Medium Audi expands Traffic Light Information to Washington D.C. 3946

Audi Vehicles Can Now “Talk” With Traffic Lights In Washington DC

More than 600 intersections in the District of Columbia now support Audi’s “time-to-green” feature of Traffic Light Information. The system falls under the category of “vehicle-to-infrastructure” technology, sometimes abbreviated as V2I. Traffic Light Information, an Audi connect PRIME feature available on certain late models, enables the vehicle to communicate with the infrastructure in metropolitan areas across the United States.

Expanding Network

Audi, in collaboration with Traffic Technology Services, has already expanded the feature in the Dallas and Houston metros, along with Palo Alto and Arcadia, California, Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. With the addition of Washington D.C., more than 1,600 intersections across the United States now support Traffic Light Information.

“This initiative represents the kind of innovation that is critical for us to advance the traffic safety goals of Vision Zero,” said District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser. “We look forward to building on this, and similar partnerships, as we continue to build a safer, stronger, and smarter D.C.”

Medium Audi expands Traffic Light Information to Washington D.C. 3947
Photo: Audi of America.

How It Works

Vehicles equipped with the technology will receive real-time signals from connected traffic lights via the on-board 4G LTE data connection. When the light is red, the time remaining until the signal changes is displayed in the instrument cluster or heads-up display. The automaker says future iterations of this and other V2I technologies will be used to further enhance mobility and reduce congestion.

“Audi continues to be an industry leader in connectivity and mobility solutions,” explained Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. “Not only do V2I technologies like Traffic Light Information help to reduce driver stress, they are also essential infrastructure developments as we continue toward an automated future.”

Traffic Light Information was launched in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016.

Photos & Source: Audi of America, Inc.