Geneva: Mansory McLaren MP4-12C Continues With Tuner’s OTT Creations

Update from Chris Burdick: I’ve updated this article with some of my own pictures from the Geneva Motor Show of the Mansory McLaren MP4-12C, although it was nearly impossible to get a good shot of this car.

If there is a common complaint we’ve heard about the McLaren MP4-12C, is that isn’t special enough. As in, exotic and a standout. We’ve seen it in person and beg to differ, but to each, his own. On the other hand most of tuner Mansory’s creations are lambasted for being over the top; in other words “too special.” The two worlds collide with the Mansory McLaren MP4-12C at the Geneva Motor Show.

We like orange, but this one starts out with a particularly hideous, Hot Wheels-like shade of it combined with gold wheels. Not our thing – do their designers have any taste? As far as the actual body itself the bumper has been redesigned to include LED daytime running lights and nearly nothing has been left untouched. Mansory added carbon fiber bits, vents, scoops and new aprons front and rear.

These changes increase the car’s width by about 2.3 inches, which Mansory says aids in boosting downforce. It’s not that it is bad (we think the paint/wheel combination does it for us…) but it is too much. We like Hennessey’s work with the HPE800 a lot better. It only makes us more convinced that McLaren made the right call going an understood look though. Although that is the focal point, Mansory’s changes don’t stop with the exterior. Changes to the engine include a new high-performance exhaust system, reworked engine management system and air filter that increases airflow.

The changes boosting by an impressive 62 horsepower, up to 661 horsepower and 497 pound feet. Mansory quotes the standard “series” MP4-12C’s at 599 hp and 442 lb-ft. As far as showing up in one though, we don’t think so. Not unless we wanted to show off our lack of taste, both in the amount the tuner charges for the changes and in the car’s design itself. No thanks, we’ll stick with the MP4-12C as it is.

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