Underground Racing 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo front

This 2,005 HP Lamborghini Gallardo Will Eat You Alive

Underground Racing 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive a car with over twice the horsepower of a Bugatti Veyron? Just ask the guys at Underground Racing, the NC-based tuners that have just created this monster.

Any Lamborghini is already a beast of a car, but nearly quadrupling a Gallardo’s power…it’s almost absurd.

Oh and by the way, they managed to complete a mile run in only 21.852 seconds at 263 mph. That’s REALLY fast. And probably a world record or something.

But since the time was recorded by the on-board ECU and not external tools, the time isn’t considered official. You’d think they’d have thought of that first.

Check out the video of the run below. It’s nearly 5 minutes long, so feel free to skip to around the 2 minute mark and watch until 3:00 when the race ends:

Damn, that thing sounds mean.

Official or not, that’s an incredibly impressive run. It’s interesting in the early part of the video you can see a Nissan GT-R beat the Gallardo off the line for a while. I imagine that means that the turbos take a ridiculously long time to spool up, but once they do, that thing’s probably losing traction at 150 mph.

Underground Racing has managed to create some other amazing Lambos too, including their original 1200 hp, ass-less twin-turbo Gallardo from 2007 and the 1200 hp twin-turbo Lamborghini Aventador from last year.

Tossing an extra 500 horsepower onto an Aventador is impressive, and would likely make for a still semi drivable car. But putting over 2,000 ponies on a car that originally made “only” 560? I don’t even want to think about the amount of engineering that went into that feat.

I’ll tell you what though, I’m proud to say they’re from my home state.

Now let’s see what kind of power they’re able to fit into an Aventador. Have it fellas!

Underground Racing 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo

Underground Racing 2000 hp Lamborghini Gallardo rear