Buying a New Sedan? Forget It. Here Are Four Supercars You Can Buy Instead

Most of you probably think you’re not good enough to have a Lamborghini or Ferrari…that those types of cars are reserved for the rich entrepreneurs or young web designers who wear very large watches.  What if I told you that some lightly used super cars have a cheaper price tag than a new BMW M6 or luxury SUV?

You’ll most likely wet yourself over the tasty deals I’m about to show you, and then start thinking of ways you could talk your bank into giving you a 10 year loan for the price of a very small house.  We will work our way through the top names of ever more ridiculous and hot performance machines, finding the best deals on cars that are up for sale right now!  This is genuine consumer advice here people.  How about some Ferraris?

Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari 360 Modena

How about a Ferrari 360 Modena for the price of a 2013 Hyundai Equss or Cadillac XTS?  $58,750 will get you this silver beauty.  It has a proper manual with a nice gated shiftier that harks back to the 60’s GT racing cars. A 3.6-liter V8 and 400 hp isn’t too weak either. I don’t care how luxurious your sedan is, any car guy would prefer a classy angry Italian hot rod.  After all, YOLO, right?

Ferrari 360 Modena interior

Speaking of hot-blooded Italians, let’s drool over the almost attainable ever show-stopping Lamborghinis.  To get a decent one that was made this century you will have to talk the bank into lending you a few more pennies. Partially because they’re such an attention-grabbing icon, but mainly because Lamborghini makes fewer models in general.  It’s a bit of an occasion just to see one!

Lamborghini Gallardo

I found an evil looking blacked out 2004 Gallardo with 32k miles on it, but it looks rather clean.  Unfortunately it’s an automatic, but I don’t think you’d care once you’ve stamped the pedal down and experienced the roar of the 5.0L V10 engine.  You won’t have more fun getting 8-14 mpg for the money, and 494 hp isn’t a bad trade-off either.  (Just tell people it’s 500 hp).  376 torques will give your date whiplash, but at the end of the night you can cruise home alone with your black beauty.  It’s selling for $93,450, and there are cheaper ones out there, but it’s about the most striking car for the money. Or you could go spend $100k on a brand new, boring, BMW 7 series sedan. Your choice.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

The cheapest Gallardo I found with a manual transmission is starting at $89,950, and is white with aftermarket gold rims…which raises some suspicion as to the integrity of the car as gaudy aftermarket rims always do.  It also has over 42k miles.  I would still take it over an ugly-ass $100k Porsche Cayenne Turbo…and oh…that V10 roar has been known to excite the gold diggers.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

But Lambos are really a love-or-hate car.  Many people think the angular look is ugly and brash in a bad way. The great thing is, if you don’t like the looks, the Gallardo’s counterpart has quite a different skin that might appeal to a less douchey audience…

Audi R8

Besides suspension, styling, and a few other bits, the R8 and Gallardo are very similar cars.  They share an engine (the V10, anyway,) drivetrain, and chassis.  I’m not going to fool around with the automatics because they aren’t even worth a second look unless you get the new models with the new S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox.

I’m telling you what’s best for you: don’t get the R-Tronic gearbox; you’re better off with a manual. Here’s a good deal on a 2009 R8 with an asking price of $89,500 from an Audi dealership. It’s only seen 20k miles and is classy as you can get.

2009 Audi R8

Now let’s head to the bargain basement and find some hidden gems…what if I told you with gas prices no one wants a V12 anymore?  Except for you swashbucklers out there who dare to dream that you car can be sex appeal in the form of transportation. I think you know what it’s time for.

Aston Martin DB7

A classy British supercar for the price of a mediocre Nissan Maxima or Ford Fusion…or whatever else won’t be noticed after a month.  I found DB7s selling for $30k-40k all over the place. Here’s one I picked out.

It’s a 2000 DB7 in a beautiful blue, has 6 speed manual transmission, and a 5.9L V12 kicking out 420 dapper horsepowers.

2000 Aston Martin DB7

My point is this.  Why would you go out and spend way too much money on any new car? Whatever it is, there isn’t much of a point if you’re a true car person.  Kate Upton is still Kate Upton, even if a few people have put some miles on her.  On top of that, do you honestly think that anyone will notice your luxury sedan with all of the optional extras?

No. Not one person cares. So I urge you, reconsider that new 7 Series, Mercedes SUV, or even the Maxima! Have fun with life…be that guy with the impractical supercar…be a champion and find these not-so-sloppy seconds a home.

  1. Man, I’d snag up that 360 in a heartbeat if I could. The Ferrari 360 Modena/Spider, in my book, is still one of the more beautiful cars on the road, easily. And incredible to drive. Not the fastest, but one of the most pleasurable for sure.

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