01 volvo concept you f

Concept You Arrives, Indicates New Volvo Large Sedan

01 volvo concept you f

The Chinese market is becoming increasingly important, and the reason is a no brainer: with over a billion people there, possibilities are endless. Particularly for luxury automakers, who see a goldmine of potential. Volvo aims to tap into this, and sees a future for itself much more upmarket than the position it currently occupies. The S80 is the biggest sedan in the lineup, and it really doesn’t do heavy battle with segment leaders.

The Concept You is a look (like the Concept Universe that preceded it) at what Volvo’s new full-size sedan will look like, as well as an evolved design language. We thought Volvo was just starting off a swoopy new look with the Volvo XC60 and S60 sedan but that is being changed for a more simplistic, Scandinavian approach. On the Concept You, it works well. It isn’t much different than the Concept Universe, mostly details, but those changes are important.

03 volvo concept you f

The Concept You moves toward more production-like exterior details, ditching the odd-grille of the Concept Universe. It looks much better; upscale and fresh, yet still recognizably a Volvo. It still retains the circular hood and suicide doors, things we aren’t sure will make it to production.

Once again, Chief Executive Officer Stefan Jacoby comments that this isn’t just a pie-in-the-skie concept, saying: “Concept You gives you a good indication of what you can expect from our next large sedan….the blend of contemporary Scandinavian design, exquisite craftsmanship and intuitive technology will appeal to luxury car buyers all over the world.” Inside, the interior is airy, spacious and very Apple-like. Clutter is eliminated by the use of a large screen that makes up the entire center stack and dashboard.

When Volvo’s large sedan will be coming isn’t known for sure, but it is clear that Volvo intends to aggressively compete when it does arrive. If the Concept You comes out as impressively as the concept for a production vehicle, Volvo could really be a player in the segment.

  1. Overall, I like this concept.  It’s got a really nice profile and design language that I hope is maintained in future (read: less expensive) Volvo applications.

    Things I hope do make it to production:#1: LED Headlights – I know these are coming sooner rather than later.  Who will make the transition first?
    #2: The center stack infotainment system looks amazing!  I have reservations about moving away from buttons but if Volvo could make that system work hands free or provide secondary control for it with steering controls or something better than iDrive, I’m all for it.
    #3: Suicide doors – If they can pull off the suicide doors as a working and well thought out alternative to the standard door configuration, the R&D will trickle down to other cars and manufacturers.  

    Things that better not make it to production:
    #1: The hood is hideous.  Volvo can do better than that.
    #2: The front end – the lower air intakes just don’t look good.  The shape and spacing is just off.
    #3: Duel-Sunroofs – they aren’t practical and they don’t even look that good.

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