Small Car for UK Small Business: 2013 Ford Fiesta Van

Fiesta Sport Van

Maneuvering tight streets and significantly higher fuel prices in European countries prove exceptionally hurtful to a small business’ attempt to gain profitably. For this reason, Ford Motor Company has been effective in selling the TARDIS-like Transit Connect as a workhorse to small and larger business enterprises. The sight of the Ford Transit Connect has only recently become part of the North American fleet vehicle landscape where it has acclimated well to a marketplace that appreciates utility and strong fuel economy coming together in a single platform. However, if you think the Ford Transit Connect is the smallest vehicle Ford Motor Company has created for commercial use, 2013 brings businesses serving the United Kingdom another more compact solution.

Spawned from Ford ‘s globally recognized subcompact car, the newest product or service mover debuts as a marriage of practicality and economy called the Fiesta Van. In essence, the Ford Fiesta Van is a three-door version of the B-segment hatchback. Incorporating a front end displaying Ford’s new design DNA, the Fiesta Van is an urban chic hauler. Offering a nifty surface area to place car magnets and body wrapping advertising a business, the Ford Fiesta Van’s most notable characteristic is body-color matching paneling over what would be the rear passenger’s side windows.

Powerplant choices on the Ford Fiesta Van include a 1.5 and 1.6 liter Duratorq turbodiesel as well as a 1.25 liter gasoline engine. Through European fuel economy assessment, the Ford Duratorq diesel engines is said to deliver 76.4 miles per gallon or better. Ford is also offering a Fiesta Van ECOnetic model that pairs the 1.6 liter diesel with a host of fuel consumption-minimizing technology. Auto-Start-Stop, a lower ride height, low rolling resistance tires and specially created wheels allow the Ford Fiesta Van ECOnetic to achieve fuel economy appraised by European standards at 85.6 miles per gallon.

Inside, the Ford Fiesta Van presents one cubic meter (roughly 35.3 cubic feet) of cargo space designed specifically to aid business duties. Four cargo tie-downs and a secure steel bulkhead is part of the Fiesta Van’s interior storage compartment lined with a rubberized floor. Loads up to 1.3 meters (51.18 inches) in length can be slid through the rear tailgate of the Ford commercial product. Ford MyKey as well as Ford SYNC connectivity offers an interactive level of contact and control to benefit business-related commuting.

The first UK businesses are receiving their Ford Fiesta Vans this month. Ford has no plans to sell the Fiesta Van in the United States.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company

  1. Great article! I've bought my wife a Fiesta a few years ago. She loved it and was very happy with the car. Recently she bought a Fiat Punto Van. It's a fantastic city car. She likes both cars, however I prefer the Fiat van. It's engine and safety are all a car needs and the small car's capacity is incredible.

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