Volvo Trucks Run with the Bulls (Video)

Volvo The Chase

Last month, Volvo wanted to show the world how easy the Volvo Dynamic Steering system in their trucks is to control and the minimal amount of effort it takes to turns the wheel.

So naturally, they connected a hamster wheel to the steering wheel and had a hamster steer the 15 ton dump truck up a cliff in Spain. Naturally.

This time the trick is slightly less death-defying but still the same amount of pleasantly absurd.

Painting a truck all red and driving it through the narrow streets of medieval Ciudad Rodrigo in north-western Spain…while being chased by bulls, of course. Live runners take the challenge and run along as well, many of whom end up in the back of the truck. Or falling through into a shop through a window.

Ciudad Rodrigo is the city that invented bull runs, and Volvo is bringing it back to the closed-off streets for this advert. The town of 14,000 people or so sits near the border of Portugal and hosts Carnaval del Toro – The Carnival of the Bull – once a year in late February.

So what’s the point? To show off the agile and maneuverable nature of the truck making the run – the 12 ton Volvo FL 512 distribution truck.

250 crew members, 28 cameras (including an octocopter,) 2 veterinary teams, 28 medics, and 8 police teams later (seriously though, doesn’t that seem a bit excessive?) director Henry Alex Rubin and team finally got “The Chase” filmed.

Check it out:

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