One Ridiculous Lamborghini: the 1200 HP Underground Racing Aventador TT

Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador TT

One more from the folks that make me proud that I’m from North Carolina – Underground Racing. The team that have proved to be experts at slapping high-powered turbos on high-powered exotics, have yet again, slapped two high-powered turbos on Lamborghini’s newest high-powered exotic – the Aventador LP700-4.

The Aventador boasts a slightly ridiculous 700 horsepower from the factory, and Underground Racing managed to nearly double it to a very ridiculous 1200 hp. We’ve seen modified Aventadors from other tuners (Oakley and Prindiville, to name a couple,) but none of them reach this level of buying-your-own-death-sentence.

To get to 1200 horses, UR didn’t just bolt on a twin-turbo system; even the stock engine from the newest Lambo turns into a timebomb when that much power is pumped through it. UR had to completely rebuild the engine to support the extra umph. On top of that, they added their own QuickShift system to – and I find this a bit hard to believe – knock off shifts faster than the stock Aventador, which did it in 50 milliseconds (same as an F1 car.)

Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador TT setup

So what does an extra 500 hp and quicker shifts translate to? The UR team was able blast from zero to 60 mph in only 2.2 seconds – 0.7 faster than the stock Aventador does zero to 62 (100 km/h.) May not seem like much, but that’s pretty damn fast.

Sadly, no specs or prices, or…anything, really, are listed on their website, but they do have a video showing it off. After the video below, keep scrolling to check out a few more images of the Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador TT: