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Saab To Auction Museum Cars, “We Are Saab” Rallies Being Held In 42 Countries

Saab is currently winding through its bankruptcy process. Steel and industrial commodities are being sold off, and the final 100 cars are being built on the production line. This is par for the course for a bankrupt company; administrators in charge are trying to raise the maximum amount of capital.

In the midst of all of this, there are some people out there still holding out hope that the brand will be saved. In fact, there is a worldwide effort going on right now to build awareness about Saab. Over 100 rallies are being staged in 42 (!) countries!

One of these “We are Saab” events was held this past weekend in the Netherlands – it attracted 1600 Saabs and 3800 visitors, causing many traffic jams in the area. Craziness – planners say it was a turnout far beyond what they had ever imagined.

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Former Chief Executive Officer Victor Mueller addressed the crowd about Saab and pumped them up about the possibilities for its future. Hearing him tell it, there are parties with “deep pockets” interested in the company – intact. Somehow we doubt that will happen, but if anything could persuade a potential buyer that Saab has loyal fans, these rallies would have to be it.

There is an excitement about that effort among fans, but a damper has been put on it with news about the liquidation of museum cars. Delphi, the Swedish company in charge of liquidation, has announced that Saab’s entire vehicle inventory is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. This includes historic vehicles, prototypes and concepts.

There is years of Saab history in this collection, and Saab enthusiasts are mobilizing to prevent these cars from falling into wrong hands. Normally vehicles like this would be displayed in a museum. There is one already, but its future is uncertain. The City of Trollhattan and a company called Innovatum are reportedly trying to reach a deal to save it.

Over at SaabsUnited, fans are identifying the cars that are “must buys”. A short list of 11 has been made, but there is a whole lot more in the collection. Enthusiasts are contacting Saab’s administrator to see how the purchase process works. The end goal is to have the purchasers come together to create some sort of private museum if the existing ones can’t be saved. We told you Saab fans were dedicated! For more information on what is going on, head over to SaabsUnited and check out the list.

  1. This is a heartbreaking outcome. I’ve owned two Saabs in the past and every time I pass one on the road I wish I still owned one. It may be a long-shot, but I still view the brand as being associated with quality and craftsmanship, so I have to believe that somehow someone will resurrect the nameplate. I miss you, Saab!

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