Alto Rendimiento: Mexican-based VUHL Planning Supercar


Update: The VUHL 05 is revealed

Every country in this world wants to be recognized as a leader in at least one profession. In the automotive world, the high-end supercar genre serves as a competitive activity attracting the diversity of many nations. Cars leading the United States contingent involves Detroit three choices such as the SRT Viper. Naming a few other supercar makes around the world, Italy has Lamborghini as well as Ferrari, Germany has Porsche, Sweden has Koenigsegg and McLaren belongs to the United Kingdom. Even a start-up company in Canada created the HTT Phethore. Next to join the 2013 supercar marketplace will be Mexico under efforts of newly announced vehicle company VUHL.

Pronounced ‘vool’, the VUHL is an abbreviation created from the phrase, “Vehicle of Ultra-lightweight and High-performance”. If you haven’t heard of the Mexican auto company, you’re in a majority. Until now, the VUHL supercar project existed behind closed doors. Spawned from the imaginations of Mexican brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria, their crown jewel supercar will be the street-legal VUHL 05. A vehicle given form through the Echeverria brother’s Mexico City-based design agency Etxe, the VUHL 05 supercar is teased to us in the first official image depicting the front end. Further information should trickle out on the 05 supercar in coming months as they prepare for a premiere at the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed starting July 14th.

There have been a few details released on the VUHL 05 supercar ahead of the July unveiling. Said to be a precision-built, high-performance vehicle, Iker Echeverria defined the efforts for the start-up sports car make. “We intend VUHL products to be renowned for their effective simplicity and aesthetics guided by a purity of function. The 05 and its successors will also be notable for uncompromising build quality, rigorous attention to detail and a driving experience par excellence.” said Echeverria. Designed by Etxe in Mexico, the VUHL 05 supercar will be assembled through the cooperation of several regions. In bringing the VUHL 05 supercar to reality, partnerships with established automotive players Magna Steyr, Multimatic and Ford Motor Company will figure into the finished VUHL car. Production of the 05 supercar bodies will take place in Canada while handling is said to be tuned in the United Kingdom. Chassis construction and final vehicle assembly will be performed in Mexico City.

The father to the two brothers, Guillermo Echeverria Sr, competed in motorsport events for more than 30 years. Involved in the construction and campaigning of sports cars as well as formula racers, one of Echeverria Sr more publicized outings was in the 1974 Mexican 1000 kilometres. Part of the Camel GT Challenge co-driving a Lotus Europa, the effort resulted in a 30th overall position. Almost 40 years since their father’s effort, the VUHL 05 supercar will be paying tribute to the family tradition of going fast.

When the VUHL 05 supercar break lights, it will be very interesting to see if this vehicle will revise the way the world view Mexico’s auto industry.

Information and photo source VUHL

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