Citroen GT Concept Invades London – Will be Produced

The Citroen GT Supercar Concept was designed by Polyphony Digital – creators of the Gran Turismo video game series, for the latest iteration of the game, GT5. Apparently the concept was popular, because they made a real version of it, and below is a video of the supercar driving around London.

Autocar got word from Citroen insiders that they will be doing a limited run of the GT Concept with only six to be produced. Expect to pay north of $1.8 million for this ultra-rare car, which would make it one of the most expensive production cars in the world.

Citroen GT Concept front

The Citroen GT will be powered by either a Ford or GM V8, says product boss Vincent Besson, which will likely produce over 500 hp. Certainly sounds like a V12 in the video. The GT’s body will be made completely from carbon fiber, and details such as the wild copper interior will also remain, which should be interesting.

Expect the Citroen GT Supercar to be officially revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Check out the video below: