900 Saabs Sitting In New Jersey Set To Be Auctioned Off

Missed your chance at buying a new Saab? *Crickets* If anyone out there did, you’ll have one more chance to do so. And no, we aren’t talking about years in the future via National Electric Vehicle Sweden. We’re talking about the opportunity to get your hands on one of 900 “new” Saabs that have been sitting in New Jersey waiting to be delivered.

When Saab declared bankruptcy, delivery of these cars to dealers was halted. For the past year, they have sat there in limbo, unable to be sold. Around the time of bankruptcy, you might remember Saab dealer sales sprees that cleared out existing inventory. Huge discounts were slapped on these cars, which were sold “As Is” (without manufacturer warranty).

NEVS hasn’t made any arrangements to honor those warranties. The Swedish government has stepped in to purchase Saab Auto Parts AB, however, so you’re good as far as that goes. The company is even setting up a new subsidiary to serve customers in the United States. If you want to bid one one directly though, you’re out of luck. SaabWorld reports that remaining Saab dealers have dibs on 300 of the cars, with the remaining 600 divided up in lots of 100 between rental car companies and exporters will have first.

What rental car company wants to purchase a car with no warranty? Beat us. About 400 of the cars are 9-3 sedans, and a good chunk are 9-3 sedans. The rest is made up of 9-3 wagons, convertibles and 28 examples of the very rare 9-4X crossover. Older company cars are included as well though; such as a 1970 Sonnett III sports car and a Quantum IV from 1960. Hopefully collectors can get their hands on those somehow. For now, we’ll have to track the remaining “new” cars to see how they fare on the market. After a year of unprotected coastal air and sun, hopefully they are in good condition.

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  1. JAS

    Hey Pimpo (nice name turd), what is with the *crickets* comment as if people aren’t interested in SAAB. They are certainly more interested in them than you were in getting a proper education and occupation…

  2. Bryan Kazes

    Wow… "*crickets*"… Really??? Could you be more offensive to the people that are enthusiasts to this brand? What a DOUCHE. SAAB loyalists are more passionate and haves purer love for their cars than any other make or brand I've ever known. I went and spent over $100k on two 2011 SAABs AFTER the bankruptcy just to show support. I did it December 20, before and without the huge discounts – paid the 1k off MSRP – and knowing it had no warranty.

    Ya, no one has interest in SAAB. Sure.

    Sorry excuse for automotive journalism….

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