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300-Horsepower Citroen DS 5LS R Concept Debuting in China

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Typically, prefers to be reflecting on the new vehicles affecting the North American continent. However, once and a while, we cannot help but to be allured by the creations found deeper in the automotive world.

Even if you are not completely familiar with Citroen, car fans worldwide have some awareness of the DS nameplate. The original Citroen DS is one of the most uniquely identifiable vehicles built in the 20th century. Its aerodynamic shape and employment of technology that was cutting-edge for its day made the Citroen DS was produced from 1955 to 1975. The car’s use by many eccentric fictional characters of film and television like Back to the Future II as well as its offbeat appearance in some video games immortalized the DS to a point Citroen revived the model name in 2009. At the upcoming Beijing Motor Show in China, Citroen’s exhibit will present the DS name in a bold, new persona. Billed as the Citroen equivalent to the Mercedes-Benz AMG cars or Chrysler’s SRT modified sedans, the DS 5LS R concept car raises the bar for refinement in both the performance and luxury.

A 300-horsepower concept sedan, the Citroen DS 5LS R is explained as a “faithful” interpretation of the original vehicle that debuted almost 60 years ago. Though the sedan configuration is not the image most associate with the classic DS, the short truck lid of the Citroen DS 5LS R concept does present a flow similar to the original vehicle’s shaping. What is strikingly clear with the Citroen DS 5LS R concept sedan is its lean towards performance. The matte metallic paint finish, numerous pieces of lightweight carbon fiber trim, carbon-coloured 20-inch wheels and a vertical matt carbon grey side stripe on the front doors structuring the exterior of the DS 5LS R are indicative of a serious sport sedan. Also captivating on the concept car is the so-called ‘DS Wings” grille. The interior of the Citroen concept vehicle will maintain the athletic enthusiasm of the outer shell primarily with the presence of leather, Alcantara and real carbon fiber inserts. The Citroen DS 5LS R’s upholstery is described as a three-fabric watchstrap style accented by stitching in Carmine Red (matching the primary exterior colour).


Citroen DS 5LS R 5621


While the styling is more ultra-modern than retro-European, one way the Citroen DS 5LS R concept car effectively pays homage to its roots is by reciting the technological forward-thinking attitude that guided the icon decades ago. As well as proving being a provocatively styled vehicle, the original DS was popular in exploring than-groundbreaking notions such as disc braking, self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension and power steering. However, one aspect that could be considered the only stain to the classic Citroen’s dynasty is a lack of power. Citroen DS 5LS R will excel in providing acceleration. Powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter gasoline engine, the French sport sedan concept is energized by 300-horsepower and about 295 pound-feet of torque. Thanks to 2014 technology similar to that shown with the Ford EcoBoost engines and Nissan through their 88-pound ZEOD RC gasoline powerplant, the pint-sized engine of the DS 5LS R concept does not suffer from the burdens of its forerunner. A sequential transmission operated by steering column-mounted paddles as well as a high-performance braking and suspension system insure the Citroen DS 5LS R has the will to master the mighty power from its small 1.6-liter powerplant.


Citroen DS 5LS R5626

By no means as radical as the Citroen Numero 9 concept shown at the Chinese show in 2012, maybe the high-performance luxury DS 5LS R could find the fast track to production? The Citroen DS 5LS R concept sedan will be on display at the Beijing Motor Show between April 20th and April 29th.

With many automakers regarding the massive population of China as a pivotal market, the Citroen brand is also pressed to deliver automotive fanfare alongside Dongfeng Motors. A long-term partner for the French auto company in the major market, China’s Dongfeng Motors acquired a 14 percent ownership stake in PSA Peugeot Citroen.

Information, photo and video source: PSA Peugeot Citroen