What Is Audi Traffic Light Information? This Short Video Explains How It Works

When we see a red light in the distance, we usually let up on the gas. We try to “time it just right,” so we don’t stop. Sometimes we get lucky, and we can keep moving as the light turns green. But sometimes, we still get stuck at the light (and worse if it’s only for a few seconds!).

Imagine if your vehicle could tell you how long before a light changes color. What if your car gave you a recommended speed to drive when you see a red light, so you were more likely to arrive at the intersection when it turns green.

This is the idea behind the Audi Traffic Light Information system. It “talks” to traffic lights! More than 600 intersections in Washington DC currently support the feature, but it has caught on in other cities too.

This short video from our sister publication AutoVision News provides a brief history of the Audi Traffic Light Information system and explains how it works.