Rolls-Royce Inspires Special Edition MINI Hatchback

2012 Canadian International Auto Show MINI Goodwood 2


Have you ever wondered what would a MINI Cooper look like if it was bespoked by Rolls-Royce? Since German auto company BMW owns both auto brands, the wait for such a vehicle was only a matter a time. The MINI Inspired by Goodwood is a vehicle incorporating the collective efforts of two British brand identities.

A limited run vehicle, the MINI Inspired by Goodwood is the three-door hatchback created through the highly crafted guidance of Rolls-Royce. First incorporating the name of Rolls-Royce’s headquarter and manufacturing plant in Goodwood, England, the special edition MINI hatchback wears an elegant Diamond Black metallic paint colour borrowed from the Phantom’s exterior shade options. Xenon adaptive headlights are standard equipment on the MINI Inspired by Goodwood casting a bright projection of vision onto the road surface. The MINI Inspired by Goodwood coasts on 17-inch light alloy wheels that are sporty yet oozing with fine taste.

Given a mature, graceful appearance on the outside, the cabin of the MINI Inspired by Goodwood pulls an occupant into a world of pomp comfort rarely experienced inside of a compact car. The Rolls-Royce colour palette floods the MINI Inspired by Goodwood with Cornsilk dominating the interior surfaces. The highest-grade materials are used inside the MINI Inspired by Goodwood starting with Lounge leather seating and Walnut Burr wood inserts detailing the door panels. Walnut Burr wood is also incorporated on the black nappa leather-surfaced dashboard. Buttons and controls are given a Piano Black surfacing for a more regal sensation operating the vehicle’s automatic air conditioning or the stereo system supported by Harman-Kardon Hi-Fi speakers. Completing the lavish interior, the roof lining and sun visor are upholstered with Cashmere while lambswool floormats cover the flooring of the MINI Inspired by Goodwood.




While the MINI Inspired by Goodwood experiences the marvellous luxury car tailoring of Roll-Royce through the exterior and interior, the powertrain for this unique compact car is a little bit mundane when driving the 17-inch wheels. Powered by the twin scroll turbocharged, direct-injected 1.6 liter engine found in the Cooper S, the MINI Inspired by Goodwood is fed with the same 181 horsepower. Despite the powerplant remaining at level with commoner vehicles, luxury car connoisseurs would accept the MINI Inspired by Goodwood a mere appearance package.

As every automaker is facing pressure to comply with tightening fuel economy standard, even luxury carmakers are testing the premium vehicle viewing public with smaller packaging. Production vehicles such as the Cadillac ATS, Aston Martin Cygnet and the Mercedes-Benz B-Class are a few new examples of an advancing small car luxury car segment. Show cars such as the Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept reveal a more dramatic style where luxury can fit even subcompact frames. Rolls-Royce began production on the Ghost but continues to build vehicles larger than large sport utility vehicles for the super-luxury car market. This occasion where Rolls-Royce has remodelled a MINI to their vision of luxury explores the ultra-luxury carmaker exceeding expectations even within a small base.

Pricing for the special edition collaboration between the two English has not been announced but it is safe to say it will exceed that of almost any MINI Cooper sold before. Each MINI Inspired by Goodwood vehicle will be one of only 1,000 built worldwide to such a high level of luxury.

Information Source: BMW AG
Photo Source: BMW AG, Chris Nagy