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Should You Buy a Genesis Extended Warranty?

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  • Genesis offers one extended warranty, called the Genesis Protection Plan Vehicle Service Contract.
  • The Genesis extended warranty provides coverage up to a total of 10 years from your vehicle’s in-service date.
  • You can find more coverage options and longer contract terms with a top third-party extended warranty provider.

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Genesis vehicles are backed by one of the longest factory warranties in the industry. But is it worth it to lengthen this coverage with a Genesis extended warranty? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of the Genesis extended warranty, including coverage details, exclusions, and contract lengths. We’ll also discuss some of the top third-party alternatives for extended Genesis protection.

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Genesis Extended Warranty Overview

The Genesis extended warranty can provide increased coverage for up to 10 years from your car’s in-service date. This warranty extends the Genesis new vehicle limited warranty, and it must be purchased before your factory warranty expires. Genesis also offers two maintenance plans, the Pre-Paid Scheduled Maintenance Plus, and the Terms Protection Plus.

Genesis Extended Warranty Coverage Terms
Vehicle Service Contract 10 years/120,000 miles
Pre-paid Scheduled Maintenance Plus up to 5 years/75,000 miles
Terms Protection Plus up to 4 years/60,000 miles

The Genesis Vehicle Service Contract is a bumper-to-bumper plan that will pay to repair or replace the majority of Genesis parts, such as:

  • Shocks
  • Fuel system
  • Brake system
  • Steering system
  • Electrical systems
  • Climate control system
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Navigation, audio, and high-tech parts
  • Powertrain (engine, transmission, drive axles)

Along with covering your vehicle’s major parts and systems, all Genesis extended warranties include the following perks when your vehicle breaks down or needs a covered repair:

  • Towing
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement up to $35 per day for 10 days
  • Trip interruption coverage up to $200 per day for 5 days

Additionally, if you purchase a plan and end up selling your vehicle to an individual buyer before your coverage expires, the Genesis extended warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

Genesis Extended Warranty Exceptions & Exclusions

The Genesis extended warranty covers most vehicle parts, with exclusions for the following parts and conditions:

  • Appearance items like trim and upholstery
  • Wear-and-tear items like brake pads, fuses, and bulbs
  • Damage caused by lack of maintenance or a preexisting condition
  • Accidents caused by collision, accidents, theft, weather, animals, or vandalism

Keep in mind that, in order to use your Genesis extended warranty, you must bring your car to a Hyundai or Genesis dealership for repairs. Also, to keep your coverage valid, you’ll need to maintain your vehicle according to the factory-recommended service schedule at your own expense. This is a standard stipulation for extended warranties.

Do You Need Extended Warranty Coverage?

New Genesis vehicles include one of the longest factory warranties in the industry, meaning extended warranty protection may not provide value for a number of years. The Genesis warranty includes:

Certified pre-owned (CPO) Genesis vehicles are covered by a six-year/75,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and whatever remains of the original 10-year powertrain warranty.

However, for older Genesis vehicles, extended warranty coverage can be well worth it, as the likelihood of an electrical or mechanical malfunction increases as your vehicle ages. If you plan to own your car for a long time, a Genesis extended warranty can be a good idea.

Two things to consider when deciding whether to purchase extended warranty coverage are vehicle reliability and how long you plan to keep your car. An especially reliable vehicle or one you intend to sell before the manufacturer’s warranty expires will not necessarily benefit from Genesis extended warranty coverage.

To look into Genesis’ vehicle reliability, we trust RepairPal, a site that compares brand reliability based on driver-reported data such as average annual repair costs and frequency of unexpected repairs.

Genesis is the relatively new luxury division of the Hyundai Motor Company. Because it is so new, RepairPal has not yet collected enough data to come up with a reliability score. However, it does give reliability scores to parent company Hyundai, which may be a good indication of Genesis’ reliability.

Overall, Hyundai has a RepairPal reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars and ranks fourth out of 32 brands for its dependability. Further reliability scores are shown in the chart below.

Hyundai Average Industry Average
Average Annual Repair Cost $468 $652
Average Repair Shop Visits Per Year 0.3 visits per year 0.4 visits per year
Probability of Needing a Severe Repair* 10% 12%

*RepairPal defines a “severe” repair as any repair that costs more than three times the average annual repair cost for all models.

Hyundai scores very well in terms of reliability. Of course, Hyundai is not the same as Genesis. Before branching off into its own brand, Hyundai did manufacture a Genesis model. According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for a Hyundai Genesis is $565 per year. This is a little higher than the Hyundai average but still lower than the average across all brands.

In the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Vehicle Dependability StudySM, Genesis ranked first among all 32 brands surveyed. Genesis vehicles showed the fewest number of problems per 100 vehicles – only 89, much lower than the industry average of 134.

With such high reliability ratings and a lengthy manufacturer warranty, it is unlikely that most drivers will need to purchase a Genesis extended warranty. However, if you plan to own your Genesis for a long time and want to have peace of mind, an extended warranty can be worth it for the right price.

Genesis Extended Warranty Cost

Like most manufacturers, Genesis does not advertise pricing on its website. This is likely because the cost of a Genesis extended warranty varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on factors such as:

  • Your financing terms
  • The deductible you choose
  • The warranty length you choose

Your Genesis extended warranty cost is likely to be negotiable at the dealership.

Benefits of a Third-Party Extended Warranty

If you’re interested in an extended warranty but your vehicle’s original factory warranty has already expired, you will not be able to purchase a Genesis extended warranty from the dealer. However, you can purchase a vehicle service contract from a third-party provider at any time.

Even if your Genesis is still eligible for an extended warranty from the manufacturer, a third-party plan could still be the superior option. You will have to compare cost and coverage options based on your individual offers to be sure, but typically, third-party vehicle service contracts have the following advantages over manufacturer extended warranties:

  • Often less expensive
  • Can cover older vehicles
  • Offer longer coverage terms
  • Offer more coverage options
  • Can be purchased at any time
  • Are accepted within a larger repair network
  • Offer multiple deductible and financing options

For your Genesis extended warranty needs, we recommend looking into three of our highest-rated providers: Endurance, CARCHEX, and Protect My Car. These companies stood out in our industry-wide review for their customer service, high-quality coverage, and affordability. You can see how much a warranty from each provider would cost you by reaching out for free quotes below. If you can’t decide between these providers, read our Endurance vs. CARCHEX and Protect My Car vs. CARCHEX reviews.

Featured Extended Warranty Companies

We reviewed the best extended auto warranty providers, and here are our top picks.

Best Overall Provider

Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0

Most Affordable Provider

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Best Provider for Used Cars

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

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  • Coverage: Because each consumer has unique needs, it’s essential that a car warranty company offers an array of coverage options. We take into account the number of plans offered by each provider, term limits, exclusions, and additional benefits.
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