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Bankrupt Saab To Restart Production of 9-5, 9-3

Saab is dead. No, wait Saab is saved! Oops, sorry the deal fell through – but another one is in the works! That constant back-and-forth has been a real automotive soap opera over the past few years. While we all watched the situation from afar off, we’re sure the experience wasn’t an enjoyable one for factory workers, executives or dealers. With some last gasps regarding the Turkish government (really? really?) being interested in the company, it appears Saab has finally reached the end.

The bankruptcy process is winding through, and dealers around the world are selling off their inventory at crazy low prices. They remaining cars aren’t worth much given they are being sold by a bankrupt company with no warranty coverage.

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“As is” on a new luxury vehicle is a frightening thought to most. If you’re brave though, incredible deals are to be found – not to mention there is the possibility of aftermarket warranties, which some dealers are working to offer.

Throughout the whole process, Saab hasn’t produced any new cars at its own plant. While General Motors produces some 9-4X’s at its Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico, the factory at Trollhattan has been idle for months. How ironic then is this news that production will be restarted. Yes, workers will return to the plant to complete the unfinished cars there, which are estimated to number around 100. These cars will be sold off and after that, it is lights out.

The last 100 are likely to have a lot of value for Saab aficionados and collectors in the future. Over at SaabsUnited there will be an effort to track each one. This appears to truly be the end of the line for the quirky Swedish automaker. It is a shame the next-generation 9-3 never got to see the light of day. We would have really liked to see what Saab came up with on its own, free from GM-imposed constraints.

  1. Wow, this is a sad ending to Saab. I own a Subaru and i remember the infamous Saabaru that was created with a Saab interior and the power of the boxer engine. I liked it! But looks like Saab was never a well known or trusted car maker. Farewell Saab!

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