Scion FR S 3

2013 Scion FR-S, Subaru BR-Z Top Quickest-Selling Cars List

Scion FR S 3

We’ve talked to our local Scion dealer, and they have seen a very high level of interest in the FR-S. In fact, there is two red ones out in front right now, and they are both already spoken for. Each time we drive by, people are standing around them taking a look.

All this floor traffic is much-welcomed, and it isn’t just a development limited to our local dealer. According to The New York Times, both the Scion FR-S and its Subaru BRZ twin are flying off dealer lots across the country. So much so in fact that they are the fastest-selling cars in the industry right now.

Scion FR-S

The BRZ sits on the lot for four days, with the FR-S close behind at five days. For a lot of enthusiasts, these cars are a big deal. For years now, they have been endlessly covered (Toyabaru, etc). That kind of coverage always translate into actual sales though, so we were eager to see how these cars were going to be received. So far, the initial impressions are good – and they are surpassing the expectations of their builders. Demand right now far outstrips supply.

Subaru planned to sell just 6,000 BRZ coupes this year, a very conservative number. FR-S is a bit above that, with a planned 10,000. In Japan, BRZ demand was four times what Subaru planned. Next year, Scion plans to sell 20,000 units, a figure that seems just about right to us. The genius of the free market is that generally (there are exceptions), if you’ve got a good product it is going to sell well. To enthusiasts, cars aren’t commodities though – they are far more of an emotional decision. The sparse, handling-focused nature of these two cars is something that people are responding to. Hopefully a positive response will cause Toyota to green light more enthusiast-focused projects in the future.

  1. very nice car. I think that it is the rims that make a car get it futuristic looks not the speed or the handeling but the tires. lol i thought the same thing. What how. But it is true. Go and look at any new cars being released in the future years like 2013 or 2014 and look at the rims.

  2. Very cool, good to hear that they're selling well. The biggest problem with it so far is the lack of power, and I'd imagine if it keeps selling well then they'll definitely make a turbo or supercharged version.

    1. Crossing fingers for a turbo but I'd be more impressed if they could get around 250 HP NA out of that boxer.

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