage him to pay the charity of US$2000 to our youth program but rather donate the money to those who have been over charged for one of his kits or Sam's kits. Please stop turning this Forum into a soap opera there are readers out there that really respect Chris and this blog. Constructive critisism is one thing, but just out right false accusations and slander is not productive it leaves us with doubt and distrust to present anything on this blog.

    It is not professional it is as many people have remarked to me out right amature.

    Mr. Sam and Mr. Confused do you know how many calls we get a day from people who burnt their figures from your kits? Who have asked us to repair and undo the mess you started. Daily we receive countless reports from people who are sick and tired of being scammed and left high and dry with a kit that was not sealed well air presure comes through the window car rattles even when driving at a speed of 20 miles per hour. The interior is so poorly made that to look at it the clients were ashamed to show off the car to even their families. This is the reality and no one is claiming shotty work from us so if you really want to see a car finished to a high standard and quality then I recommend you come down and visit us personally and make a contract with us to build you a replica.

    Here is the thing and this is a promise to anyone that is reading this blog if we don't do the type of quality finish that we promote on our website and videos then I will personally guarantee a full refund, not because I know that I have a list of people ready to buy the product although that is an option but because our word is our honor and if anyone on this blog ever has work done by us we will give you the same promise.

    I say this because I believe in God and I know if I was bearing false witness like Sam and the man claiming to be confused (the coward who will not reveal himself)then God will judge me in the next life and I fear that more than anything else in this life. This is why I want to do the right thing by all people and try to live my life with a clean spirit not a spirit that will be condomned. I want God to look at me in my face and say Tony I found you to be a man of your word and you did what you promised and didn't scam people. I am sorry I had to mention God but seeing this blog is becoming a roller coster of hypocritical and imature behavior I feel like only God can make sense of all of this.

    The sad thing is being raised up an Australian I was raised with the values of the British and I have always respected the British for their values and always believed in a fair go for all men but now I am shocked to see that there are those claim to be British are punching below the belt. Please let us all be gentlemen and show those who are interested in buying a replica that replica builders are not a bunch of thugs that play snooker and get drunk in the bar all day. Lets all show that we can be responsable and that people can trust in us to build products for them.

    bye for now


  185. confused

    TONY are yo a fool?????? read my last comment i am a buyer nothing to do with any friggin kit car company. for the record my name is DARRELL WARREN my email is [email protected] i live in newport beach, california. NOW you know who i am will you send to my email address some work that you have done and i will send you a deposit for a lambo!!! Please forget all your white washing and just show me some evidence as i would love a cheap Lambo. I have responded to your challeege of who i am within 10 minutes of your post, show me the same respect and send me some evidence to my personal email address as quick as you like!!!!!!!!! Back to you from me Darrell who is VERY "confused" with your actions :-)

  186. confused

    Michael the director/camera man in the video is TONY SINCLAIR trust me i know it is as i have spoken to him pleanty of times, it is quite clear they have no finished product to sell FACT.

    Zack in the videos of supereplicas the host fronting the video is Zack!!!!! hence my thoughts.Ok they maybe able to produce products in Panama for less due to cost of living etc……… but the truth is they have not once proved any of there products are real, everything on there website is copied from other sites etc………..If things are so cheap in panama and they are turning out lots of there cars you would think they would hire a local video company to make and edit a good sales video!!!!! as it would not cost much to the cost of living etc.The promo video is done with a handy cam that any one can put together as it is that poor. If any one sends these guys money they must be MAD they have never once physically endorsed there product with evidence. SCAM SCAM SCAM you have all been warned, Can anyone in the world claim to have seen,bought a supereplica? the answer is NO the only people who claim to have are alias,s of Tony sinclair from supereplicas. If i am wrong come and defend your companys dignity Mr Sinclair as i know you read this site you told me personally in a phone call!!!!!!

  187. Michael L.


    I don't think Confused wants to shop elsewhere. As do I.

    I think we both would just like to receive some evidence of work.

    That's all that people are seeming to ask.

    There are legitimate customers such as myself who would like to believe in you. I am still awaiting your customer references that you were going to send me back in January.

    I don't know who Confused is, but I've spoken to you on the phone personally, and am a serious customer. But for any customer, of any product, besides having to fly to Panama, which is not always possible(not just for a money reason), we still would like some proof of concept, and some pictures and references. This really is not too much to ask.

    You have my email and you have my number. Please email me w/references and shop pictures of the fiberglass molds or of the actual products.

    I am not asking, to discredit you at all. I am asking you as a customer who'd like to purchase your product.


  188. Tony Sinclair

    This is what I can do for you seeing you have been so destructive and malicious on this blog. I am willing to suggest you build your replica with someone else not because I don’t want your business but because both of us should have the dignity to pick and choose who we want to work with and buy from.
    Why on earth would you after all you have said and done want us to build a car for you?
    That is seriously confused.
    I am not white washing I am defending our company from people who are sent by the other kit groups to demonize us.
    If you were sincear you would have made an effort to come and visit us and work things out face to face.
    Please don’t give me that I can’t afford a plane trip.
    We have people who are interested in our replicas come from China and Australia. If you can afford to buy an old Diablo for US$100,000 then you can surley benefit from saving over 70,000 dollars on a flight only worth 600 dollars to Panama.

  189. Tony Sinclair

    Look from the begining of your first attempt to rock the boat on this blog you had the ear marks of the influence of other kit groups and sure enough as the old saying goes if if you give them a noose they will hang themselves. Now we see your true colors refering to the kit groups that hate us because of what we are offering. As I said before and this time I will make it clearer if you trust so much in the opinions of those who sent you on this blog why don't you just order an old replica that will cost over US$100,000 from them.

    I was always taught that a scammer was someone that over charged people and took advantage of people with their pretended knowledge but now the kit groups have another interpretation and that is a scammer is someone who charges a fair rate. Our prices are based on reality and our saleries are determined by the location.

    And as you and most of those familiar with the American car industry Mustang and Chyrisler have their plants in Latin America thats why you can buy three Mustangs for the price of a US made replica. The going rate of salary in Latin America is seven dollars a day not US$100 an hour like some of those want on the kit groups forum you refered to.Being a company in Latin America we have access to factories and assemblies plants that produce the original cars.

    This gives us a great advantage over the hobby back yards builders in the US because we are able to produce interiors factory made. Our interiors are made of the same material as the original cars even the machine and die plastic extrusion processes as well as factory made uphostery. We are using some of the most advanced technology in the world for building cars. Changing the subject most of ALL People you mention are just pretending like yourself to be interested in buying a Super Replica but really they are just jumping on the band wagon of attacking us. All said and done their are sincear people that write on those forums that are generally inquiring and we receive those same people with a warm welcome in fact they normally come to us because they realise how much of a farse those who attack Super Replicas are. They tell us that it was evident that those attacking us on kit forums were jealous and trying to discourage people from going to us rather than giving any sound advice. You must understand those forums are designed for the clients they were designed to sell products. It is a conflict of interest their bugus consumer alerts are nothing more than a group of kit builders who want to brain wash everyone to build replicas with them. They are of no real Government Authority though they pretend to be the only ones you can trust nor are they a group of sincear clients disallusioned with kit builders shotty work they are mostly kit builders whose intention it is to try and convince you that you need to pay their outrageous prices.

    We are not fobbing any one off but I will say many kit builders do and will not give their real names addresses or telephone numbers but use bogus names like yourself to try and pretend we can trust you. Please don't talk to me about betrayal because that all you and your buddies are doing wheever we try to show you something. When we tried to present to you that we exsist you and your buddies throw mud in our faces this is why we don't trust you.

  190. confused

    Highguy i am prepared to go there once i have seen any past or present builds. The guy SAM claims to have been but again could be rubbish i do,nt know. All i want is to believe the dream and buy a car……….but in the process protcet myself from losing any money.

  191. confused

    Tony once again you divert from the obvious point EVIDENCE!!!!
    I do tell you who i am as you ask, and now you go on about why don,t i travel over etc which is fine and i am willing to do, yes i can afford a plane trip as mentioned to you via phone call but before i book any flight pay any deposit i feel i am not asking too much by asking YOU to provide me with some form of eveidence etc……..If you have people from australia, china can you provide any evidence of the cars they bought etc….You rant on about old diablo and so but i have no idea what your are on about i am just an ordinary person playing safe with my money and you knock me in many ways for that. why dont you email me as you now have my details????? On this message site and OTHERS all people seem to be asking is are you for real which i find totally resonable. You now clearly dont wont me to buy a car as it is plainly obvious i wont buy without even the smallest piece of evidence, and with supereplicas being around for 30 years they seem to be lacking that very thing everyone is asking little evidence. Tony do you understand where people are coming from regarding the issues that have risen over your cars? I am an average person who feels that you are fobbing me off, if i have got you wrong i will apologize i have no problems with that but you have to play your part. You go on about GOD etc i to am a christian and do remember Jesus was betrayed for 40 pieces of silver…….

  192. confused

    Well said Chris.we are all barking up the same tree regarding supereplicas, it has to come to a point where tony sinclair will argue about anything and everything to stop him showing any evidence he might have, I said in an earlier post that it would be dream to own one, i think supereplicas are living the same dream TONY its time to deliver as the doubters are growing. In my first post i said and i quote:

    can any one please give the answer yes to any of the following:

    Has any one bought from super replicas?

    Has any one been to super replicas workshop?

    Has any one ever seen a super replica car?

    If any one can answer yes to any of these please respond .

    I have not had one YES to any of the questions and i am not sure if i ever will!!! For the record AGAIN i am darrell warrenn not a dealer, not part of a kit car group, not a loony, the list that i am not is endless, basically i am an individual all on my own do you understand TONY stop portraying me as one of the enemy!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE show us some real footage of builds ex cars you have made in fact show us anything that will prove you are a genuine man as the GOD judging you rubbish does not do it for me,GOD wont pay me back if my money goes missing.

    Every one who wants to buy a supereplica and asks for eveidence suddenly becomes a crazy person, tony did you read the definition of scammer? does it sound like someone you know……….take a long look in the mirror

  193. Rover

    I just don't see the point of photoshopping a Lamborghini into the picture of your shop.

    Tony, I think you can understand how peculiar that is to a prospective customer.

    The customer would like to see a true product. Not just a frame.

    To dismiss everyone who doubts you as other vendors..isn't fair and is grossly inaccurate.

    The people I've noticed replying to you are all prospective Customers. Confused and Michael L. seem to have both spoken to you and given you their contact information.

    It's very simple.

    Provide pictures of your builds.

    That's it.

    It has nothing to do with other vendors, etc.

    Just please provide pictures of YOUR builds. There really isn't a solid reason for why you can't do this.

    Very simple.

  194. confused

    Tony your are losing the plot, first you say i,m hiding my id but i give it to you as soon as you ask, then you claim me and my buddies???? what are you talking about read my text i am a SINGLE buyer with NO trade connections etc……. I wil state again for your record if i have made an error i will be the first to stand up and admit it. I like other potentional customers of yours are being quite reosonable in asking for any evidence that your work is genuine, on that note you have not once provided anything hence me being a bit wary, surely you would agree with my feelings. You keep going on about $100k replicas but the truth is i could NOT afford one if i looked but i haven,t the only reason i chase yours was due to it being very cheap. You are well out of order,the fact is you have not at anytime even attempted to provide info for me to put me right and prove me wrong, i do not agree with you being slandered if it is not true but what have you done to stop it? Silence your critics and stop talking a load of old baloney yoyr replies are long winded and every time gone way off the point i and others are trying to get to. tell you what why dont you pay for my airfare and if your product is good as you claim i will pay back the fair plus 20% on top as a gesture of good will………here is the olive branch as this nonsence has to stop . Who in there right mind would NOT want a supercar for $20k…………Come on my friend for the record my name is Darrell Warren, and you can email me personally at [email protected]

  195. confused

    just for the record i am going to quote you:
    (Tony 03/10/08 7.26am )I was always taught that a scammer was someone that over charged people and took advantage of people with their pretended knowledge but now the kit groups have another interpretation and that is a scammer is someone who charges a fair rate. Our prices are based on reality and our saleries are determined by the location.

    This is the real defintion of a scammer via goole search:
    scammer/swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud

  196. Rover

    Here’s a response from a kit forum member.
    I don’t believe that all kit forum members are vendors out to badmouth other vendors. I think us users have the intelligence to divulge who is or isn’t a vendor.

    From NEO:

    For real? I don’t think so…

    Their shop shows nothing but tarpaulin posters of exoctic cars and a chassis build. If you check out the build videos, it’s all collages of still photos, real cars and other people’s build…the Reventon in the paint shop is a real one, the McLaren SLR is the one-off build from a german builder (and it’s not fiberglass but sheet metal), the finished cars in their shops are all photoshop photos of real cars, the list goes on.

    These guys are really going out of their way to give the impression they are legit…even a video of their shop’s location. If they are for real, they would have more ongoing builds in their shop, they wouldn’t use photos of real cars and pass them as their own and should have a list of satisfied customers who bought their kits.

    Just my 2 cents.—NEO

    I also did notice that the lamborghini “sitting” in the shop
    at superrelicas is photoshopped in. ALso the dealership photo’s title is photoshopped as well.

  197. Rover

    I too believe that a builder should be able to show the cars in different stages of the build. That should not be too hard
    of a thing to produce, especially with 30 years of experience.

    The contract on their site says they will send you videos of your build in it’s different stages.

    I would have to think w/the clients they have had in china/africa…they would have footage of those builds.

    I don’t see why this is such a struggle for superreplicas to supply as common knowledge.

    That seems to be all they’re looking for. And for the record. I am not a vendor. My name is Chris Bilter and my I have my email if anyone needs it.

  198. Tony Sinclair

    Oh well what can I say other than God bless you and may you all always find happiness in doing good to others

    bye for now


  199. Rover

    Here’s a replica that’s made here in the US.

    Now supereplicas. I’m not a vendor. I’m not toting this other model to go up against yours. I’m just listing this because I found it on youtube and think it’s a really cool replica.

    All we want to see is a cool one of yours that has video or pictures like this and we’d all be signing up contracts w/you instantly.

    This car is beautiful

  200. highguy

    Darrel i honestly dont think Tony makes replica, im sure hes a scammer, i really really hope you can go to Panama one day and check it out for everybody having doubts….

    rover thats a very nice replica seen that video myself a thousand times, its my dream to own a similar:)

  201. confused

    Tony Sinclair you ARE a FRAUD, again you leave comments that have no bearing on the questions asked. You have never once indicated you can provide evidence to shut these people up you just go on and on about anything except supply potental customers with evidence to fill your order books!!!!!

    TONY SINCLAIR YOU ARE BUSTED FOR WHAST YOU ARE………..scammer/swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud, i wonder how many people sent this man money and are too embarresed to admit it? As there is no one out there that genuinely can say that they have seen/ bought a superelica only alias of TONY have seen/bought .

    Michael he will send you bill of sale you sign bla bla bla send deposit bla bla bla and thats it all based on NO actual evidence. Superelicas is a superscam. human nature is of such where $20k for a copy is so tempting people will take the bait look at us!!! And the fact is some will actually send money…….the FOOLS

  202. confused

    When i first came across this site i was genuinly trying to buy a 20k replica who wouldn,t? I got a bit weary reading other peoples comments….who wouldn,t? I then contacted tony sinclair direct via phone and emails, i then was asking for pictures/videos of builds in these conversations and i was getting fobbed off with security and copyright issues!!!! on there website the disclaimer surley covers these issues and should allow me a customer to recieve material for a product i want to purchase but NO he said. TONY i know you read this site daily as you told me, you also told me it was other kit kar companys behind it, you on here have even accused me of being part of the "other" kit kar company!!!! I was apotenial genuine customer like many others but you have failed to provide what was asked for as you cleaerly DO NOt have any evidence to give. Do you find this after 30 years of so called trading the fact you have no evidence a little bit weird? You have not ONCE tried to put your potential customers minds at ease, Why would you not do that?

    Goodbye Tony (quote): Oh well what can I say other than God bless you and may you all always find happiness in doing good to others,

  203. Rover

    watching them work on engines on the FLOOR

    really did give me the heebeegeebees about

    them being accurate w/a kit car.

    They speak of state of the art equipment.

    I didn't know that the state of the art was on the floor w/a socket wrench and greasy engine.

    I think AMG actually has spotless engines to work on.

  204. confused

    Why am i not suprised with this outcome!!! Its what i knew a long time ago, and the investors they are looking for are obviously the first set of NEW customers from this scam!!!!

  205. Rover

    Also in Tony's post he wrote how he was raised

    by Australian ideals and principles and the "values" of the British. Let's see..the values of the British were to annhilate

    native americans, rape/kill and take their land. Not to mention the falklands etc etc.


    if my history is correct..isn't Australia

    originally where England dropped of their worst

    criminals as a prisoner island?

    Those are the GREAT VALUES of Britain.

    Someone looks through history and values w/rose colored glasses.

    But I'm sure centuries later..that all washes away in the sea of forgetfulness.

    English values is an oxymoron. Like fat free cake.

  206. Jon Michael Bischof

    Confused, and everybody else on this blog,I would imagine by now you would realize cheezy Juan Alvarez, Sack Livingston and Tony Sinclair are nothin but b.s. Since they have been able to come up with nothing anybody requested and further more, we have been put through this heart breaking, tear drawing speech on God an morality in the process by pastor Tony Sinclair. These guys are obvious loosers and those willing to drop their cash on them after knowing this, for “the cat is out of the bag”, are even more so if they do (literally).

    The information I have from the Panamanian government is in no ways extense, profound or incriminating. These are the facts and they are very simple: The address exists, the business is in legal standing. No, they don’t build cars, they fix and tune up cars…mechanical issues, breaks, engine adjustments, no digital wheel alignment, carburations, no fuel injection and from time to time, bodywork but no paint booth or oven. They do intend and would like to at some point give it a shot to start building cars, but need a few investors to do so. They have been around cars for 30 years as they claim, “but” and I emphazise the “but”, as “mere” mechanics and not at that same location. Not a single kit car has left their facilities as informed by their neighbors. The guy from Dominican Republic who built the DDR Mclaren is for real and does kits. These guys don’t. If they are trying to peddle off all these replica’s, they are nothing but a fraud in the works with Holly and God like intentions to screw you out of your money and have you prey to the good lord to redeem their souls once they can retire with enough money from ripping people off . If a mechanic for a tune up is what you are in need of, yes then, these are your guys, but there are better options in Chiriqui to get things done right. As stated by Panamanian authorities: Unless someone commits their money to these people and sues them after the time is up, supporting that suit with a contract which was signed by buyer-seller in the presence of a panamanian notary, which later would have to be validated by the consulate of Panama in your country of origin, you don’t have a case. They cannot be shut down for doing what they do which is mechanics. They cannot be shut down for conspiring to want to build a kit car. They can be called in for questioning for not coming through with a finished product, and if the previous prerequisites are not forth coming, you will be a few grand short on cash. To close this; they are nothing but a car shop, in good legal standing but I repeat…NOT KIT CAR BUILDERS…just neighborhood mechanics Banana republic style…and as I was told, not the best at that either. There are more options for a lube change accross the street from them.

  207. confused

    Rover, steady my friend this is about supereplica and there rep not about British values etc….. i may live in california but i am actually English ;-) And yes we did send prisoners to australia so tony must be the desendent of one of them criminals…. you can take tony out of australia but not the criminal out of tony…..So its back to OZ for you tony as you have been naughty :-)

    Rover where were we!!!!

  208. Michael L.

    Confused. I don't think Rover was offending the British moreso

    I think as you stated, he's just offended by Tony referencing the British as his argument.

    "You can take the criminal out of australia" etc was great!

    And Rover, you're "supereplicas is a replica of a car company"

    that was great!

  209. Tony Sinclair

    hello Jon Micheal Bischop or should I call you Sam the lier or Rover the used car salesman or John falsly pretending to be me and being caught. Look fellows one thing is for sure and that is Super Replicas is a Latin Company they have given franchises to places like the one accross the road that John or Sam or Jon whatever this coward wants us to know him as mentioned. Again turning the story upside down and saying our mechanics work on the floor is a bad thing when most mechanics spend half their life on the floor under cars and working on engines but now according to Rover or Sam a mechanic is a scammer if he works on the floor. Why is it that every time Rover opens his mouth it is only to demonise foreigners with racsist remarks? Look Rover America needs Latins everyday they increase in population in the US to fill the jobs that Rover will not do. Why don't you get off your high horse come down to reality and see that Super Replicas is a Latin Company that can produce better cars than the typical backyard hobby man.

    You can try and sell other kit cars groups till you are blue in the face; but one thing they all lack price, quality and speed these three things means everything in the replica market or car market in general.

    I challenge you Rover Sam Jon or John to build a car and if your car is built better and built in a faster time than than our car Super Replicas will give you a real new Lamborghini LP640 that is a guarantee and that is how sure we are that we can build better and faster cars than yours.And if your not a coward and give your full name and address we will send someone over to visit you and give you the car and present the key in front of the media to you. About Super Replicas we have workshops in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama plus we have suppliers in these Countries we have access to the car industry's engines parts distributors ect ect and the that is not all we produce many things ourselves. Rover why do you bother writing on this if you really don't have all the facts you just want to make rasict comments and condemn the people of the Third world and Australians. Latins are good people, they are humble people, they are people who treat you with resepect and serve you and build your houses and grow your foods and butcher your meat and cloth you and work on your cars and build your roads and bridges without them Americans would suffer economically.

    Jon or Sam or whatever you are I am sorry I mentioned God I didn't realise how much you hated God, I am sorry for trying to encourage respect by using God as a mediator, it just seems like you really are a bunch or one very unreasonable person(s).

    Anyway Super Replicas guarantees a full money back refund if you don't like your product Rover the used car salesman can your buddies the backyarders do the same???? I don't think

    By the way Mr. lier confused the word scammer that you mentioned when you searched on google also means rip off artist and that is a scammer someone who rips off people with outrageous prices for something that is worth far less than what Rover or Sam or Jon is offering. To rip off someone is to deceive someone and to deceive someone is to participate in fraud just like Sam and his buddies Jon, John and Rover or are they the same person what a bunch wolves they are just waiting to make another scam report.

    A fox smells its own smell and these scammers are smelling their own scent. In Spanish there is a famous word used by the Revolutionaries of Latin America Basta Basta Basta enogh is enough ya ya ya.

    Good bye


    Anyway we can go on forever with this debate at the end price and time and quality are the values our clients are seeking for

  210. confused

    Tony you talk a load of rubbish, show us the evidence of your work thats all we want not free lambos….. You talk such trash it is a joke , you rant and rave yet you still can,t provide the eveidence to claer all allegations that you are a Scammer the only thing your clients are seeking is Evidence and you have none as your full of rubbish, your are busted and you know it.

  211. Rover

    ALso guys..Mike Vetter..another kit car manufacturer
    ( I bet TONY SINCLAIR is going to claim I’m one of them now..I’m not…it’s a free country you know..I can call who I wish..but I don’t have to prove I am to someone who can’t prove his own product (again a sad play by Tony to divert the topic)).

    Mike Vedder told me..that to build his replica cars..especially a murc…it would take 1500 hours to complete. Roughly 9 months.
    His replicas are the standard right now and he does great work.

    So supereplicas says they can do even better and do it in 3 months and roughly a 3rd of the price at 20k…


    Even w/scrounging up 20k from everyone around the world..that’s a pretty tough feat…even w/the “cheap” labor Tony has. Even w/forty 12 dollar/hour guys working on the floor of his tune up garage..will be difficult to produce a quality car that’s not photoshopped.

    And yes..he says we engage in “immature behavior”

    I think hiding from requests to show your work, plus
    using God as mental leverage, an empty money back guarantee, and English “values” (haha so laughable)… to go off on another tangent, in a feeble attempt to avoid the inevitable..was the true immature behavior.

    AND to then say “goodbye”…was like a 5 year old.

    This has become so entertaining…it’s ridiculous.

    You had many people for the ride Tony….
    I guess people in China and Africa don’t pay enough for you guys huh? I know the exchange rate is definitely not as good as US dollars.

  212. Rover

    John Michael, Confused, Michael L….

    I finally get the Metaphor that Tony Sinclair was representing.

    Supereplicas…is a REPLICA of a real replica car company!

    I GET IT!

    Oh clever….

    You almost had us there Tony!

  213. confused

    DEBATE!!!!! No Tony a forum questioning your site. You have never once tried to physically prove any allegation against you being wrong. It is painfully obvious to evryone you do NOt have any evidence of cars you have done or doing because you have never done any. All your responces on here are long winded and go off the point of what we are trying to achieve, Can you imagine any new customers of yours coming on here and seeing you squirm out of showing real evidence. The bigger the hole the deeper you lie in it. On your website you have all the USA telephone numbers for sales, franchises etc…… but every number is answered by your latin american wife/girlfriend. There are NO offices in the US just phone numbers re-routed back to Panama, I spoke to the woman who answers and it is the same woman i.e your wife/girfriend who sometimes answers your panama number!!!! If i am wrong please let us know as i have friends in both the citys you claim to have office phone numbers i.e Pennsylvania and New york .

    (see link)

    short answers please no long winded Bull S—

  214. Jon Michael Bischof

    Mr. B.S. Sinclair:
    I think it is pretty obvious to all of us who you are and where you are coming from. All of us who write here are independent people. Maybe since you have had to impersonate Debbi and all those other “happy customers” of your “trash can shop”, you would think we would do the same, but that is not the case. We all love God, pastor, but in a true way, not as part of a fraudulent sales pitch. Reality is you are cooked, you have nothing to prove and the facts are already well known as to who you are, how you operate and how like any child who has a dream you have tried to pursue it. Do that and when you have a car you can show, and sell, you might be taken seriously. At this point, you are just impersonating TONY, have nothing to support your babbling with and continue to jack off your brains by living in your own lie. We aren’t falling for it and the word is out on you big time. As far as I am concerned and have the information to back it up: You are nobody; you have nothing to prove. You created a huge hype around yourself, took other people’s work to pass it on as yours and continue to do so. You have become somebody who nobody would trust with a yard stick because of your lies and false representations. Other than reports from the Panamanian authorities who in fact do state your business is a mechanical shop and not the best at that either, you have nothing to prove and continue believing your own lies. Pathological liar is what they call people like you. Stop calling yourself the king of the super replica world, because there is a huge difference between wanting to be and being. I guess you just haven’t been able to draw th line. Look for some help my friend. “Instituto Panameño de Salud Mental” may be able to help you out here. This here is my last post since I don’t see the point of furthering this whole issue. The facts and your actions or lack of the existence of your actions, have spoken for themselves. Do however be advised that anywhere in the net that you pop up with your plot to scam people, I will make it a point of letting everybody know who you are, what you are up to and advise them to stay waaaaay clear from you. You are one dishonest human being, not a God loving person as you pretend to portray yourself as.
    Since you live in a lie and want to benefit from it at the cost of others, we will not let that happen. Get yourself a life and pay your way to glory. You started on the wrong foot buddy. God Bless you and you accomplices. Remeber…we will all be out there looking for you and seeing your every step of the way like a nightmare. Don’t screw up again because we will come back to haunt you. Basta Basta basta as you say…you have managed to stir up a lot of manure in a few months and we prefer our world clean of Creeps and Scammers like you. By the way, there is another saying in spanish that says: La mierda cae al agua y solita sale a flote. That fits you like a ring in a finger. You are already floating and stink for good, pal. Good luck and try this scam on boat people, maybe they will let you get away with it. We wont. Never.

  215. Rover

    For the record, I wasn’t racist against latin America.
    I was taking a shot at YOU specifically Tony for your
    lies and deceit, and you claiming to be a man of GOD.

    For the record, ALL of us are men of GOD.
    The if we choose to live like one.

    You have shown no evidence of your work.

    Show us your work, and don’t hide behind the excuse that all of us are with another company.

  216. asslikethat

    they had fucking manus, you could see them read up from that paper, hahahahah i cant stop laughing thats so bad acting….

  217. Rover

    Too much to say here. Tony says “whatever” to his potential clients and accuses them of being from other vendors who work in the United States in their backyards. That’s CLASS. Just so he doesn’t have to provide actual CAR FOOTAGE…not more footage of actual supercars, and pictures stolen from other sites mixed in w/more frame shots, and buffing the side of a japanese car..

    Regarding the video:
    1)The girl is much hotter than your two cronies. I hope you pay her well to lie for you. I’ll send you 10 dollars for Livingston to go to an acting class.

    2)You show NOTHING new. The shop has no paint booth,
    no fiberglass room. Not even an upholstery room. Where is all of that gonna take place? How is the paint going to bake?

    You cannot paint/prep cars of that caliber as you promise in an open garage setting as you have there.

    (Have anyone else noticed that Super replicas USES this forum as a Quality Assurance test for their videos and their site? Whatever we criticise or say they lack, they immediately react and try to cover up w/a patch. While STILL not showing
    any real car footage. Watch as the criticisms I mention in this email seem to magically show up in a cover up fashion in their next video. Try being PROactive instead of REactive w/your business Tony.)

    3)Your guys were still sitting on the floor w/the circular saw. That is SO dangerous by the way.
    TONY..have you ever seen video of what a professional garage looks like? I can send that to you if you like.

    4)You show video of a car being buffed but do not show the entire car. It looks like a japanese car to me. Why can’t you show the entire car? What is the point of showing just them buffing a quarter panel?

    You again in your videos avoid showing an actual product. Several shots of your welded frame does not suffice.

    5)The Middle East does NOT want replicas. I do business over there for my own import/export business of goods (and I am NOT in the car business..get it through your head).
    They only want real items and real only. Your business is NOT an opportunity there.

    And regarding GOD(my last comments about God in this ridiculous discussion).

    Whether you claim to really produce these cars or not..
    the entire business of a REPLICA is based on FRAUD..
    It’s not a REAL’s a fraudulent depiction of something else.

    There’s no arguing that.

    The people of the middle east do not like FRAUD.

    And for your reference Tony, man of GOD..

    here’s the King James BIble for you (of the BRITISH) regarding

    Passage 1 Corinthians 7:5:

    5Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

    You are IN the business of FRAUD by definition.
    Whether you want to really provide a replica product or not
    is just a matter of degree.

    Please mature in your God references and your dealings w/adults Tony. And please send video of your actual cars….
    Everything else is wasting time..ESPECIALLY yours

  218. confused

    Tony ther video link you quoted above is much better than any others you have done but what has it proven? Still no builds in progress etc…… a tubular frame being welded and a silver car getting polished means nothing, i do believe you have a dream which will be some one elses nightmare!!!!! Come on Tony that video is just trying to cover the cracks that have appeared for you. Come on man either put up or shut up….Show us some real replicas not a video of a very average back street workshop…. Time to stand up and be counted or fall on your sword…………

  219. TexasGuy72

    From what I can tell after looking at this site (, Tony is a total fraud! The videos feature scenes taken from other websites, and none of them are original. The frame the guy is working on looks like junk, and nothing like the other custom frames pictured. If this company has cutting edge CAD/CAM, why can’t we see his shop? How does he get percise CAD drawings of these cars? I doubt Audi and Ferrari are willing to provide them to anyone.

    The picture of the Reventon under construction, was photoshopped from a guy who was building a Triangle G G28, unless Tony’s garage looks just like the other guy’s garage.

    The pictures of the finished cars look great because they are picture of REAL Lambos, Porsches and Ferraris. The donor cars and custom frame choices are not explained clearly. What transmission is used with the MR2/Ford OHC V8 option? What tranny is used with the custom frames? Where does a guy in Panama get all these Toyota MR2’s?

    Tony’s 360 Modena replica belongs to, a company in Great Britain. BTW – How does Tony get Peugeot 406 Coupe in Panama or Mexico?

    If this company has been around 30 years, as stated in his website, why has no one heard of him until now? Where are the articles in any of the kit cars publications? I guess Tony is shy and doesn’t want any free publicity, or is that scrutiny?

    “A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted!” – Words to live by if you believe this guy and give him some of your hard earned green.

  220. asslikethat

    but i could be funny if someone would take a trip down there and visit the factory and see if they really makes replicas

  221. confused

    TexasGuy72 and asslikethat please read all of the above what you are saying has been said for the last few months!!!! Don,t let Tny Sinclauir wriggle out of this by going back to old questions so just for you two guys i will briefly bring you up to date.
    Tony Sinclair aka is a FRAUD /SCAMMER who has no replicas etc… yes there is a garage where he says but that is just a repair place for old battered cars. Tony is full of Sh-t.
    And that brings you up to date THANKS
    p.s Tony where are Pennsylvania and New york offices i have friends waiting to visit them…… oh yeah i just remembered yor USA contact numbers are re routed back to your panama number that your wife/girlfriend answers!!!!! BUSTED

  222. Jon Michael Bischof

    Please, Are you all going to fall for this new excuse for a SCAM now? As it happens Tony is no longer Tony but has stuck his head out for months and given numbers and received calls, but no longer is authorized and is impersonating "the real supereplica". Esteban is now the good guy and Tony is bad and when Esteban can't produce a car or a video, he too will be someone who stole the identity of supereplicas and be the bad guy. Please guys, you are dealing with grown up people here who have more witt than you could ever dream of having. We are not kids suckling on our fingers and can see straight through you. You can call yourselves what ever you want to, you will still continue to be a FRAUD and a SCAM. You have no car, can't deliver a car and are nohing but B.Sh+t. Clean your souls with pastor Tony and get an honest job where you don't steal from others. Crawl back into your little lube and tire change jobs and quit trying to sell a facade of what you never have been and I can guarantee, never will be. Try something more descent …and keep poor Chepe out of this. He probably doesn't even know what you guys are trying to pull off. Shame on you!!!!

  223. Actually Jon, I believe they were saying that someone was pretending to be Tony by putting his name in the form and posting as if it were him. Looking at the logs, Tony and "Super Replicas" are coming from two different IP addresses, meaning it's probably not the same person.

  224. Rover

    The video just shows them chopping up an old mr2. That just shows they can strip a car.


    How they are going to change that into an enzo is going to be interesting.

    ALso what doesn't make sense is this.

    They are stripping an mr2 for parts.

    Yet the welded together their own tube frame.

    If they have the tube frame custom made…what was would you possibly

    need w/the mr2? I thought the mr2 is only necessary as the donor

    if you DO NOT have a tube chassis…hmmmm.

    You gonna take the gauges and other stuff from the mr2?

    IT doesn't add up.

  225. Rover

    So here's my question…

    IF they are digging up and building their paint room, fabrication room, etc as we speak..

    HOW in the heck are they going to accomplish

    3 month turnarounds for a replica..when they

    are still building their facilities???

    I am interested to see how they can go from a

    basic chop shop video they just posted

    to an actual replica build as well.

    Let's see if we hear from the REAL Tony Sinclair

  226. Rover

    Seriously Jon,

    I think we're all being played in the sense that everytime we find holes in their process..they produce a video IMMEDIATELY afterward trying to cover that hole(albeit a bad job of a cover up too). They're USING us to test their own scam so they can improve it.

    I'm not gonna provide holes in their argument anymore.

    The next video they'll produce is a fake upholstery room, and etc..because it was mentioned in this forum.

    We destroyed TONY…so he had no argument so they ran and got Esteban as an their erase all coverup.

    These guys are sleazier than ever.

  227. Super Replicas

    Public Notice
    To whom it may concern
    Please Note.
    It has come to our attention that certain individuals are falsely pretending to be one of our sales representatives (Tony Sinclair) and one of our clients going by the name of (Sam) on this blog.
    We warn you to please beware of any claiming to be clients and representatives of Super Replicas and ask to forward any questions to our official emails [email protected] or
    [email protected]
    Also if you are having trouble calling Tony Sinclair on the Panama phone number we have for your convenience posted some phone numbers on the website in the contact link
    If you are interested in the building process of a Super Replicas kit car we would like to invite you to watch a series of short programs about the way we build cars on donor and tube chassis. The first issue Part 1 can be found at
    Please note these videos are for free we do not intent to sell them and recommend staying clear of any individual that might want to sell you these series of videos.
    Thank you for your attention
    President of Super Replicas
    CEO Esteban Espinoza

  228. Rover

    So you got if from here Esteban, Livingston, Sinclair..Tanqueray…criminals from Panama.

    Me, Michael L. Confused, Chris, Jon Michael Bishof…

    I can safely say on their behalf…you are NOT wanted on this forum.

    We don't want to hear about any of your videos, comments etc.

    We WILL still continue to watchdog you and make sure no one is swindled out of their money through you…

    SO don't bother writing anymore…you are not wanted, not believed, not respected..and no liked.

    Superreplicas….GO AWAY!!!

  229. Rover

    We’re going to need more than that video Esteban.

    We’ll need the part 2, 3, and 4 and completed video of the ezno project for customers who have been jaded by any “impersonators”

  230. Rover

    I disagree Chris. Jon is right.

    Tony actually HAS responded on this forum.
    There might have been an impersonator, but the real Tony Sinclair has posted. I think Michael L told me that he spoke to Tony in response to Tony replying to him on this forum.

    So this displacement strategy of a “higher up” apologizing and trying negate all of this is even lower than low.

    Also their new video still does not display anything substantial yet.

    All they show is a strip down of an MR2.
    That just shows that they’re used to being a chop shop.

    Let’s see where the fiberglass room is, the upholstery room, the bake room for the paint in that OPEN garage of theirs..

    A circular saw that’s not situated on the floor.

    Let’s see the new wiring and suspension put on that “advanced” spaceframe of theirs that’s welded together.

    Let’s see if they can come up w/all that in their part 2, 3, 4, 5 or so videos of their enzo build..and let’s see them do it w/out cutting to other people’s phtos

  231. Zack

    I think the red car is an old Mitsubishi 3000 gt or the American version : Dodge stealth. I really wanna see the rest of the videos, to see if they can change that into a Replica. Untill then i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. B.t.w. In the background you see two persons digging the floor. Maybe now they are building the paint room?

  232. Jon Michael Bischof

    You have always heard from the real Tony Sinclair, changing IP´s is like rerouting your phone to your mother inlaws for thanksgiving. Do you people not get it? Now that you mentioned the construction they will say they are building a 20 story facility to harbour their millions of franchise reps throughout planet earth and neighborig galaxies. The fact is they are probably plugging tubes to the main street water system so they can flush all their bullsh*t through it and out of their lube change shop so it doesn’t blow up in their faces as this whole SCAM has. I have seen dudes in Harlem strip a car faster and cleaner, but again, what is the point? So they can cut tube, half weld it, strip cars, rip off people…what benefit of the doubt are we talking about? They just came back claiming all that was said by one of them is no longer valid but what new image Esteban says, is now the law. The girl at the phones? Rerouted too by the way, probably is no longer screwing Tony and now sits on Esteban’s lap….and? This is becoming soooo morbid!!!! I am starting to get my kicks out of this circus.

  233. confused – I realize that, I’ve done plenty of it myself. I said that because most people don’t think about it. So far 99.5% of commenters who’ve tried to act like they’re someone else don’t change, cloak, or hide their IP addresses…that’s why I said it’s “probably not the same person.”

  234. confused

    LOL i understand….. to be fair to supereplicas website it is off a good standard and if they are prepared to go such lengths to get our money then changing there IP,s is like as walk in the park!!!!

    Chris great site, and i like the way youy dont interfere with the truth….. I started off on here as a potenial customer of supereplicas and was a little confused hence the name………but my head is mashed with the BS they have come out with…. so i should change my name to nervous breakdon;-)

  235. @confused: Thanks for the kind words. From what I've been reading on here, it's hard to tell what's going on with them. They could be frauds, but they could also just be not-so-good marketers. We don't really know at this point, but if they bring some models they've created into the states (like to an auto show,) they would certainly gain some reputation if the work is as good as they say.

  236. confused

    I have been in regular contact with supereplicas (tony) since December 2007 via email (17) and phone calls (approx 8 ). I have always maitatined i wanted to buy a replica(True) I was getting fobbed off regaring any eveidence etc… i was sent contract to buy and asked to make a payment. I refused to make any payment untill i could inspect a build or view video/photos or even speak to a client of theres, i was alwways fobbed of with copyright issues and clients confidentality….
    On the 23rd Feb i had had enough of there messing about and looked on the web for there work and came across this blog, I can tell you that they DO NOT produce replicas all they wanted to do for me was take my money. Trust me the are SCAMMERS, Does anyone actually believe it was NOT Tony sinclair posting on here? I know fact it was him as he told me in one of our telephnoe calls, he also said it was other kitkar companys posting on here (wrong)!!!!! Trust me if your are new or old to this blog SUPEREPLICAS is a SCAM….do not part with your money

  237. tal

    this tony dude reminds me of of watching only fools and horses. you guys killed him proper. As if we would part with our hard on cash so easy….what a joker

  238. tal

    i meant hard earned. i cant belive there is people out there that would go that far to take our money. i would like a lambo kit but all the good ones i have seen seem to come from abroad and i aint willing to send my cash abroad. i have not been on this blog for a while so if anyone could update me for a decent lambo uk company that has completed cars on offer and shows videos in stages i would be obliged cheers ps confused your a funny guy im still in stitches over your comments

  239. tal

    yeah i hear what your sayin its cool but like you its too pricey for me so when i heard about this company(superreplica) i thought it was xmas early…. what a t*at that was

  240. confused

    i have noticed than ther is a new rover on here but with an extra r on the end!!!! so we have the original rover and now roverr!!!!! I feel something strange in the air!!!!

  241. Roverr

    Will extreme show us his interior?

    I wonder if it will look like this Murcielago replica I bet it does how about you confused wanna place a bet extremes interior will come out like this
    or like the original. Two years planning this yea right was he drunk? did he collect the tubes from the dump yard maybe he has been watching to much step toe and son dirty old tube

  242. confused

    Roverr please expalin the out burst about this company at least they show a build and all you want to do is put them down, this is about supereplicas not the english company…… ROVERR you seem very fishy to me first you try to impersinate the original rover, then you take the heat away from supereplicas and pass it to a comapny that show prices, photos etc…………… Why would any one want to do this? Roverr what name have you used on here before? Any one else like a guess as to who roverr might be….the jury is out on this one

  243. Roverr

    take it easy my friend I am like you I am only wanting the truth. If extreme wants to take my money for a car that he pretends to claim to be the same as the original in some scumminy little workshop then I want to see the real thing not photos of some old junky car with a tube chassis a child could bend. Please don't give Super Replicas an excuse to acuse you of being in favor of another kit group. If we are only looking for a kit group to build our replicas then let us be united with the same equal judgment so we show no room for bias discrimination. Don't attack the messenger attack the work if it is bogus and not worth it. Confused stick to the issue why won't extreme show us his interior???? there are plenty of kit groups slapping Murcielagos fiberglass bodies together claiming the samething it was from the original but always the quality is shabby extreme doesn't show anything different

  244. confused

    Roverr i believe extreme only sell the kit so how can they show you pictures of the inside you mad man? Roverr dont come on here and after 5 mins lecture me about good/ bad companys etc i,ve had a nightmare with supereplicas starting back in November, The english company extreme was only used as a quick referance as they actually had photos and and thats what we were on about photos/ video etc……. Why don,t you ring them before you knock them as thats what i did with….. I could not build a exterme car as it would cost too much and i certainly dont have the skill to build one. When you say stick to the issue about extreme not showing the interior all i can say is when was that an issue? Look at all the messages in this forum and you will see real issues that have been going on for a while not what you created in the last 5 mins…. you my friend seem very suspect to me, why would you choose the name Roverr when it is already in use? it seems you were hoping to pass yourself as the original rover who had some vaild points where as yours are friggin well off the real subject…… Supereplicas promised the works and if you look at ther workshop and proof(i.e non) it makes extremes workshop and build look like the friggin rolls royce factory in england………..Man you are suss

  245. Roverr

    What f..k are you on about Confused I am a Rover fan my father has only bought Rovers I can't use the same name anyway look how many Johns there are!!!!! people repeat all the time. I don't give a f..k about Rover I want to say what I can see and that is the issue about Extreme's prices are too high for a cheap tube chassis kit on a wrecked donor car that he claims took two years to get right. I am sorry I didn't realize the interior wasn't included damm for the price he was asking I thought that was included as well.

    As I said before don't give Super Replicas an excuse to say you favor another kit car group. This is about the kit for sale that you showed and that everyone has been heart breaking waiting for to see for so long and now it is unveiled it is a cheap copy.

    I am really disappointed I was expecting something far better from all the hype about this Extreme Murcielago kit but anyway my bubble has been popped and I am not going to give my hard earned money to this unprofessional kit builder now even if he has a cool website.

  246. confused

    Roverr i think i get it now…. Your a replica of rover whilst the Tony sinclair on here was a replica of er….Tony Sinclair, Riover cars went bust and was bought by the chinese which is now turning out er………rover replicas, my god the world is going mad!!!! I can not afford an extreme kit but they seem the only company with true kits/cars that can be viewed or bought. I have just found a libary of there lambo build on you tube the very top of this forum stared about with a yellow picture of a ferrari copy… Yss an extreme. I stste for the record i am NOT nothing to do with exterme , I can NOT afford one of there kits or kars, Supereplicas are scammers with no product and extreme are expensive with a product…….I know who i,d go with if i had ebough money. ROVERR you slag of a firm with a product in your opnion you say rubbish, expensive etc…………. Can you please give your opinion on the builds and kits from as i and others await your expert responce……I await with a smile on my face …..

  247. Roverr

    This now draws to another question confused if you can't afford a kit at all and if you had the money you would buy one from extreme then why are you on here at all?

    Why don't you give only serious buyers of kits a go to really see what they want instead of being the clonnies with your other bum chums waisting everyones time slagging a car building company that you really have no intention to visit or purchase a car from. give it up and shoot your spam somewhere else I just want to buy a good kit I have the cash and I am seriously considering buying a kit from extreme but now after you showing me his website damm I am really disappointed with what you showed and I am having second thoughts now

  248. confused

    ROVERR so your a serious buyer, take up extremes issues them, If you were going to buy a kit of them surely you would have visited ther website before i told you? for the record Tony Sinclair was not Tony Sinclair it was an imposter the CEO told us !!!!!!!Just like you are an imposter of the real Rover who had good points on here unlike the imposter called Roverr………. You obviously are whacked out of your skull as i could afford $20k for a supereplicas at the start as that was supposidly for the whole car you nutter. Read all previous posts properly before you go on any further………. Me and my "bum chums" as you put it have took time to conatct supereplicas so do us a favor and take the same route as Tony Sinclair…….. see Ya woundn,t want to be ya……

  249. Roverr

    I don't understand you confused you and your bum chums what have you got to do here other than slagging something you know nothing about and promoting extreme kits that is just spam spam spam. I you accuse me of being crazy for what? reading all your spam slagging on this blog stop attacking sincear buyers and convincing them to buy from extreme we can make up our own minds we don't need you to try and someone elses kit. Whats he paying you how much commission to call serious buyers crazy for not wanting to buy off your bumchums company.

    Don't give me that crap that you wanted to buy a kit from Super Replicas because you said you don't have anymoney. the only money you have is what your buddies pay you for flogging extreme kits.

    don't call me crazy your manipulation doesn't on me prick

  250. confused

    What a plonker………….What an Imposter……………

    What a fool……………. why did i contcat superplicas in Novemember to buy a car and wait till feruary to come on here you fool. If i was working for extreme you idiot i wouldn,t be saying there too expensive you rsole. You are quiote cleary one of the supereplicas bum chums as you put it…….I,m sure when others who have posted on here read what you have written that they will respond to you with there own views. You quite clearly are full of Bull S**T . I couldn,t give a toss about the likes of you,supereplicas or extreme as fas as selling there product in fact i may use the money have tio get a new ROVErR as the roverr i am talking to, is well worn out with high mileage and in fact just like the real rover a laughing stock and a pile of shite!!!! You are quite clearlybeing paid by Tony the pastor or at least you should be….NOW go away and you silly little english boy. x x x

  251. confused

    *in the text above i mean the real rover motor car company is a laughing stock and NOT rover who posts on here.

    But everything i said about the imposter ROVERR still stands

  252. Rover

    Um…somebody's on here trying to be me?

    Confused..roverR is not me.

    You know who I am already.

    This roverR guy sounds a LOT like mr. Sinclair… Let's check the IP

  253. Rover

    Confused…Tony Sinclair a.k.a. Esteban..aka roverR

    is pathetic.

    Because I destroyed him and told him to go away..he takes on different personas as Esteban and now me..

    This 50 something year old guys is like a 5 year old.


    If you see my postings that somehow are negative to's dumbass TONY.

  254. Rover

    Notice how roverR has the same IP and also notice that

    roverR also seems to still give indirect "SUPPORT" to superreplicas.

    Tony you are a classless third world australian punk criminal.

    Not worth a cent. Neither is your two bit slut gf, and your two flunkies.

    Get a a REAL life instead of trying to steal from others.

    Your shop is garbage. It's dirty, dingy, and it's a joke.

    YOU are the biggest joke and laughing stock all over the internet.

    Please just take your old man tail and run.

  255. Roverr

    I agree with Michael L. about kit cars built like extreme and…..d_id=17176

    Hey guys. All you exoticmotorcars fans. Take a look at THIS car.
    I think I like superreplicas more and more after looking at this car made by exotic. This car doesn\’t seem to want to be a diablo or a murcielago. It\’s like a franken hybrid of the two. Quite scarey.
    Extreme is even more of joke check out that really thin tube chassis it looks like it will fall off the car. Thats not safe at all and for the price verrry scarey.

  256. Roverr

    Hey confused do think Super Rerplicas can build better Enzo Ferraris than this one
    he is a new guy called superman I think thats really funny he wants 16000. It looks like a heap of junk
    “RARE Ferrari Enzo replica. 1986 Fiero base. V6 automatic. Digital dash. Interior is black with red/grey seats. This car has too many upgrades to list them all. The car is a real headturner. It drives great. Turn key car. $16k.” (706) 761-3924 [email protected] -Joe.

  257. Roverr

    I agree with tal 100 percent
    i meant hard earned. i cant belive there is people out there that would go that far to take our money.

    I don’t want extreme taking my hard earned money from me if I can get a Murcielago kit half the price.
    what a joke I am in stitches too

  258. Roverr

    Confused you are making me confused with what you are saying I just noticed you recently made the comment on this blog
    I cant be bothered to write about these idiots anymore CEO Esteban Espinoza ie TONY –.F**k OFF

    So why do you bother trying to trick Super Replicas again to bring you references of their work. Give it up you made Tony feel like a piece of sh..t already you did what you wanted so let it go lets now look at what you showed us about another kit builder “extreme” is in question here this time and lets follow the same method of approach and judge this work like any other kits mentioned on this blog up the top.
    And just another thing you plan to corner Tony in the corner to provide you referrences isn’t going to work remember he said how can they trust you when all you do is throw mud in their face. About extremes backyard workshop it isn’t a company that has over fifteen plants in different countries like Super Replicas according to what they say so why are you trying to compare a backyard operation with a company???? there is no comparison.

  259. Superfraud


    These guy's are a scam, they can't produce a photo, so lets just end it. If they were legit, they would just love to show off their product so they can sell more.

  260. confused

    Rover i knew it was him, in my 1st responce to him i write about Roverr saying "somthing strange is in the air"

    And in my 2nd responce if you read i actually say "any guesess to who Roverr might be"? As i was implying it Tony!!!!! I was just winding him up seeing if i could get him to bite!!!! I half expect someone else to come on ghere using a wrong spelling of the name confused just like they did with Roverr…..

  261. Christian

    Here are some true facts that you all should know what I have found out about Super Replicas and the people writing on this blog.

    Fact number one

    Super Replicas is not a tire changing garage they do however have suppliers that make replicas rims ie.the Reventon rims

    Second Fact

    Super Replicas is not a dream of some young guy called Tony Sinclair. The company Super Replicas is owned by a board of directors and these CEOs are mostly Lawyers from Mexico and Panama.

    Third Fact

    Super Replicas is a registered car builder not a mechanical or tune or wheel alignment garage.The false information given by the pretended Jon Michael was to deceive people only.

    Forth Fact

    The comment made by Jon Micheal "The guy from Dominican Republic who built the DDR Mclaren is for real and does kits" is also a lie.

    The guy from Dominican Republic is not a skilled worker at all his name is Nick and he is a profession staff member of Super Replicas. He has never worked on kit cars he only pushes a pen in his office.

    Fifth Fact

    Super Replicas has facilities in Mexico on the border of the USA and in Oaxaca. In Panama Super Replicas has a Franchise and contracted engine builders in two seperate locations.

    Super Replicas has spray booths (plural) and they are not located on the same site as the tube chassis assembly site.

    Rover was lieing when he said that the site where Super Replicas builds tube chassis's is also where they spray cars or where they will build a spray booth.

    Super Replicas will never build a spray booth at that location.

    Sixth Fact

    I did ask about Mr. Confused if he has ever received a contract from Super Replicas and the administration office told me that they have no one by the name of Darrell Warren from New Port Beach California registered as a client or given a Super Replicas contract.

    This alone stands as sound evidence that the suspect posing as a client of Super Replicas going by the pretended name of Darrell Warren (MR. Confused) is a lier and fraud.

    Seventh Fact

    Both Zach and Roverr are two seperate people and both have made that known on this blog.

    Zach is not Zach Livingston of Super Replicas he is from the Netherlands Antilles.

    And Roverr is a seperate individual from Rover who is also pretending to be someone he is not.

    Roverr has also made it very clear that he is in no way associated with Rover and he made sure to show the distinction by adding an extra r.

    In my opinion I would suggest to take all these pretended peoples comments with a grain of salt and find out for yourself like I did by visiting Super replicas in Panama or by contacting Super Replicas direct you will get much more help and information by going direct to the horse's mouth.

    I really don't believe confused, rover or Jon Michael had any intention of buying a car from Super Replicas.

    I think they are just trying to slag the company to get people to go to other kit groups.

    Reading Rover's comments about the videos of Super Replicas makes one believe he wouldn't be convinced even if he was standing on the Super Replicas assembly line.

    I beleive he has a personal or group agenda to slag Super Replicas.

    I am not taking anysides like confused, rover or jon michael I just want the truth and investigated it and found these three stooges are lieing.

    What I am not sure about is their motives.

    If they are doing it for another kit group or for personal reasons its hard to say. Although the fact that both Rover and Confused keep referring to other kit groups makes me suspect they do have a conflict of interest.

    Lets see how these charactors attack me I am sure they have alot to say and will try and turn this information around, but one thing is for sure Confused has been caught out on his little scam to pretend he has a contract from Super Replicas as Darrell Warren from New Port California.

    Best way to prove this man is a lier is to ask him to show us his contract with the information he stated on this blog.

    If he won't that should be enough evidence that he is a fraud.

  262. confused

    Hello Christian where have you come from? Well were all liars are we? I wdo have a contrcat to show as evidence you fruit cake where do you want it sending to….. You were not expecting that were you!!!!! I will prove you wrong and verything else you have said as lies!!!! If supereplicas has so many locations odf assembly why dont they PROVE that to us!!!! Its easy to come on here and call us liars etc but i have no loyaltysties to any kit kar company, i recieve NO money from any kit kar companys…… In fact here is a little FACT Mr Tony Sincalir always mis-spelt the worl lier ie liar just like YOU….. So TNOY HOW ARE YOU TODAY or do we call you Christian!!!! It is you TONY and i know it as your responce above is long winded as usual and as always defending supereplicas yet slagging of the real truth…..Tony aka Christian where do you want my copy off my contract sending to???? In fact does any one else want a copy to see!!!! i have NO problems with this offer. But here is the olive branch Christian (aka TONY)you know so much about supereplicas surely you can back up you claims with eveidence of there spray booths with replicas in them, there engine shop with replicas getting engines fitted and so on. The fact of all this coming and going from different names on here is supereplicas have done NOTHING to prove these allegations wrong with actual evidence….,. Any way who wants a copy of my contract please leave you email address and i will HAPPILY send you a copy

  263. tal

    all i read is everybody slagging each other off. it was funny at first but its starting to do my head in. all i want is a decent kit and to buy from somebody i can trust. thats why i came on here in the first place. it seems to be a case of (who done it or who is it).is there anybody sincere out there.

  264. tal

    confused surely if these guys(superreplicas) are fraudsters we should be able to stop them from trading or is it a longshot.

  265. confused

    I dont care if they trade thats up to them….. I just dont want ordinary people like myself being scammed i think thts fair enough….. As for you getting a good kit i have no idea where you will get one!!! Surely if i was working for a company as accused of so many times on here i would be able to help you!!! Do you want a copy of my supereplicas bill of sale etc…….as i do have one !!!!LOL

  266. Rover

    Dude..Christian is full of shit too. OMG..these personas are all associated with supereplicas. This is all TONY..

    Confused. Tony is ILLITERATE. He can't even keep track of his comments

    The "Christian" guy (get the pun? How Tony talked about God… have no creativity're a bonafide idiot.) Is actually Tony doing another persona to respond w/out trying to look like the ASS he already is.

    His comments that I wrote about the spray booth and stuff are so stupid.

    I us WHERE your spray booth WHERE your fiberglass room is. And in their VERY OWN VIDEO..the DECLARED the fiberglass room was in that facility…yet they never showed it.

    Tony can't even get his own story right.

    COnfused..notice how Christian, Estebasn, RoverR…all keep defending supereplicas?

    Tony you are full of shit…

  267. confused

    I am going to quote Christian " I did ask about Mr. Confused if he has ever received a contract from Super Replicas and the administration office told me that they have no one by the name of Darrell Warren from New Port Beach California registered as a client or given a Super Replicas contract"

    Please let me know who told you this so i call them.

    How can they tell you confidential information(unless your Tony)

    And you go on about all these facts etc….. please tell me where i too can find out these facts you go on about and i will check myself as all attempts for me to find any info so far has failed, maybe you hold the key to answer so many unanswered questions

    can you supply a name and office of one of the lawyers who own the comapny so i can call them and check them out with local commerece? Surely if lawyers are involved in a 100% legit company this request should be fine . Answers please christian(tony)

    Remember what i said about tony spelling lier(liar) and now christian does it the same way i.e the wrong spelling VERY VERY suspect to me….

    Can any one smell somthing funny in the air……….BS

  268. Christain

    Actually I was expecting you would pretend you have a contract with the name of darrell warren of new port california just to try and prove you are legit.

    One thing is for sure Super Replicas administration is not going to lie about a contract made in your bogus name darrell warren of new port california because when I visited they opened the files and showed me on their screen the list of names starting with d or with w and there was no trace of that bogus name.

    However you do insist this is interesting!

    Why don't you send a copy to Super Replicas?

    I have a personal contact there now I would love to see how you prove this one.

    It is most likely you may have a contract under another name.

    I am sure you pretended to be someone else if you have a super replicas contract at all that is.

    If anyone does receive a copy of this darrell warren from new port california you should send a copy to super replicas because i am sure if this person has changed the name on the contract pretending to be darrell warren they will be presenting this to the police for criminal charges of fraud against mr.confused.

    I thought you were going to accuse me of being Tony Sinclair's lover not sinclair himself well thats funny.

  269. Christain

    the only thing funny in the air is you lieing so much and slandering super replicas without any facts or visiting them in person.

    Rover you are a real tool dude!

    You go on about super replicas market research on this blog and your the judge for them and they change their videos on your opinions.

  270. confused

    You chheky fcuker!!! You know i have a contract and now you say i change the name!!!! is that all you have to get out of me providing it to every one, And as for pretending to call the police over me your having a laugh, you doing replicas and claim you can,t show pictures for fear of copyright etc…… And if i had changed the name on my contrcat as i claim surley that would mean i have replica contract!!!!!! You idiot lie down for good…..

    Ok who is your contact at SUPEREPLICAS?

    Why were you there?

    And then you say why dont i send evidence to supereplicas!!!!! You fcukin idiot thats the very thing you have been unabkle to produce EVIDENCE then you try and turn it on me!!!!

    Does the CEO know you LOL……..oh yeah you are the Ceo,tony,roverr,christian… you have a split personality….

    Christian send me your email so i can show you my contract…then you can give it to yourself as you are the contact, beacause you are TONY the scammer and we know you are

  271. Christain

    Rover my name is Christian I meet Tony Sinclair and he is not a Christian.

    I think he is Muslim or a Jew he mentioned something about that however I'm not sure don't quote me on that

  272. Christain

    In my visit so far I met people from California and of Wales. I am here for another week I am making a contract for a car and if you must know I want a Gallardo.

    As I suspected you were lieing all along confused you are pretending to be someone your not and you admitted it.

    You don't have a contract with darrell warren from new port at all.

  273. confused

    Christian you idiot send me your email on here and i will send you the copy, can you do me a favour? take some pictures whilst your there and post them for us all to see as i assume you went there to see there work before you buy etc…. as contracts can be done via email as i have one you idiot.Lets see the BS you come back regaring the evidence issue again as you are TONY and supereplicas are scammers..PROVE ME WRONG

    Tal: copy sent to you as requested

  274. maximo

    Hi, I have two replicas for sale, anyone has interest on them???

    I show the cars, I´m a private seller, not a kit builder, you come to visit, you see the car, you drive the car, you pay the car, YOU HAVE THE CAR!!!

    One of them is for sale in EBAY, is a 360 spyder on Toyota MR2:;…
    The other one is a replica of the 430

    Both cars are mounted on Toyota MR2 new model, the 360 is year 2.002 and has 41.000km. on it; the 430 is year 2.000 and has 43.000km. on it. Both of them weight 1.050 kg. and have 160 hp., so they move and drive very good. Also have to offer a kompressor that can push the engine till 350 hp!!!

    360 spyder specifications:

    -Original pieces from Ferrari 360: head lights, rear lights, side mirrors, full exhaust system.

    -Full suspension kit from KW SUSPENSION.

    -Interior of the car covered with leather including dashboard and doors panels.

    -Backet seats in leather.

    -Rims in 19'.

    -Soft top transformed to look like the original.

    -High quality painting.

    430 spyder specifications:

    -Original pieces from Ferrari 430: head lights, rear lights, side mirrors, backet seats in leather, rims in 19', all of this items are from Ferrari 430 originals.

    -Full suspension kit from KW SUSPENSION.

    -Full exhaust system from REMUS EXHAUST SYSTEMS.

    -Soft top transformed to look like the original.

    -High quality painting.

    If you are tired of so much talking and you really want a turnkey…, I have them!!!, ain´t you tired of so much talking???

    Kindly regards, and hope I get in touch with nice customers for my cars!!!

  275. confused

    AT LAST a seller with real replicars to sell GOOD LUCK my friend

    Christain send me your telephone number of where your staying, or mobile number and i will call you regarding my contract, feel free to email me your number or post it on here.

  276. tal

    nice one for that confused just recieved the e-mail regarding the bill and its clearly in your name and the price is quoted. so whats your arguement christian. what i dont get is everytime confused makes a valid point(in my eyes) a new name springs up on here

  277. Christain

    I love the color! Is the chassis cut to the right measurements?

    The front has something stuck on it what is that?

  278. confused

    Christian are you for real don,t distort what i asked for caome on answers to my questions, Are you jealous that someone has provided real evidence with the ebay kit kar for sale.

    Come on send me your Panama phone number for me to call, show us some pictures of the car you have bought………Here we go with some more BS whitewash exscuse

  279. maximo

    No, the chassis ain´t cut, you have to do that on the 360 made on Peugeot 406.

    The 360 actually doesn´t have that thing stuck in the front, I tried to see how it looks but I took it off.

  280. confused

    maximo as ou seem new here and GENUINE let me bring you up to date:

    Christian,Roverr,Tony Siclair and Super replicas on this blog are all the same person ….They will now bad mouth your product WHY? beacuse you have a product to sell…..

    Lets see what christian has bought…. by the way christian i,m still waiting for the phone number to call you regarding my REAL supereplicas contract not a FAKE LIKE YOU…. :-)

  281. Alan

    Guys, you realise that maximo = Sergio, right? (see earlier in the thread).

    maximo/sergio – I'm assuming those are the same cars you had in May last year?

  282. confused

    Look now christian has disapeared we will in the next day or so have someone "new" on the blog telling us were all wrong and supereplicas is great and they have been there and ordered cars etc…… Just for the record any old names on here or any new names if you praise supereplicas then please back it up with evidence. Everyone on here knows what is really happening as any valid points are ignored just like any one with connections to supereplicas has always done!!!! Now were led to believe supereplicas is owned someway by a lawyer, at least he can represent them when the fraud charges land on them!!!! SUPEREPLICAS = SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS and now Christian joins the list of supereplicas Bull Shi*ters. bla bla bla

  283. Michael L.

    All these supereplicas cronies are pathetic. The worst part Confused is how they can't keep their stories straight.

    They themselves claimed in their video have an area in their workshop that has fiberglass. YET they never show it on video. Then illiterate Christian can't even understand that.

    Also Christian claims that Sinclair is not Christian. YET Sinclair himself claims he was in this thread.

    Get your stories straight supereplicas.

    I'm too advanced for you you. I'm 3-4 levels above you in critical thinking so don't even try to follow me.

    Confused and I are onto you and you guys look like 5 year old kids.

    We're told you to go away. That didn't just mean Sinclair.

    That means ALL of your past, present and future personas that are somehow in support of supereplicas.

    GO AWAY you third world thugs. You guys are cirminals, and very bad ones at that. Stop asking for addresses so you can harass people.

    You'll get me.

  284. Michael L.

    I can't believe that you guys tried to impersonat Rover too

    Maximo, Rover, Confused, and Jon Michael are the only people i trust on here.

  285. maximo

    Hey guys, I´m not Sergio, I have the cars that he used to own for sale. Both cars are real, and I´m not going to start the play saying if I´m or I´m not, nobody matters about that, I just want to sell to good replicas, I don´t want to get anybody money, I just want to sell, like I told, you can to visit, you see and drive the cars, you pay for them, you get papers with homologation and you get a beautiful car…that´s it!!! easy…, transparent…, come on guys!!!…anybody wants an amazing replica??? come visit and buy them!!! Regards guys

  286. confused

    The likes of christian, roverr and any or clonies from supereplicas are only on here to unsettle the good guys trying who have exposed supereplicas as scammers, They new alias of superreplicas that will shartly appear (again) will always tell us how bad we are and how good supereplicas are etc….complete and utter BULL S**T this is just there way of trying to distort the "BUST" of there scam that we have done on here, I have been called all the things under the sun by them all because i ask for evidence!!!!! Now the CEO from supereplicas has posted on here (or is he also a fake) surely him and his lawyer parteners would be happy to provide us with evidence. The truth is very easy to see, There is no end product FACT, Tony Sinlair has posted on here FACT, Supereplicas are scammers FACT. there are to many facts to list FACT. I am not sure what kind of people they usually deal with but i am so far ahead of there poxy mind games that it is embarassing, Supereplicas and any alias of theres do yourself a favor and go away, as any one reading this blog are now starting to cringe with embarresment for you as you have the mental ability of a baby trying to get out of it. BLA BLA BLA…….You will never get out of this so stop digging a deeper hole you fools…..

  287. Rover

    I'm with Michael L, and with Confused on this one.

    Supereplicas, Christian, Esteban, etc etc…just LEAVE THE FORUM.

    You are not WANTED. NO ONE wants your products or your bull shit.

  288. Jon Michael Bischof

    Rover…I agree with you on the bullshit, but What product????? These guys are so full of it, it is unbelievable! I am jacking off from all this excitement…Jajajaja. I busted them in Panama and let it out in the open that they were a facade and nothing but a dinky lube change, tire wanker mom and pop shit shop. Now Christian comes along and as with every other pseudo who appears trying to save face for the previous clown trying to pull his FRAUD off, not without previously trying to defend or trash the previous impersonator, but end result is that there are "still no photo's"…about Oaxaca and the U.S Border. How about putting a map on your site to those facilities too? It would be great to drop by and prove how they build the motor in Panama, the chassis in Oaxaca, the windows are later installed in North Mexico next to the border, then shipped back to Panama where the wheels are tightened and lubed, so that the car can be sent to Italy on Virgin Atlantic and get painted in Maranello, of course, in the Ferrari paintshop (it figures, how could I not see that in the press pictures of Esteban next to the Ferrari Enzo in Italy. ) All for 20 grand!!!. I get it!!!! Superreplica's and the Mexican attorneys bought Ferrari and are now off to the middle east to sell cheaper versions to oil people so they can declare a loss taxwise and that is how they can produce so cheap. With this, they convince the people of Dubai that they can make a better car on the floor, much better than on a production line or in the original factory, but for much less. The arabs then lend them the money to buy Lamborghini and every exotic company in the world and produce the cheaper version of the expensive one for tax write off purposes and make these investor gentlemen millions in the process. Next they will probably be off to Mars to open an outer space afilliate and then next, a branch in Uranus will follow..jajaja!!!!! Mexican attorneys????? Names and phone numbers please to check up on them?…oh that's right, that info is confidential. Seriously people, I can't believe this thing here is still going. Friendly advise…just write to automobili lamborghini and Ferrari and send them the link. Their consumer affairs department will get a kick out of this. They will laugh 'till they burst!!!! YouTube can also be informed and be advised of their possible complicity and implications in helping these people carry out a SCAM through their media. Copyright infringement galore on the use of proprietary material by these SCUMBAGS also, but the owners need to file to get them nailed. Their arse is ours people!!!!! Dead beats wherever they popup, these guys are finished!!! Best advise possible, send everybody you know a link to this blog, inform every kit car, car fan, or blog of their existance and do let them know that they are up to no good. I mean, who knows, maybe somebody might think they are a legit, for real, honest business and let loose of some cash!!! That would be stupid.

  289. Rover

    Sinclair is an uneducated third world australian outcast thug who takes advantage of the indigenous hard working people in Panama.

    Your lies are pedestrian and your excuses are for 5 year olds.

    To come on as different people on this forum is incredibly juvenile, classless and devoid of any mature intelligence.

    It's inane, and of the lowest form of humanity to carry on w/such fraud.

    Supereplicas. GO AWAY. We don't care about anything you have to say. We're going to blast you all over the internet as Jon Michael Bishoff said. Your days on youtube are numbered.

    Let us talk about REAL companies and you can go about your lie somewhere else.

  290. Zack

    Still no video #2

    The company i work for do business with the Chinese. I think i'll ask them if they can clone a Lambo. If the Chinese can clone BMW's (Brilliant), maybe the could do Lambo's also. What do you think about that guy's? Lol.

  291. confused

    It seems very quiet on here, Maybe supereplicas have decided to lie down……… I therfore will be going to bed for alie down as i have earnt a well deserved rest…. I will only awake if the "monsters" return, i will be watching in my dreams!!!!

    Jon Michael Bischof, Rover and Michael L it seems that between us we may have stopped some people being scammed, guys job well done…….. I,m off now for my rest but remember supereplicas i am no longer confused!!!! I am now 100% right!!!

  292. Jon Michael Bischof

    Confused, Don't sing "victory" with these guys. They will be back and they will try and pull this SCAM off elsewhere. What one needs to do is be prepared and ready for when they do show up. We all need to act quickly in striking back! My best advise is to inform all the other forums and Youtube about these CREEPS and keep the subject alive. When they stick their heads out of the ground, we are ready to slice it and behead them… It's called playing offensive with the defensive on the side line ready to kick some arse!

  293. Rover

    I agree w/Jon Michael. We have a lot to do to catch these guys.

    Also Confused..we have lots to talk about still.

    There's jvdcustomdesigns in the Los Angeles area..and I'd like to discuss w/you guys about their work.

    His price is more 50k..but his work is for all to see on youtube and he's got a number and his place is accessible.

    I'm long gone past supereplicas.

  294. Rover

    My last point on supereplicas

    1)Videos – They display a disgusting oil/lube garage w/old equipment, circular saws on the floor, and open air conditions.

    Where is the paint room? Where is the fiberglass room for the bodies? Where is the suspension, upholstery, wheel/tires dept? Electronics?

    NONE of that was shown. All they did was splice videos of other people's facilities to try and fool people. In addition in their VERY OWN video..they mention that an area of their lube shop in Panama was the "fiberglass area". Yet they never show any fiberglass work.

    ALL they show in these videos are 2 terrible acting guys reading off of a script, a couple workers welding a frame together that doesn't do anything, a couple of guys stripping a car, and a couple guys buffing the quarterpanel of a car.

    What does that prove??

    When I pointed that out, "CHRISTIAN" says something completely inane, and claims that upholstery and FIBERGLASS are done in their facilities in Mexico, etc.

    Ummm…then WHY in their actual video do they claim to have a fiberglass department?


    NOT ONE SINGLE CAR shows up in the video.

    They have a still photo of a lamborghini in the garage of their oil/lube place in Panama. Yet that car is PHOTOSHOPPED in.

    IF they were to have these other plants, the cost of working across borders w/those parts would far exceed a profitable target of 20 thousand dollars per car.

    In addition, Tony Sinclair has been contacted by Confused AND Michael L. for pictures of their actual cars and references for their clientele and NEITHER has received anything. THey both have receipts and proof of contact.

    Supereplicas has NO PROOF – STEALS IMAGES/VIDEOS – LIES ABOUT THEIR FACILITIES and CAPABILITIES and continues to produce deceptive information about their business (NOT TO MENTION THE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL THEY COPY).

    So what was their response????

    They tried displacement of blame as a tactic…(accusing those against them of being vendors)

    It didn't work. They were still cornered w/not being able to produce evidence of their own work.

    Then they tried hierarchical displacement. Suddenly Tony alledgedly is not posting, and Esteben is now talking. Then Esteban goes away and Christian is now this "random" guy who continues the support of supereplicas and tries to bash Rover, Confused and Jon Michael as much as Tony did.

    Funny how that worked.

    WE then called Christian, AND Esteban on their lies

    and told them to go away and they have.

    But as Jon Michael said…they'll be back.

    So the conlusion is this:


    Tony Sinclair is a lying third world thug who takes advantage of hardworking people in Panama and thinks nothing of stealing from others across the world.

    He's the worst example of Australian/English values. He lied and displaced around proving his business and ran when he got caught.

    If he runs when he gets caught from just an online forum, imagine how far he'll run w/your money…

    That's my last thought on them.

    I'd like to move on to some other companies in the states that show promise and wanted to talk to Jon Michael and Confused about….

  295. confused

    Like i said i,m only resting!!! Not once did i say i was not reading or responding….maybei was seeing if a certain individual took the bait…………..

  296. Rover

    On my March 17 post above..I listed URLs for the car from jvdcustomdesigns.

    Their car runs about 50k..but it looks spot on and those are his actual cars. Not like you now who from Panama… live in SoCal..maybe you can check them out.

  297. confused

    Rover i think you will find that car is $75k upwords, i have checked and it only about 100 miles from me at the moment so i may go down there evn though i,m not after a lambo!!! I am a ferrari man :-)

  298. Michael L.

    I'm actually going to go w/Rover to Los Angeles and check out jvdcustom designs.

    We're going the weekend of April 12-13.

    If anyone else wants to join in..let me know.

  299. Jon Michael Bischof

    I love it!!! Just fly down to Panama, hire yourself a couple of cheap hookers (Hazzette and Anita) and for a few extra bucks you get the "Maddam" Lilliana also. Zack Livingston "the pimp" will choreograph whatever is needed with his "sexy friends" Juan and his chorus line of "mariquita-merengue" dancers. Then you can steal everybody's material from internet and call it your own creation; make as many videos as you want and become the "mega-mogul" of the carkit world, all from the commodity of your home. Put up the web page, call it SUPEREPLICAS II (for if you use their name, you are liable to get sued for copyright infringement) and then you too will be in business. I am sure ZACK will give you a great package deal if you include, the hookers, the maddame, Zack the pimp himself, and of course, Juan and his chorus line of fruit cake dancers. Who knows, you may even become as rich and famous as they intend to by stealing other peoples money!!!! Food for thought…it might work…

  300. tal

    well well well what can be said of that video. its going beyound a joke any one can weld a couple of bars together. is it going to be in the natural history museum TONY coz its lost its body with premature age im sure i saw it on that program walking with dinosaurs

  301. confused

    Oh my god, i have just viewed supereplicas new videos from the link above and i am now convinced to buy a ferrari enzo for $20k….NOT lol :-)

    It seems Tony did listen to my earlier comments about getting a local production company in to do a new video for there product, i, m glad he listened….. as i now have another suggestion that i hope he actually does……Firstly use the same video production company and find the tallest building he can, next he should go to the top of it and jump off!!!! This video would be a more sellable product than his poxy scam replicas… I for sure would buy a couple of the jump videos and i,m sure there are others out there that would love to bu a copy…………So Tony would you kindly do us all the honour and jump.

  302. Jon Michael Bischof

    I second that, and Zack Livingston should jump right behind him so he can actually fall on top of Tony and "score", nailing him in the big fat arse*** where the sun don't hit, taking away his most admired by JUAN: "manhood". To tie this love story up, their very talented video producer can then show both Tony and Zack getting up; Zack pulls his briefs back up from below his ankles and zippers up as they both hug tightly-but gently, smiling at each other tenderly, as we hear the producer in the background say: "Ok guys, enough with the mooching and caressing…move it! We are still taping !!!" They look at the producer with an awe of annoyment for breaking up this "intimate" love moment and then obediently,following his direction, they hold hands, stare at each other for a beat and proceed to walk away into the sunset. (Fadeout) THE END, roll titles…

    P.S.- This is copyright c2008 Jon Michael Bischof, so don't even try it!!!! If this or any of my ideas show up in any of your videos, I will press suit…I repeat…I will press suit. SCAMMERS!!!!!

  303. alan b

    Hi guys, just spent a couple of hours reading all the comments on this super replica company, i was very tempted with the price and not having to build it myself as i have not got the skill , but you guys have opened my eyes to this, without a doubt total scam keep up the good work.

    I will now have to save up a bit more for one of the dearer kits.

  304. alan b

    Hi guys,just spent a couple of hours reading all the comments on super replicas,I was really tempted by the price of one of these cars but you guys have done your homework and they are total scammers.

    keep up the good work well done

  305. Jon Michael Bischof


    They are back in business!!! Believe it or nat, Tony Sinclair is back from the dead on the forum. He is trying to save face again and of course, peddling his fraud. He was banned and forced to post on a fiat topic. This is how he was welcomed:

    Re: my fiat coupe in need of a restyle… any ideas

    « Reply #10 on: Today at 09:30:40 PM » Quote Modify Remove






    « Last Edit: Today at 09:51:47 PM by kitcar bud »

  306. Wigglywizard

    Hi guys, just spent the good part of 3 hours reading every comment in this forum. About super replicas, they are 100% fraud! simple.

    I started a diaogue with them, and their conversations did not match up over 3 phone calls, and theyr pricing policy was very vague, compared to website.

    Location is very small quadruple garage location, as can be seen on google earth. So their operational capacity is non existent.

    I recommend looking at poland and germany, they have some decent mr3/tube kits for ferrari and lambos…

    plus they are only a few hrs away, so confirming, meeting isnt a biatch

  307. azeem

    Hi guys, i came across a company on youtube called supereplicas and the prices are very tempting. I have tried doing some research and read all these comments posted here.

    I spoke to a Tony on the phone, he said "if you want a replica $20,000 dollars" the line was not very clear so i decided i will fly out there to see the quality of the work.

    He said not to come in April as they are very busy but June is best and he will sort out a hotel for me in City David. He said in July they will only be selling through franchises only.

    I want to know if he is for real? Has anyone conducted business with him and given him money and received goods as described. If yes please contact me in the uk on 07944028482.

    If no one has contacted me and shown me there replica car then i know he is a scam. If you have a product from him and take the time to show me it and discuss i will give you £1000 cash for your time and respect your privacy if you wish.

  308. Vader
    Their new LEGAL video for supereplicas…amazing…

    My comment: This is terrible casting..terrible scripting

    and an insult thinking grown adults will fall for this 5th grade

    prank of a company
    Their supposed transformation of an LP640 from a fiero

    My comment: Look how they show NO real transformation and skip the video to the stolen actual pictures
    supposed lambo doors working.

    My comment: Misdirection w/slut girls

    to show they have no real car
    Their rolls royce drophead coupe

    My comment: AGAIN..they painted that crapy frame they took 4 hours to build and now they're trying to pass it off as a car.

    How that crappy frame is then transformed into a rolls royce drophead coupe is ANYBODY's guess…

    My conclusion:

    Supereplicas is stil a bunch of uneducated Australian 3rd world thugs who really believe that people are gonna fall for this 5th grade elementary level trickery.

    It's insulting, it's amazingly idiotic on their part and shows no semblance of real character. These guys are dirt and they know it and we all know it.

  309. Jin Seng

    Guys, I am new here and I really enjoyed reading all the post. I would like to say that the Extreme-sportscars kit look awesome, I've seen the youtube vids and went to their site. With that said I live in the U.S so the kit( 360)will cost me $11,000 not including shipping and the kit doesnt include some of the other stuff I would need to make the car authentic. Donor Peugeot can run from $2,000 if you're lucky or higher. Thats well over $15,000 and I havent even factored in the money I will need to pay the autobody shop to put the kit together and painting and news wheels/rims. The F355 GTS kit is $7,000 a bit more manageable but then you run into a problem of buying a donor MR2 MK2 which run $3,000 -$ 8,000 depending on year and specs. Can you see why people chose to buy the cheaper kits? Yes they may not be perfect but hey if we had $20k to spend I would use it as a down payment for a REAL F355 or even a Ferrari 348TS . The kit from this site is reasonably priced . I think I will use them, because I will have enough money left over in the end to make modifications to the car. Using a MR2 MK3 is a reliable car and you can always do an engine swap to a V6 3VZFE engine.

  310. Jin Seng

    Other engine swaps for the MR2 MK3 is 2ZZ-GE with PPE exhaust will sound like this and the other swap is the Honda K20 engine. So it is possible to get the MR2 Spyder to perform the way you want. My MR2 MK3 Spyder is going to look real good and sound really good :)

  311. azeem

    A big thankyou to the gentleman who called me today and warned me of the fraud of supereplicas. I hope things work out for you in the future.

    Thanks once again


  312. Rover

    Confused, John Bishoff..are you guys around?

    Did you see the videos that Vader put up of Supereplicas?

    Disgusting by Tony and his band of cronies

  313. WARLOCK

    Hello Gentlemen

    I was going to send in $5.000 to supereplicas. I have money in hand to buy. When I started to ask question I receive the wrong answers. See gentlemen I am in Iraqi and just looking to have my dream car build. I was looking at the Lamborghini Reventon. Please if someone know a great place to have a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 build at a good price past it on to me. I even ask Tony about the price. And I do not have money to lose;So if you are a fake please let me walk away. And he still states they were not fakes and I would not lose my money. I even told him I was calling from Iraqi. Still he stuck to the lie. Gentlemen if possible a man of a great Lam. builder. I am not rich, but I can pay for a fair price car.

  314. WARLOCK

    All so I wanted to state. I advised Tony there were several of us in Iraqi looking to buy our dream car. Knowing we are in Iraqi, and we can be killed in action on any given day. And Tony still continue to not be up front.

  315. Confused

    rover i am still here , SUPEREPLICAS ar a joke!!!! I ahve viewed therev new videos and i laughed so much i started to cry!!!!! What puzzles me is that people still come on here to and ask if they are for real!!!! My god what does it take to convince them, message to azzem, i was the person who called you as i was in the UK last week. I will always be watching out on this blog but any one who reads this please take note once and for all…..SUPERPLICAS IS A SCAM, YOU WILL LOSE ANY MONEY YOU SEND…TRY IT IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME….. ALL I CAN SAY GUYS IS WATCH THIS SPACE AS I HAVE A TRICK UP MY SLEEVE THAT WILL BE GETTING EXPOSED SOON……..

  316. Jon Michael Bischof


  317. hantuimc

    Hey guys , bought a replica from DNA 360-fantastic car!! Loved it. Had it ECU remap, now its pushing 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds.

    Will post some pictures soon.

  318. Rover

    You guys know who ZACK is right?

    He's a LIVINGSTON…he's one of the supereplicas cronies..

    UM…so you have video footage of the trashy MR2 which was in the LAST video shoot(which you didn't even take took apart another car for an example of how you strip cars..whoopdeedoo.

    And then you CUT to footage of a Gallardo from a dealership…

    What does that prove?

    Why are you guys such idiots? Why do you keep trying?

    Why not try and earn a real living instead of trying to pass

    off blatantly stupid tricks that are elementary school level.

    Zack, you're a complete moron, Tony Sinclair is a third world Aussie thug…and you take advantage of the indigenous people

    in Panama.

    Your video of the lawyer is're video of your making of the cars are laughable and NOW you try to pass this off

    as proof of you building a gallardo?

    You have an OLD Mr2. You weld a frame together..

    ANd then you have a finished product.


    TRY Harder. The only way you could prove it, is to

    build a working frame of a car that actually RUNS w/out the shell

    and PRODUCE the shell.

    Both of those steps take precision. Something you guys don't have

    Nice TRY in attempting to skip that step and cut into footage of a real car at a dealership(you think we can't tell what's in the background? Next time..try giving them a thousand dollars so you can rent the car and bring it to your shitty shop. But then, if you HAD a thousand dollars to rent, you wouldn't be asking for 20thousand from the rest of the world.)because you lack the ability to do it.

    Zack. you're an idiot.

  319. Zack

    Rover you are attacking the wrong Zack. (Neth Antilles)

    I just wanted to share this vid i came across with you.

  320. Rover

    Apologies Zack(the video poster)

    But there is a Zack Livingston associated w/supereplicas

    and they DID produce that video.

    So the comments regarding that Zack are still valid.

  321. Jon Michael Bischof

    How pathetic!!! THERE ARE NO LAMBO DEALERS IN PANAMA, so only a few exotics are imported by wealthy and influential people. This video was made at the shop of a man by the name of CHOCRON in Panama City. Juan and his lover probably spent a few nights of love in that city in hopes that they would bring this car in for service and guerrilla shoot it there claiming it was one of their creations as they have done with everybody elses videos and pictures which they have passed on as their own. This car belongs to the owners of SANDERS. There is another grey Gallardo that belongs to an oriental by the name of Tony Ng and a third orange one which belongs to a very nice looking female who drives around town. Please…don't fall prey to this SCAM. If you send them your 23,000 you are simply STUPID and deserve to loose them. You cannot be warned more than you have!!!!!

  322. Zack

    No Jon, these people won't get not even 23 cents from me.

    I posted just to share info. i saw immediately that this was a real lambo. and the way the vid looses audio in some key moments, as at the end when they start the car and rev it, shows you that there is something very fishy going on.

  323. Confused

    My god when will these jokers ever go away???? Like i said in earlier posts i have a trick up my sleeve, keep watching this space for the details…….

  324. don't you get i

    All the kit groups are guilty of taking original photos and using them for their websites

    Just check out Extreme Replicas website
    that Lamborghini is an original that they are trying to pass off as a replica

    Does that make Extreme Replicas scammers too?

    OH no thats because you are extremes buddies right lol ha ha

    your anti-superreplica campaign makes you look like a bunch of thugs with a bias agenda

    at least super replicas are the only honest kit group to have a disclaimer thats says their website uses these things to educate new clients

  325. WARLOCK

    OK, gentleman

    Every one is stating about who does not make a good replica. I am looking for a replica Lamborghini Murcielago builder in the US. Is there any one that can help and advise. I am looking for some one that can build and Vehicle not look like a replica. Is there someone that can HELP. Thank you gentlmen

  326. don't you get i

    I think on your budget you better forget the idea you won't find a replica group that can build a replica for 20k there is one guy who says he can make one pretty close for 95,000 bucks but you will have to wait nine months for him to build it for you though.

    Murcielago Replica on tubular chassis. Brand new, never driven Chassisworks Tubular chassis, sway bars, air lift front suspension, QA1 adjustable Shocks, Corvette suspension, 14" Front and 13.4" Rear Vented and Cross drilled Brakes, Huge 4 piston calipers front and rear, Customized Murcielago Body, Custom mixed $7500 Orange Glow Paint, PPG clear coat, Twin Rear Radiators, Oil Cooler, Air conditioning, Power windows (Glass Windows), Electric door releases, Power hood/trunk/deck lid. Custom $8000 Upholstery, Custom Gauges, Power Batwings, Replica Wiper, Fully Built Mitsu Turbo 400Hp engine, 5 speed Manual trans, Lightweight Flywheel, HD clutch, Evo 3 Turbo/manifold/O2 housing, 3" exhaust with twin 4.5" tips, Hi Flow catalytic converter, HKS camshafts, Wesico Pistons, Eagle Rods, DSM Bearings, Fully built head, new valvetrain, 7" TV/DVD/CD/MP3/Ipod Option stereo with MB Quart Component fronts and coaxial rears, 2 x 8" MB Quart Subwoofers, Rockford 4 channel amp, custom made ZE Forged 20×9 front and 22×12.5 rear wheels, polished lips and black powder coated centers with 225/30ZR20 and 305/25ZR22 tires, estimated weight is under 3000lbs. Car is currently at upholstery and when it gets back the windows and miscellaneous small bits will be installed. Serious buyers only. $95000 or send me a good offer. I also can custom build you one to your needs. Contact: JVD Custom Designs at: [email protected] or call at: 760-342-7180. -Jon

  327. don't you get i

    There is also the Lambobuilder he is located in the USA but again he would be right out of your budget. He wants 95,000 bucks for an old model 1999 Lamborghini Diablo replica he says you save 100,000 dollars compared to the original price tag but I doubt that because on ebay I saw recently a 2000 Diablo original selling for 110,000 bucks so I think it would be better to buy an original at that price. But who know you might be able to get some payment plan worked out with him. His website is….

  328. don't you get i

    Hey I found a hot Lamborghini its not the newest release LP640 but it is much cheaper they only want 80,000bucks maybe you could try and negotiate a better price with them. Its the old Lamborghini Countach 5000S Replica (no fiero). Special lacquer blue/lilac. All new. The interior is white and Boudreaux (lilac) ALCANTARA. Original seats, dashboard. New instruments, chrome radio (cd), carbon in dashboard and more. Chrome wheels with gold bolts. Rear-view-mirror is chrome. The hoods and doors are aluminum. Ford engine. Porsche 911 transmission (chrome and silver). Value $80000. send me a mail: [email protected]

  329. Christain

    The problem with those American kit groups is you have to give so much money upfront I think its like over 50% to start a build and with the prices they are charging I agree its better to buy an original.

    You can pick up an original 360 Ferrari for 65k in America now so why pay over 50k for a replica ?

    And an old Lamborghini Countach replica for 80k oh give me a break. Lol thats crazy. I would rather buy an original from ebay for 70,000.

  330. don't you get i

    Actually if you are looking for a cheaper 360 ferrari replica I have heard DNA builds kits on the MR2 Toyotas for only 40k but they are in the UK I don't know if they will export to the US

  331. Christain

    I don't know 40k just seems pretty high to me for an MR2 replica ferrari.

    I mean after all its just a toyota with a pretend Ferrari body on top. I have seen replica 360 Ferraris for sale in the classifieds for about 27k to 34k

    what do you think of the extreme version 360 with the donor Peugeot 406?

  332. don't you get i

    In my opinion paying over 50k is too expensive when you think its only a front engine car.

    At least with the MR2 its a midengine to at least make you feel like it is a bit like the original at it is much more cheaper as well

  333. Christain

    The other issue is trusting these kit groups and who is a scam and who isn't a scam. I think there is alot of bad energy against Super replicas because of the hype over the prices. The other kit groups feel like Super replicas is destroying their chances of selling their cars because SR promotes cars so cheap.