Scion tC RS6

Scion tC Release Series 6.0 Details

Scion’s latest in their limited-edition RS line, the tC RS 6.0, will debut in a couple days at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. Only 1,100 of these puppies will be made, and will start showing up on showrooms in March with prices starting at $18,620 for a manual gearbox, $19,420 for the auto.

What makes this Release Series so special? First thing that caught my eye is that holy-shit-sexy blue paint job they gave it. Scion calls it “Speedway Blue” and it’s only available on this car. To accent the blue, they’ve added a matte black stripe down the side that displays the RS 6.0 name.

I could deal without the stripe, but damn that blue is hot. The blue theme is carried into the interior as well, sporting seats with black fabric and blue accents, along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel with blue stitching.

tC RS6 Seats

In the electronics department, Scion added a premium 200 watt Alpine audio system with navigation and a 4.3-inch touch screen, HD radio, and iPod integration (that’s not standard on all Scions?) The GPS unit is flash-based, which means it’s faster than the typical hard-drive or DVD-based systems.

I love the Scion Release Series line; it gives buyers a feeling a exclusivity and a sort of customization option, and they don’t cost much more than the base tC ($17,770.) Check out Scion’s Inside the tC RS Facebook promo where you can connect your Facebook profile and watch a personalized video of the tC 6.0 RS. Also check out more pictures of the Scion tC RS 6.0 below:

  1. Yeah this car has a killer audio system. wicked bass. But theyre hard to get…we went to a scion place and asked &the one they got was already sold. Oh well guess I'll just have to steal one…

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