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USAA Insurance Reviews

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We rate USAA car insurance a 4.5 out of 5.0 and award it “Best for Military” due to its low rates, coverage options, and helpful customer service.

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USAA Car Insurance
In Our Opinion:
USAA offers financial services and insurance products to military members and their families. Generous discounts and knowledgeable customer service representatives help the company stand apart, but coverage is limited to USAA members only.
Industry Standing
Customer Service
Online Experience
Accident forgiveness
Flexible payment plan
Family, loyalty, mileage, and other discounts
Excellent claims service
Mobile app
Bundling available
Strict membership criteria
Some coverage limited by state
No physical locations

Our team has performed thorough research on each of the best car insurance companies in the industry, going through the quotes process and evaluating coverage and customer feedback. In this article, we’ll take a look at USAA insurance reviews, policy options, discounts, pricing, and more.

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USAA Car Insurance Reviews

We gave USAA a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating due to its industry standing, availability, coverage, affordability, customer service, and online experience. Because USAA provides the strongest car insurance coverage and discount opportunities for military members, veterans, and their families, we named it “Best for Military” in 2024.

Review CategoryRatings Score
Industry Standing4.5
Customer Service4.3
Online Experience4.9
Overall Rating4.5

How Good Is USAA Insurance?

USAA is one of the best car insurance providers in the industry. In fact, the company ranked second in our comprehensive study of the best car insurance companies of 2024, largely because of its affordable options for car insurance.

Since USAA is consistently one of the cheapest car insurance companies for military members, veterans, and their families, we believe it is a good choice for drivers who qualify for coverage.

USAA Insurance Ratings

While USAA has been around for several decades, it is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company also did not pay for an accreditation with the BBB. However, USAA does hold a “Superior” A++ financial strength rating from AM Best, which rates services according to their creditworthiness.

USAA Customer Satisfaction

Though USAA does not have any physical branches readily available to the public (there are a few locations on military bases), its customer satisfaction ratings are still high. According to our research, USAA policyholders are satisfied with their insurance coverage from the provider.

We polled nearly 7,000 respondents in 2022 to determine their satisfaction with their car insurance company. About 5% reported that they had a USAA insurance policy. The USAA policyholders rated their overall satisfaction with the company a 4.3 out of 5.0, which was above the insurance company industry average of 4.2.

USAA J.D. Power Ratings

USAA insurance has a strongly positive reputation within the auto insurance industry. In J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction studies, USAA regularly tops the list for auto insurance. And the 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study, which gives companies an overall rating based on their billing process and policy information, claims handling, interaction, policy offerings, and price—was no different. USAA once again scored the highest of all providers, although it was not included in the rankings due to its membership eligibility requirements.

USAA Customer Reviews

Below are a few examples of positive reviews and complaints from USAA customers on the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot platforms.

Positive USAA Insurance Reviews

USAA customers are loyal, and many families report sticking with USAA for decades. These qualities are evident when reading positive reviews of the company, which frequently praise the customer service representatives for their professionalism and quick responses:

“I have been with USAA for over 10 years and only when dealing with other insurance companies do you see just how fantastic the customer service at USAA is.”

– Randolph W.

“I have been a USAA member for years … and am certain there is no better company to work with. They are fast, responsive, and very adaptable to your needs. I have checking and savings accounts with USAA, a credit card, my vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance through them. With each additional product, I get bigger discounts. … The staff is super professional and helpful any time I need them.”

– Lisa P.

Negative USAA Insurance Reviews

Despite USAA’s good reputation, there has been an increase in customer complaints on the BBB website. These cases typically involve being denied roadside assistance or having issues reaching an assigned customer service representative:

“I have been with USAA for 27 years. They were the best insurance company. Now they have the worst customer service. I recently had an accident. After working with USAA and sending my car back 3 times to fix issues, they stated the remaining issues were not related to the crash and would not repair them even though they agreed it was not there before the crash.”

— Matt L.

“They took my money for years for my insurance but they wouldn’t pay me when I had to file a claim.”

 — Pam A.

USAA Insurance Reviews: Reddit

While it isn’t specifically a review site, many people go to the discussion site Reddit to ask questions and provide feedback about companies. Our team looked for USAA car insurance reviews on Reddit to see what internet users had to say about the company in a less formal setting.

Positive USAA Insurance Reviews on Reddit

Many of the positive comments on Reddit threads about USAA insurance mentioned the high level of service and ease of claims processing.

I’m a lawyer who specializes in suing insurance companies who deny claims. USAA is one of the only companies I’ve NEVER sued.” – u/TheGreatK

Been using USAA for 20 years with no problems.” – u/SCOveterandretired

I loved dealing with them as a claims adjuster – they really seem to go to bat for their customers, far more than the industry average (and they were who we always were chasing in terms of customer loyalty/retention).” – u/hoppityhoppity

Negative USAA Insurance Reviews on Reddit

Our researchers were surprised to find that many negative comments about USAA on Reddit mentioned being able to find higher rates elsewhere despite our internal cost data showing the company as consistently offering some of the lowest rates available. Some commenters also mentioned that they felt USAA’s level of service had started to worsen.

My wife and I just got a new car in NY. Like you, I’ve had my insurance with USAA for the last 10+ years and they were always competitive. GEICO was 50% less on the new car than USAA quoted us.” – u/fs2k2isfun

USAA used to be amazing… cheapest rates and great service. In the last few years rates have climbed and are basically the same as everyone else.” – u/AllUrMemes

USAA Car Insurance Advice on Reddit

One user suggested that a person’s rank may affect the cost of USAA car insurance. This user also offered some tips on how to get the best rates with the company.

“USAA rates are typically going to be more expensive than GEICO for single soldiers below the rank of E7.

You get much better rates if you bundle or have family plans. Officers and senior enlisted are actually handled by a different subsidiary internally and they get far better treatment and rates.” – u/Delta3Angle

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About USAA

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) car insurance provides active-duty U.S. military members, veterans, and their immediate families with a variety of standard and military-specific auto insurance coverage options.

USAA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and offers auto insurance as well as renters insurance, homeowners insurance, property insurance, life insurance, and more.

Since opening in 1922, the company has become the fifth-largest auto insurance company in the U.S., according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In 2021, the company wrote over $15.7 billion in auto insurance premiums. 

USAA Car Insurance Coverage

USAA truly tailors its coverage to meet the unique demands of military life. From special extended benefits to vehicle storage discounts for deployed persons, USAA auto insurance has serviced military families for nearly a century.

Here are the types of car insurance offered by USAA:

  • Liability coverage: Required in most states, this insurance covers injury, death, and property damage if you are at fault in a collision. 
  • Comprehensive coverage: A plan for damage unrelated to a collision or rollover. Certain custom equipment is also covered, including some non-OEM parts. 
  • Collision coverage: Protect your vehicle in the event of an accident or rollover, no matter who is at fault. 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Opt for bodily injury protection or property damage protection in case of a hit-and-run or collision caused by a driver with poor or no insurance. 

USAA Auto Insurance Coverage Options

In addition to its standard coverage, USAA offers several policy add-ons. These additional coverage options can help you cover other costs related to owning and driving a car:

  • Extended benefit coverage: This covers wage earner and services disability benefits, as well as a death benefit. You must purchase medical payments coverage to receive extended benefits.
  • Rental car insurance: Get a rental reimbursement while your car is being repaired following a covered accident.  
  • Roadside assistance: Be prepared for roadside emergencies with a package that includes fuel delivery, jump starts, lockout services, and towing to the nearest repair shop.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Get covered up to a certain amount for funeral expenses, income continuation, loss of services expenses, and child care. 
  • Rideshare coverage: USAA is one of the few providers to insure Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare drivers while they wait for a trip request. 

We especially like USAA’s accident forgiveness benefit, which you won’t find with some competitors. Accident forgiveness is given after five years without an accident or violation. If you cause an accident after that time, your insurance premiums won’t go up.

Who Is Eligible For USAA Insurance Coverage?

One of the downsides of USAA insurance coverage is how some special benefits are limited by where you live. Extended benefits coverage, for example, may not be available in your state. 

Another limitation is USAA membership eligibility requirements. USAA car insurance is only available to the following people:

  • Spouses of USAA members
  • Children and stepchildren of USAA members
  • Officer candidates from the ROTC, OTS/OCS, or an academy
  • Active, retired, or honorably discharged officers and military service members
  • Widows, widowers, and unmarried former spouses of USAA members who joined during marriage

USAA Claims

The only thing rated as highly as USAA’s coverage and affordability is its customer service and claims process. Although USAA doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar locations, policyholders are still able to effectively communicate over the phone or online. The USAA mobile app allows USAA members to check their auto insurance policy information, request quotes, and download insurance ID cards. 

USAA Car Insurance Cost

According to our rate estimates, USAA is one of the cheapest car insurance companies across states and driving profiles. Good drivers can find full coverage insurance from USAA for an average of $1,179 per year or $98 per month, which is much cheaper than the national average of $1,983.

USAA Auto Insurance Price Comparison

Our cost research shows that USAA is one of the cheapest car insurance providers for drivers who qualify for coverage. But keep in mind that the rate you receive from USAA may be different than the ones in the sections below. The reason why is that there are several factors that affect car insurance costs, some of which you can control and others you cannot.

USAA High-Risk Auto Insurance Rates

Your driving record significantly impacts how much you will pay for car insurance. However, in our research, we found that USAA car insurance estimates are far below the average for drivers with a recent speeding ticket, at-fault accident, or DUI on their record. The table below shows monthly and annual cost estimates for different driver situations.

USAA Average Monthly Cost EstimateUSAA Average Annual Cost EstimateNational Average Annual Cost Estimate
Speeding Ticket$120$1,438$2,487
Car Accident$142$1,709$2,911

USAA Car Insurance Rates By Age

Another factor that impacts the final price you pay for car insurance is your age. Younger drivers who lack driving experience pay hundreds of dollars more for auto insurance than experienced drivers in their 30s. The table below provides a look into how USAA car insurance costs differ by age. 

AgeUSAA Average Monthly Cost EstimateUSAA Average Annual Cost Estimate

USAA Car Insurance Rates By State

Even if you are a good driver, the state where you live can drastically affect your auto insurance rate. This is because different states have different car insurance regulations, coverage requirements, population densities, and environmental events. Below, you can see how USAA compares to the average rate in each state.

StateState Average Cost EstimateUSAA Cost Estimate
District of Columbia$1,795$1,074
Florida$3,991Data not available
Iowa$1,424Data not available
Massachusetts$1,836Data not available
New Hampshire$1,244$751
New Jersey$2,345Data not available
New Mexico$2,134$993
New York$3,371$604
North Carolina$1,527Data not available
North Dakota$1,326$635
Ohio$1,408Data not available
Rhode Island$2,440$608
South Carolina$1,775$2,224
South Dakota$2,198$1,306
West Virginia$1,595$771
Wisconsin$1,962Data not available

Is USAA Car Insurance Expensive?

According to our cost research, USAA is one of the most affordable car insurance companies in the industry. Its rates are 41% below the national average for auto insurance.

USAA Insurance Rates Compared to Others

Below, you can see how USAA compares to a variety of leading providers on the market. These estimates apply to 40-year-old drivers with good credit and driving records.

Car Insurance ProviderAverage Monthly Cost EstimateAverage Annual Cost Estimate
Erie Insurance$121$1,456
Auto-Owners Insurance$124$1,491
State Farm$156$1,872

USAA Car Insurance Quotes

When requesting a car insurance quote, the online quote engine is simple and fast. The amount you are quoted for USAA auto insurance varies from person to person and is determined by a number of factors.

Six icons representing the most influential factors in the cost of car insurance premiums, including coverage choices, driving history, age, credit score, deductible, and location.

Here are a number of other variables also affect your USAA insurance quote:

  • Coverage options: The kinds of coverage you buy and the coverage limits you choose play a significant role in how much you pay for car insurance.
  • Deductible: You’ll have some choice over how high you set your deductible. While a higher deductible can lower your car insurance premiums, you’ll have to pay more out of pocket to repair damages.
  • Driving record: If you’ve had a recent at-fault accident or moving violation, you can expect to pay more for car insurance than someone with a clean driving record.
  • Age: Younger drivers and senior drivers pay more for car insurance than middle-aged drivers. Teen drivers usually pay the most.
  • Credit score: Your credit score also plays a role in your insurance premiums. Drivers with good credit will 
  • Location: Different states have different rates for insurance, but rates can vary within those states too. Drivers living in rural areas often pay less for coverage than those in cities.
  • Vehicle: The make, model, and value of your car also affect your insurance rates. In general, larger and more expensive cars are more expensive to insure.

USAA Auto Insurance Payment Options

Customers also have several payment plan options, including a six-month or 12-month payment plan. There is no payment required at the start of the policy. USAA members can pay their bills through any checking or savings account.

Additionally, MasterCard, American Express, or Via can be used to pay auto (and property) bills specifically. On the other hand, USAA requires non-USAA bills to be paid with a USAA checking account.

USAA Insurance Discounts

According to J.D. Power, USAA ranks at the top for customer satisfaction in terms of affordability, which makes it popular among veterans and military families. USAA lowers prices even more with a number of driver discounts and plans based on the following factors: 

  • Good student: Receive a discount for maintaining good grades.
  • New vehicle: If your car is less than three years old, you’ll get a discount.
  • Loyalty: The longer you stick with USAA, the more you’ll save on premiums.
  • Multi-policy: You’ll get a bundling discount if you combine your auto insurance with USAA home insurance.
  • Multi-vehicle: Extend your plan to two or more vehicles and receive a discount.
  • Vehicle storage: Receive a discount of up to 60 percent for storing your vehicle.
  • Annual mileage: Get a discount for driving fewer miles per year with a usage-based plan.
  • Safe driver: Improve your rate when you stay accident-free maintain a good driving record for five years or more. 
  • Driving courses: Complete a defensive driving course from USAA (or a basic driving course if under 21 years of age) for a discount.
  • Family discount: USAA members’ adult children can save up to 10 percent on car insurance by continuing USAA auto insurance services. 
  • Military installation discount: Save up to 15 percent on comprehensive insurance plans if you store your vehicle in a garage on a military base.

USAA SafePilot Program

Like most insurance companies these days, USAA has a telemetrics program that can adjust your rates based on your driving habits using a mobile app. Drivers in most states can get a 10% discount just for signing up for the program. Practicing safe driving habits can earn drivers up to 30% off of their premiums using the app.

USAA Car Insurance Reviews: Conclusion

USAA car insurance is our pick for Best for Military. With a 15% storage discount and special medical coverage plans, USAA meets the specific needs of military members, veterans, and their families. The provider offers other savings opportunities like its new vehicle discount that, while not specifically geared toward military members and their families, can still make policies even more affordable.

Our research shows that a USAA auto policy is an affordable and efficient option for drivers, but this insurance is not for everyone. If you are not in the military or a spouse or child of a military member, then this company is not for you.

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Alternatives To USAA: Recommended Providers

If you’re not eligible for USAA auto coverage, you’ve got more than a few good options to consider. Even if you do have access to USAA, it’s always a good idea to shop around to have a few quotes to compare. We found that USAA was not always the cheapest option. Based on our industry-wide insurance study, our editors recommend starting your search with two of the top performers.

State Farm: Best Customer Experience

In our most recent auto insurance study, State Farm earned the highest score of all providers and with it, the award for Best Customer Service. Low rates, plenty of coverage options, and a strong industry reputation make the company a good option for almost any driver. However, households with younger drivers and especially students will find a number of specialized discounts that can help bring premiums down for drivers who traditionally face some of the highest rates.

Keep reading: State Farm car insurance review

GEICO: Most Discount Options

Our researchers found that GEICO consistently offers some of the lowest estimated premiums in most locations around the country and for drivers in a variety of risk categories. However, the company also features one of the biggest selections of discounts of any provider in our study – meaning those already low rates can often be even cheaper. People looking for affordable coverage from a highly-regarded provider should consider GEICO among their first options when buying car insurance online.

Keep reading: GEICO car insurance review

USAA Auto Insurance: FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about USAA auto insurance:

Is USAA insurance a reputable company?

Yes, USAA is a reputable car insurance company. The provider consistently ranks well in consumer studies in terms of claims satisfaction and customer service, according to J.D. Power studies. USAA also received one of the highest overall customer satisfaction scores in our 2022 insurance survey.

Is USAA good at paying claims?

Yes, USAA is a company known for paying out claims on time to customers. In the latest J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, the provider ranked significantly above the industry average with 890 points out of a possible 1,000. While it did not formally rank in the study, it fell just behind Amica Mutual, NJM Insurance, and Erie Insurance for overall customer satisfaction.

Does USAA car insurance cost less than GEICO or State Farm?

According to a recent shopping survey from J.D. Power, customers rank USAA’s affordability above major competitors, such as GEICO, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and Nationwide.

While USAA may seem cheaper, it is not a guarantee, as your coverage and special add-ons from different companies may change the price. 

How much does it cost to be a USAA member?

There is no charge to be a USAA member. However, banking services and other USAA products may involve a fee.

Does USAA offer teen driver insurance?

Yes. A teenager with an active learner’s permit or driver’s license can be insured under a USAA plan. USAA also offers a driver training course for teenagers.

How do you cancel USAA auto insurance?

You can now cancel your USAA auto insurance online or through the company’s mobile app. However, you can still cancel your USAA auto insurance over the phone by calling 1(800)531-8722.

What are USAA’s payment options?

USAA’s payment options are an electronic payment from your checking account, savings account, debit card, or credit card. You can also set up automatic payments.

What is the number for USAA complaints?

If you have USAA complaints, you can call customer service at 1(800)531-8722. Based on its average complaint index and high ratings from the BBB among other factors, we gave USAA 100 percent for its customer service. You should be able to resolve your problem.

Can anyone join USAA?

Not just anyone can join USAA. To be eligible for USAA auto insurance, you must be a member of the military or be the family member of a military member.

Our Methodology

Our expert review team takes satisfaction in providing accurate and unbiased information. We identified the following rating categories based on consumer survey data and conducted extensive research to formulate rankings of the best car insurance providers.

  • Affordability: A variety of factors influence cost, so it can be difficult to compare quotes between providers. Our team considers auto insurance rate estimates generated by Quadrant Information Services and discount opportunities when giving this score.
  • Coverage: Because each consumer has unique needs, it’s essential that a car insurance company offers an array of coverage options. We take into account types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, and add-on policies.
  • Industry Standing: Our team considers Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, financial strength, and years in business when giving this score.
  • Availability: Auto insurers with greater state availability and few eligibility requirements are more likely to meet consumer needs.
  • Customer Service: Reputable car insurance providers operate with a certain degree of care for consumers. We consider complaints filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), J.D. Power claims servicing scores, and customer feedback.
  • Online Experience: Insurers with easy-to-use websites and highly rated mobile apps scored best in this category.

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Industry Standing
Customer Service
Online Experience
Final Score

  1. On May 10, 2023, I was involved in an accident with one of USAA’s clients. Everything proceeded smoothly until they decided to give me the runaround in repairing my car or compensating me for its worth. The adjuster was nowhere to be found, and it took me a couple of months to receive any response from them. They informed me that my car was a total loss and provided a specific amount they were willing to pay for it via email, stating that I could dispute it if I could find a car in the same category with the same mileage within a 100-mile radius. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an exact match, but I did find a vehicle that was one year older and one year newer, so I disputed the price they were offering.

    They assured me they would get back to me in a couple of weeks, but I never heard from them again. Frustrated, I took the step of filing a complaint against them with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Office of the Attorney General. However, I received no assistance beyond the insurance company responding to me and denying my dispute without providing any tangible reasoning. This was after three months of back-and-forth since my car accident, with no access to a replacement vehicle or rental car.

    Now, it has been five months, and they are attempting to push the responsibility onto my own insurance. These actions indicate that these individuals are playing games with people’s lives, and there seems to be no one holding them accountable. It is disheartening to realize that we live in a country that is supposed to protect average citizens from being taken advantage of by large companies like USAA, but this has proven to be far from the truth. I have lost trust in the entire system, and I am determined to stop paying insurance premiums to these corporate entities that seem only interested in taking our hard-earned money every day, without delivering the support they promise.