Chrysler Cans 789 Dealerships

Chrysler Dealership

I just got off a call with Jim Press and Steven Landry with Chrysler, who were explaining their future plans. The big announcement here is that along with the sale to Fiat, Chrysler has filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to reject 789 U.S. dealer agreements, meaning that they’ll be closing them down.

So, what’s gong to happen to current owners who bought from those dealers being closed? As you would expect, they’re saying the customer will be taken care of by other Chrysler dealers…

As far as current inventory, the 44,000 units currently sitting on the lots of the defunct dealers will be distributed to the dealerships who are staying alive, and they will also have the opportunity to purchase the old dealer’s parts. They mentioned that of the 44,000 units being redistributed, 4,000 of those are 2008 models, the rest 2009. As part of the bankruptcy, Chrysler is not producing any more vehicles right now, and Mr. Press said that he thinks the units will move quickly with help of current incentives. We’ll see about that.

You find more information at, or download the press release (PDF) regarding the decision.

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