Ferrari 599XX Receives an Evolved Gallop for 2012

While the idea of turning the costly procedure of automotive research and development into an income-bearing business is something few auto brands could manage, the passion of Ferrari owners has translated into a working strategy to this plan. Since 2010, wealthy enough enthusiasts of the prancing horse brand have wrapped their hands around the steering wheels of a special exotic car called the Ferrari 599XX. When the Ferrari Challenge competition F430 and F458 cars are just not thrilling Ferrari owners, the Ferrari-XX designated vehicles is a radically successful encounter of vehicle R&D merging with the supercar marketplace.

A program started in 2005 with the creation of 30 specially outfitted Ferrari Enzo models, and the resulting FXX were built as a track-only vehicle available only under the company’s guidance. On Ferrari specified track days, Ferrari FXX owners (who had forked out $1.8 million US) get to put the non-street legal supercar through its performance paces. A rare, exciting experience for the Ferrari enthusiasts, the Italian sports car company benefits through collecting vehicle data.

Following the FXX, Ferrari continued the unique test/ownership program creating the 599XX. Unlike its street-going counterpart, 599 GTB Fiorano, but identical to the Ferrari FXX, the Ferrari 599XX came into existence as a vehicle perfected to track-only performance. Ahead of the 2012-2013 session, Ferrari have engineered the Evolution package (also known as the Evoluzione) for the Ferrari 599XX based in part from data collected from previous track sessions. The second time Ferrari added additional excitement in their track-only cars with an Evolution package, examples built on the Ferrari FXX added performance improvements faster shifting gearbox and aerodynamics were included on the Enzo-derived supercar.

Making its world debut at the Bologna Motor Show, the Ferrari 599XX Evolution major alteration is an active aerodynamic package. Consisting of two electronically adjustable flaps on the rear wing, the active aerodynamic pieces change the profile of the Ferrari 599XX Evolution. Similar to Chevrolet Cruze Eco’s system known as an automatic air shutter system designed to divert air flow otherwise directed to powerplant cooling, the Ferrari 599XX Evolution active aerodynamic package is designed to maximize downforce rather than fuel economy. When the Ferrari 599XX Evolution is running at 200 kilometers per hour (124 miles per hour), the sport car’s profile of 727.5 pounds with the flaps open chances to 970 pounds when the panels are closed. Drastically improving stability at speed, the Ferrari 599XX provides a more controlling experience to the driver.

Other exterior changes performed to the Ferrari 599XX under the Evolution package include a larger front splitter and a more aggressive rear diffuser. Along with the host of aerodynamic tweaks, the handling of the 599XX Evolution is further enhanced through upgraded electronic control systems includes the stability program, anti-lock braking, Ferrari Magnetorheological Suspension System (SCM), and F1-Trac. With the Evolution package, new Pirelli tires carry the Ferrari 599XX through the straights and corners of a racing circuit.

Improved engine performance through the Evolution package sees horsepower of 720 changing to 740 on the latest Ferrari 599XX track supercar. Credited for the extra 20 horsepower is the Evolution Package’s new side exhaust system. Adding extra spring in the Ferrari 599XX’s step equating to nearly 517 feet-pounds of torque, the Italian sports car builder boasts the Evolution package equipped vehicle can lap Ferrari‘s 1.877-mile Fiorano track in just 1 minute, 15 seconds. The lap time for the Ferrari 599XX Evolution would be a second faster than the Ferrari Enzo-based FXX lap record and equal the mark set by a fully race-prepped Ferrari 360.

The Ferrari 599XX Evolution will be ready for track time attacks in 2012 and will continue into the 2013 calendar year. An expensive and exclusive program, viewing one example of the Ferrari 599XX Evolution at an auto show like the Bologna exhibit could be the only time to witness this vehicle in person.

Information and photo source: Ferrari North Europe