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Is Your Honda Warranty Coverage Enough?

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  • Learn the details of the Honda manufacturer’s warranty.
  • See how extended warranties compare to the factory warranty and protect your Honda from costly repairs.

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Buying a new or certified pre-owned (CPO) Honda from a dealership gives most buyers a lot of peace of mind. You’re probably not worried about your brand-new car breaking down on the way home. Plus, you know your Honda came with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you’re probably not worried about costly repairs either.

Even new or low-mileage cars can have issues, though, and the Honda warranty may not include coverage for certain mechanical failures. To get the most protection for your Honda, consider an extended warranty plan from the best extended warranty companies. Our recommended providers offers extended vehicle service plans for new and used cars, so you can be confident you can afford repairs, even as your car ages.

This overview of the Honda warranty and other vehicle protection plans will help you decide if the Honda factory warranty is enough coverage for your car.

Honda Warranty Overview

New and CPO Hondas from a dealership come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers unexpected breakdowns due to defects or malfunctions. However, you probably won’t be covered for regular mechanical failures due to normal use.

Here’s our breakdown of exactly what Honda warranties include for both new and CPO Honda vehicles.

New Honda Warranty

In 2020 and 2021, your new Honda comes with several different factory warranties:

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty (3 years, 36,000 miles): This comprehensive warranty, also known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty, covers all major parts and systems of your vehicle that break down due to malfunction or defects.
  • Powertrain Limited Warranty (5 years, 60,000 miles): This includes coverage for the engine, transmission, and drive systems.
  • Federal Emissions Warranty (3 years, 36,000 miles): If your vehicle fails an emissions test during the warranty period due to defective parts, Honda will adjust those parts.
  • High Voltage Battery Capacity Warranty (8 years, 100,000 miles): This covers greater than normal degradation of your high voltage battery.
  • Seat Belt Limited Warranty (15 years, 150,000 miles): Covers defects in your vehicle’s seat belts.
  • Rust Perforation Limited Warranty (5 years, unlimited mileage): Covers rust that occurs from the inside of the vehicle outward due to corrosion. It does not cover rust that forms on the outside of the vehicle and corrodes inwards.

Certified Pre-Owned Honda Warranty

If you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from Honda, you will also be given a number of factory warranty options. Any new car warranties still in effect will transfer to you through the certified pre-owned program. Other coverages include:

  • Certified Pre-Owned Powertrain Coverage (7 years, 100,000 miles from the original in-service date of the vehicle): The CPO powertrain warranty protects the engine, transmission, and drive systems.
  • Non-Powertrain Coverage for Vehicles Purchased within New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage Period (4 years, 48,000 miles from original in-service date or 1 year, 12,000 miles, whichever comes first): This covers all major components of the vehicle that break down due to poor workmanship or defect.
  • Non-Powertrain Coverage for Vehicles Purchased After New Vehicle Warranty has Expired (1 year, 12,000 miles): All defective or malfunctioning major car parts and systems are covered.

What’s Excluded from The Honda Factory Warranty?

Parts or systems in your vehicle that break down due to normal wear and tear are not covered. Additionally, if you modify your car, you may be at risk of voiding certain aspects of your warranty if the modifications cause part failure.

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The Honda warranty covers most of your vehicle’s mechanical breakdowns and malfunctions.

Honda Extended Warranty Coverage

A Honda warranty provides peace of mind when your car breaks down due to manufacturer errors. However, what happens when your warranty expires?

Extended car warranties provide additional and continued protection for your vehicle. They are technically service contracts instead of warranties, but provide many similar coverages as your new Honda warranty. The main differences are:

  1. Extended protection plans are purchased separately, while a warranty is included with a new product.
  2. Usually cover parts and car systems that break down due to regular use, even with proper maintenance.

Is a Honda Extended Warranty Worth it?

Unlike the factory warranty, a Honda extended warranty can generally be extended much longer into the life of the vehicle. For example, an American drives an average of 13,476 miles per year, according to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. If that’s you, then you’ll max out your Honda New Limited Warranty in under three years. A CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plan can last up to 10 years, depending on your coverage plan. As people hope to keep their cars for longer, an extended warranty may be the perfect solution to saving on expensive repairs likely to occur as your car ages.

Common Repair Costs for Popular Honda Models

Although Honda was once known for being a reliable car maker, the most recent dependability study by J.D. Power ranks Honda in the lower half of the brands. This declined reliability doesn’t mean Honda vehicles are a bad choice, but it should have you thinking about how you’ll repair your car when it breaks down.

According to RepairPal, some common repairs to popular Hondas include:

Honda Model Common Repair Repair Cost
2018 Honda Accord Alternator Replacement $852–$913
2018 Honda Civic Water Pump Replacement $714–$1,172
2018 Honda CR-V Air Conditioning Refrigerant Line $530–$569
2018 Honda Civic AC Evaporator Replacement $997–$1,219

Planning ahead for a breakdown with an extended warranty can potentially save you money. Many providers have monthly payment options and deductibles that are much easier to stomach than these costly repairs.

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Dealership Extended Warranties vs. Third-Party Warranty Companies

Not all extended warranties are created equal. Honda offers a branded vehicle service contract called Honda Care. The program provides Honda owners a way to add an extended service contract to their vehicles whether they are new, certified pre-owned, or pre-owned.

However, the Honda Care extended car warranty usually is purchased at the time you purchase your new, or new-to-you, vehicle. It has to be purchased through a Honda dealership, and often salespeople will encourage you to roll the cost of your service contract into your car financing. This means you’ll be charged interest on the cost of your extended warranty. You’ll also need to take your car to a Honda dealership to have any covered repairs made.

On the other hand, third-party extended car warranties like CARCHEX give you the freedom to choose when you want to purchase your protection plan. Other benefits of a third-party extended vehicle warranty over a Honda Care contract include:

  • Choosing your own repair shop instead of a Honda dealership.
  • 21+ protection plan options to customize an extended warranty to fit your needs.
  • Flexible payment options that won’t have interest charges on top of the contract cost.
  • Purchasing or renewing your extended car warranty on your own time instead of at the time of sale.

Get Peace of Mind With CARCHEX Protection Plans

CARCHEX is a leader in the vehicle protection industry. As a top-rated warranty company on Trustpilot and with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, it’s easy to see that CARCHEX believes in providing excellent customer service. If you’re looking for the best option to protect your vehicle even after the Honda warranty expires, a CARCHEX extended warranty could be the perfect option.

Plans Offered by CARCHEX

CARCHEX is a service contract broker. This means it has access to multiple car warranty providers to give you a range of coverage levels and plan options. The company provides five levels of coverage ranging from basic coverage for the most expensive repairs to comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper covers with few exclusions.

  • Titanium Coverage: The highest level of coverage for your Honda vehicle. With up to 10 years of protection, it’s the most comprehensive plan CARCHEX offers. It covers nearly all your vehicle’s parts and systems.
  • Platinum Coverage: Offering up to 10 years of coverage, this plan is a stated-component coverage option. The stated components of Platinum level plans include hundreds of parts and systems to give you the best combination of coverage and affordability.
  • Gold Coverage: Up to 10 years of comprehensive coverage with flexible terms, Gold coverage plans are ideal for Honda vehicles with over 60,000 miles.
  • Silver Coverage: Silver level plans provide coverage for the essential systems in your vehicle for up to seven years. This plan is great for older cars or those with higher mileage.
  • Bronze Coverage: Available for up to six years, this level helps cover the most expensive repairs. It’s a good fit for older cars prone to costly engine or transmission issues.

In each tier, there are multiple plan options from different vehicle service contract providers. While going through each type of contract from the different providers can seem daunting, having so many protection plans available gives you the best chance of finding the right extended vehicle warranty. When you talk to CARCHEX about a quote, the representatives can help you narrow down the best plan for your Honda vehicle and budget.

Why Choose CARCHEX for Your Honda Extended Protection?

CARCHEX is a top choice when it comes to third-party extended warranty companies. Their commitment to customer service is seen in their BBB A+ rating and long-term accreditation. By choosing an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan from CARCHEX, you’ll also get access to important benefits, such as:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you decide you don’t want your CARCHEX plan, you can cancel with no questions asked within the first 30 days.
  • Affordable and flexible pricing: The price of CARCHEX protection plans are comparable to other top extended car warranty providers, and monthly payment options are available.
  • Your repair shop is paid directly: Unlike a branded Honda extended warranty, CARCHEX plans allow you to choose your repair shop from over 30,000 ASE-certified shops across the country. You also won’t have to deal with footing an expensive bill and waiting for reimbursement, as CARCHEX pays repair shops directly.
  • Extra perks: With any CARCHEX plan, even basic coverage, you’ll get access to 24/7 roadside assistance at no extra charge. This includes a towing service allowance, trip interruption services, and rental car reimbursement when your car is in the shop.

Learn how to protect your Honda and get a free quote from CARCHEX today by calling 866-254-0205 or by answering a few questions online about your Honda. They’ll provide a price that’s customized to your model and year, driving habits, budget, and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honda Warranties

Many new and CPO Honda owners have questions about their Honda factory warranty. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to read through the fine print on your warranty information to get the exact answers you need. We’ve taken the time to break down the most commonly asked Honda warranty questions for you.

Can you transfer a factory warranty for a Honda?

Yes, the remainder of your Honda new vehicle limited warranty is transferable. The coverage should stay with the car even after changing owners. However, you do not get the warranties if you purchase a used vehicle that has not been certified.

What is covered by the Honda warranty?

Honda offers several factory warranties comparable to other manufacturer warranties. Between the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Powertrain Limited Warranty, most components of your car should be covered. However, manufacturer warranties only cover those parts or systems that fail due to malfunctions or poor workmanship, not due to normal driving habits.
A factory warranty isn’t the same as a safety recall. In a safety recall, such as an airbag recall, all vehicles affected by the defective and potentially unsafe parts are offered a solution to the problem at no charge.

Do Honda warranties have lifetime coverage?

Neither the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or the Powertrain Limited Warranty, the two most important warranties, offer lifetime coverage for your Honda.

Is my air conditioning covered by my Honda warranty?

Your Honda New Vehicle Limited Warranty will cover all major systems in your car from defective parts, including the air conditioning system.

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  • Coverage: Because each consumer has unique needs, it’s essential that a car warranty company offers an array of coverage options. We take into account the number of plans offered by each provider, term limits, exclusions, and additional benefits.
  • Industry Standing: Our team considers Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, availability, and years in business when giving this score.
  • Customer Service: Reputable extended car warranty companies operate with a certain degree of care for consumers. We take into account customer reviews, BBB complaints, and the responsiveness of the customer service team.