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USAA Insurance

USAA Car Insurance Review: Best for Military Families

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USAA Car Insurance
In Our Opinion:
USAA offers financial services and insurance products to military members and their families. Generous discounts and knowledgeable customer service representatives help the company stand apart, but coverage is limited to USAA members only.
Industry Standing
Customer Service
Online Experience
Accident forgiveness
Flexible payment plan
Family, loyalty, mileage, and other discounts
Excellent claims service
Mobile app
Bundling available
Strict membership criteria
Some coverage limited by state
No physical locations

Auto insurance is a major decision that impacts your finances and, sometimes, the life of both drivers and passengers. USAA car insurance provides coverage for those on active duty military, veterans, and their immediate families with a variety of standard and military-specific options.

Our team has performed thorough research on each of the best auto insurance companies, going through the quotes process and evaluating coverage and customer feedback. Read our USAA auto insurance review below to help you find the right provider for your situation. Fill out the form to get a quote.

USAA Coverage Options

USAA truly tailors its coverage to meet the unique demands of military life. From special, extended benefit coverage to vehicle storage discounts for deployed members, USAA auto insurance has serviced military families for nearly a century. 

Here are your options for car insurance with USAA:

  • Liability Insurance: Required in most states, this insurance covers injury, death, and property damage if you are at fault in a collision. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: A plan for damage unrelated to a collision or rollover. Certain custom equipment is also covered (i.e., non-OEM parts). 
  • Collision Insurance: Protect your vehicle in the event of an accident or rollover, no matter who is at fault. 
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage: Opt for bodily injury protection or property damage protection in case of a hit-and-run or collision caused by a driver with poor or no insurance. 
  • Extended Benefit Coverage: This covers wage earner and services disability benefits, as well as a death benefit. You must purchase medical payments coverage to receive extended benefits. 
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Get covered up to a certain amount for funeral expenses, income continuation, loss of services expenses, and child care. 
  • Rideshare Coverage: USAA is one of the few providers to insure Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers while they wait for a trip request. 

If you’re looking for additional coverage, USAA offers standard roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. We especially like its accident forgiveness benefit, which you won’t find with some competitors. Accident forgiveness is given after five years without an accident or violation. If you cause an accident after that time, your insurance premiums won’t go up. 

One of the downsides of USAA insurance coverage is how some special benefits are limited by the state where you live. Extended benefits coverage, for example, may not be available in your state. 

Another limitation is membership requirements. USAA car insurance is only available to the following people: 

  • Spouses of USAA members.
  • Children and stepchildren aged 18+ of USAA members.
  • Officer candidates from the ROTC, OTS/OCS, or an academy.
  • Active, retired, or honorably discharged officers and military personnel.
  • Widows, widowers, and unmarried former spouses of USAA members who joined during marriage.

Loyalty Discounts & Other Incentives

The most recent data from the NAIC lists the average cost of car insurance premiums across the country.

  • Liability Insurance: $566.51
  • Collision Insurance: $342.40
  • Comprehensive Insurance: $153.32

According to J.D. Power, USAA ranks at the top of customer satisfaction surveys for affordability, which makes it popular among veterans and military families. USAA lowers prices even more with a number of discounts and plans based on the following factors: 

  • Multi-Vehicle: Extend your plan to two or more vehicles.
  • Grades: Receive a discount for maintaining good grades.
  • New Vehicle: Find a plan for cars less than three years old.
  • Loyalty: The longer you stick with USAA, the more you’ll save on premiums.
  • Vehicle Storage: Receive a discount of up to 60 percent for storing your vehicle.
  • Annual Mileage: Get a discount for driving fewer miles with a usage-based plan.
  • Safe Driving: Improve your rate when you maintain a good driving record for five years or more. 
  • Driving Courses: Complete a defensive driving course from USAA. Drivers under 21 can also take a basic driving course. 
  • Family Discount: USAA members’ adult children can save up to 10 percent on car insurance by continuing USAA auto insurance services. 
  • Military Installation Discount: Save up to 15 percent on comprehensive insurance plans if you store your vehicle in a garage on a military base.

Your insurance rates will also be dictated by factors like your age, gender, driving record, and vehicle. 

USAA Claims Process & Customer Service 

The only thing rated as highly as USAA’s coverage and affordability is its customer service and claims process. We give USAA customer service a 100 percent rating for the overall claims experience. Customer reviews frequently praise USAA representatives for their professionalism and quick responses. 

Though USAA doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar locations, customers are still able to effectively communicate over the phone or online. When requesting a quote, the online quote engine is simple and fast. The USAA mobile app allows USAA members to check their insurance policy, request quotes, and download their insurance ID cards. 

USAA has near perfect scores in customer satisfaction for fair claim settlements, an efficient repair process, claim handling, and price estimations. Your USAA claims representative will work with you until the repairs are complete. 

Customers also have several payment plan options, including a six-month or 12-month payment plan. There is also no payment required at the start of the policy. 

Based on our research, we give USAA car insurance a 95 percent rating for the overall claims and customer service experience. USAA car insurance is the best on the market for military families.
Based on our research, we give USAA car insurance a 100 percent rating for the overall claims and customer service experience. USAA car insurance is the best on the market for military families.

USAA Car Insurance Reviews

USAA customers are loyal, and many families report sticking with USAA for decades. 

Read these USAA auto insurance reviews from current customers on Trustpilot: 

“I have been with USAA for over 10 years and only when dealing with other insurance companies, do you see just how fantastic the customer service at USAA is.” – Randolph W.

“I have been a USAA member for years . . . and am certain, there is no better company to work with! They are fast, responsive, and very adaptable to your needs. I have checking and savings accounts with USAA, a credit card, my vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance through them. With each additional product, I get bigger discounts . . . the staff is super professional and helpful any time I need them!” – Lisa P.

According to the Better Business Bureau, customers have mixed reviews on some USAA services, such as banking, but USAA auto insurance reviews tend to be positive. 

“I’ve had USAA insurance, home and auto, for over 20 years, no problems. Last accident = forgiveness. They were very courteous, and I had no problems at all.” – D. Thomas

“My husband and I have been USAA members since 2009. They have been nothing but kind and professional and helped us with so many things from a stolen truck, barn fire, to hail damage. We have everything with them and feel they should be rated higher than a 1 star. They have been 5 stars for us.” – Mandy E. 

Despite USAA’s good reputation, customers have reported an increase in negative experiences to the BBB. These cases typically involve being denied roadside assistance or having issues reaching an assigned customer service representative. 

Conclusion: Best Car Insurance for Military Families 

USAA auto insurance is our pick for Best for Military Families. With a 15-percent storage discount and special medical coverage plans, USAA meets the specific needs of military members, veterans, and their families.

Our research shows that USAA is an affordable and efficient option for drivers, but their insurance is not for everyone. If you are not in the military or a spouse or child of a military member, then this company is not for you.

If that’s the case, you still have plenty of solid options. Consider our rankings for State Farm (Strongest Financial Strength), Liberty Mutual (Best Insurance for New Drivers), or GEICO (Best Overall Auto Insurance). 

For USAA members or potential members, fill out the online form for a free quote.

USAA Insurance FAQ

How much does USAA car insurance cost? 

The cost of USAA car insurance is different for each individual. Your premium will differ based on:

  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • The deductible
  • Type and model of vehicle
  • Driving and violation history
  • Type of plan, including mileage-based plans
  • Number of teenagers or students on your plan
  • Discounts used (bundling, good grades, family discounts, etc.)
  • The number of vehicles and drivers covered under your plan

Other factors may affect price, including bundles with other types of insurance or programs that monitor your driving habits. Your premium can be increased or decreased by adjusting your deductible, as well.

Does USAA car insurance cost less than GEICO or State Farm? 

According to a recent shopping survey from J.D. Power, customers rank USAA’s affordability above major competitors, such as GEICO, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and Nationwide. 

While USAA may seem cheaper, it is not a guarantee, as your coverage and special add-ons from different companies may change the price. 

How much does it cost to be a USAA member?

There is no charge to be a USAA member. However, banking services and other USAA products may involve a fee. 

Does USAA offer teen driver insurance?

Yes. A teenager with an active learner’s permit or driver’s license can be insured under a USAA plan. USAA also offers a driver training course for teenagers.

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