MINI MY12 line up2

Larger 2014 MINI Spotted Testing

MINI MY12 line up2

MINI has kept up a steady product cadence, introducing a new model variant every time we turnaround. The main product in all of this though is still the MINI Hardtop. Next year it will be replaced, and BMW is hard at work on a followup to the successful current generation model. The original MINI hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced at the beginning of the decade.

A successful formula has been found and MINI has stuck with it. The 2014 model should be a bigger change than we have seen before – literally and figuratively. Despite hearing some reports to the contrary, the 2014 model will actually be getting bigger. This time around the MINI is being put on BMW’s new small front-wheel drive platform, which is being shared with the 1-Series.

2014 mini cooper spy shots 005

The MINI currently has its own platform, and to increase economies of scale a good portion of BNW’s upcoming FWD products are based the 1-Series platform. Being put on this platform likely necessitates the MINI becoming a bit bigger, as 1-Series has always been larger. We think this only further creates an opening for the smaller, truly mini Rocketman Concept to be produced. Given that BMW is all for diversification of the MINI lineup, it should be a no brainer to give it a green light.

The next-generation MINI is said to be getting less funkier, especially inside. Spy shots have come out that indicate a less goofy interior layout. What, no gigantic tachometer in the center stack? Perish the thought. Autoblog’s spy shots don’t shed a lot of new light on the MINI, except that the car is getting bigger and there will be steeper rakes to the A and C-pillars. As far as styling goes, we hope the new MINI takes cues from Sonny Lim’s beautiful MINI Zero concept. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

  1. I personally think they should keep the mini the size it is now. Its small size is what makes it so cool!

  2. What are they doing? It’s so long! They will have to call it a Maxi soon….

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