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Building Your McLaren Speedtail: Like Savile Row With Horsepower!

  • The McLaren Speedtail was recently revealed to future owners at a private event.
  • The Speedtail is the first of 18 new cars under the company’s Track25 business plan.
  • It’s the fastest car in the automaker’s history. Now it’s arguably the most personalized. 

I think this all started with the McLaren F1. I remember buyers could get their name woven into the carbon fiber, if they so desired. You know, something along the lines of “This McLaren F1 made especially for Sir Manfredjinsinjin” or something like that. And now things have gone to a whole new level with the McLaren Speedtail, the direct successor to the P1 and the spiritual successor to the stunning F1.

Only The Finest

You know Savile Row, right? That’s the street in London where the world’s best tailors work. You can be shaped like a flour sack with a rope tied in the middle, and Savile row tailors will make you look like James Bond. That’s what McLaren is doing, in a certain way, with their upcoming Speedtail hypercar.

No, they’re not going to alter the structure or size of the car for you (that’s definitely a one size fits all deal), but they will let you choose more than just the color.

Everything Is “Bespoke”

This is all very high-touch, extremely personalized service that only the very rich demand these days. And McLaren ain’t kidding around. The mechanical package of the Speedtail is cast in stone and won’t be messed with. Which is as it should be. McLaren knows what they are doing and, performance-wise, the 250-mph hypercar seems to be a dead-on bull’s eye.

The story here is that well-heeled buyers of the Speedtail can specify every aspect with regard to the look and feel of their individual car. And much like fashion houses, McLaren has three design “collections” curated by their Colour and Material design team. The three collections are Urbane, Visionary, and Dynamic.

What, like you didn’t think this was going to get pretentious quicker than the Speedtail could hit 60? By the way, the McLaren Speedtail hits 186 mph in 12.8 seconds.

Stratosphere Ext View01
McLaren Speedtail in the Stratosphere theme. Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Urbane & Visionary Collections

Urbane is a collection of three themes offering a discriminating and sophisticated feel, with calm exterior hues and subtle, cool interior tones. Take the Stratosphere, for example, in the Urbane collection. The Stratosphere accentuates the exterior highlights of the car’s aerodynamic bodywork, set off with bespoke, brushed light blue anodized aluminum brightwork. The cabin blends the metallic light blue driver’s seat with light grey passenger seats.

Even the badging goes to the Nth degree with the Stratosphere option.

The Visionary collection offers up the Astral theme, a nod to the UK’s nautical heritage. The navy blue dominated interior with nubuck, bespoke navy passenger seats, and a full aniline leather navy driver’s seat (also bespoke) are among the highlights. The exterior of the Astral theme features, for some reason, an orange and silver pinstripe? Also on the exterior: gloss 1K visual carbon fiber and 18-carat white gold with TPT inlay badging.

Just don’t leave the doors open for very long.

Astral Ext View01
McLaren Speedtail in the Astral theme. Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Dynamic Theme & Additional Tailoring

Dynamic, which goes for modern, sporty, futuristic, and sumptuous is epitomized by the Bloodline theme. Bespoke red on the exterior, with gloss black diamond-cut wheels and silver brake calipers. Inside the driver’s seat is full aniline bespoke red, while the passengers sit on semi-aniline bespoke white seats. The steering wheel clasp, paddle shifters, window and door bezel surround are highlighted in TPT carbon quartz white.

Then comes the really personalized, Savile Row custom-tailored parts of the McLaren Speedtail. Body and interior panels finished in satin 1K or gloss 1K with interwoven gold visual carbon fiber or anodized aluminum, which is pretty crazy if you think about it. Interior options include nubuck and aniline leather, TPT carbon control surfaces, 18-carat white gold, and TPT carbon badging. Electro-chromatic glazing tints do away with the need for sun visors.

Bloodline Ext View01
McLaren Speedtail in the Bloodline theme. Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Orange & Black Is The New Black

No, in case you’re asking, you don’t do this by checking a bunch of boxes on the order sheet. As a Speedtail buyer, you get your own Bespoke Liaison Manager to help bring your vision to life. Your Bespoke Liaison Manager is your personal connection to McLaren Special Operations to help you work on selecting colors and materials.

But honestly, none of this matters to me. I am a simple man, of simple automotive tastes, and I will take my McLaren Speedtail in Papaya Orange with a black interior, just like Bruce would have.

Tony Borroz has spent his entire life racing antique and sports cars. He is the author of Bricks & Bones: The Endearing Legacy and Nitty-Gritty Phenomenon of The Indy 500, available in paperback or Kindle format. Follow his work on Twitter: @TonyBorroz

McLaren Speedtail Interior Gallery

Interior gallery themes (left to right): Stratosphere, Astral, Bloodline.

Photos & Source: McLaren Automotive.

  1. Frankly I think this is the most attractive super car presently. the Mclaren Speedtail resembles the Koenigsegg Regera a little but the tail is unique and extremely impressive.

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