5520 570S Coupe by MSO PB 05
2015 McLaren 570 S Pebble Beach Edition Front Fascia

McLaren Displays Special Models At ’15 Concours D’ Elegance

2015 McLaren 650 S Pebble Beach Edition
2015 McLaren 650 S Pebble Beach Edition

Last weekend at the 2015 Concours D’ Elegance at Pebble Beach in Monterey, California, McLaren Automobiles and McLaren Special Operations, displayed a variety of limited edition and classic race cars.

At the historic auto show, the company displayed a vehicle from each of its three divisions: the Special, Super, and Ultimate series.

The Special Series

The Special series was represented by two McLaren 570 S coupes. The first 570 S coupe by MSO featured a special, Mauvine Blue paint finish, paired with a one-off carbon black leather interior, with a co-ordinating detail carried throughout the exterior color.

The second McLaren 570 S coupe in the Special series was painted in a bright, Ventura Orange and was optioned with a selection of styling details from the MSO Defined range. Both of these models were displayed on the popular Concept Lawn, which was previously used to display the 12 C, 12 C Spider, and the P1 GTR design concept.

The Super Series

The Super series, also the core of the McLaren range, was represented by two limited edition models. The first was a McLaren 675 LT, which is the lightest, most track-oriented, and street legal model in this category. Production of the coupe only 675 LT was limited to 500 models and unfortunately, each of them have been spoken for.

The McLaren 675 LT has a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h), while 0-62 mph is reached in 2.9 seconds, and 124 mph in just 7.9 seconds. The 675 LT re-establishes the “Longtail” heritage with a clear focus on light weight, optimized aerodynamics, increased horsepower, track-focused dynamics, and overall driver engagement.

The second model in the Super series was the McLaren 650 S Le Mans. This model was created by MSO to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the famed racing event in France and production was limited to just 50 units – unfortunately again, all of them have been spoken for.

The 650 S Le Mans featured design elements from the legendary McLaren F1 GTR chassis #01R, which won the event nearly two decades ago.

The 650 S Le Mans featured a fully functional roof-mounted “snorkel” air intake, front wing louvers, and lightweight alloy wheels which resemble those from the 1995 F1 GTR. In addition to the standard Sarthe Gray paint finish, the 650 S Le Mans can also be colored in the famous McLaren orange, which was used by Bruce McLaren on his race cars during the 1960’s.

The Ultimate Series

Rounding up the models at the event was a 1996 McLaren Fl GTR, loaned to McLaren Automotive from BMW North America, who sponsored the car during its debut season. The car, known as chassis #17R, was campaigned by Team Bigazzi and finished 8th at the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans.

At the 2015 Concours D’ Elegance, McLaren Automotive was also represented by RM Auctions, who auctioned off the most exclusive McLaren models ever produced in the form of a McLaren P1 and the second to last 1998 McLaren F1.

The volcano red P1 was just one of 375 models, representing the company’s Ultimate series. The 1998 McLaren F1, chassis #073, was one of the most sought after at the show as it featured a number of “LM GTR” upgrades.

Overall, it was  a good showing for McLaren Automotive and if you were a fan of McLaren cars, then you definitely were in the right place at the right time.

Additional Images of McLaren Automobiles From 2015 Concours D’ Elegance:

Information and Image Source: McLaren Automotive