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GEICO Car Insurance Discounts: Full List

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As one of the country’s most popular car insurance providers, GEICO has plenty of methods to attract customers. One of the main ways the company tries to retain and welcome drivers is by offering excellent discount programs.

We’ve researched the best auto insurance providers across the nation and looked into all possible GEICO car insurance discounts. It’s smart to consider the savings opportunities from other providers as well before picking GEICO, though, in order to find the lowest rates.

What GEICO Car Insurance Discounts Are There?

Most drivers can save considerable money by getting GEICO car insurance discounts. Note that not all discounts are available through every GEICO insurance agency, so certain savings that are available in New York might not be offered to drivers in Florida.

Below, we’ll list out some common ways to save with the auto insurer before explaining the eligibility requirements for each discount.

Vehicle Safety Discounts From GEICO

Drivers whose cars include up-to-date safety features often receive GEICO car insurance discounts of varying amounts.

GEICO DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
Air bag discountCars with working air bags can get savings on personal injury protection or medical payments coverage.Up to 23%
Anti-lock brake discountVehicles with factory-installed anti-lock brakes may receive discounted rates.Up to 5%
Anti-theft system discountA functioning anti-theft system could lead to savings for those with comprehensive coverage.Up to 23%
Daytime running lights discountDaytime running lights may lead to minimal savings on your auto insurance policy.Up to 3%
New vehicle discountIf your vehicle is less than three model years old, the new car might receive discounts.Up to 15%

Driver Safety Discounts From GEICO

Motorists can earn additional GEICO car insurance discounts for responsible driving habits such as the ones listed below.

GEICO DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
Good driver discountThose who go five years without an accident on their driving record can get rate reductions for safe driving.Up to 22%
Seat belt use discountUsing your seat belt could lead to lowered rates for personal injury protection and medical payments coverage.Varying amounts
Defensive driving discountMotorists who take defensive driving courses often get large discounts.Varying amounts
Driver’s educational course discountYoung drivers can get discounts for taking optional driver’s education courses.Varying amounts

Driver Affiliation Discounts From GEICO

Expect to find additional GEICO car insurance discounts if you fall into one of the following groups. Note that eligibility for special discounts may be restricted to certain groups of drivers.

EICO DiscountsDiscount DescriptionPotential Savings
Good student discountFull-time students in high school or college with strong academic records can save.Up to 15%
Emergency deployment discountYou’ll receive a sizable auto premium reduction if you’re a military member who’s deployed to an imminent danger zone.Up to 25%
Federal employee discountActive or retired federal employees often save on policies from GEICO.Up to 12%
Membership and employee discountsDrivers who are members of varying groups may find discounts.Varying amounts
Military discountActive-duty military members and veterans are rewarded for their service with savings.Up to 15%
Multi-vehicle discountYou could get drastically reduced rates if you take advantage of the multi-car discount when you insure all of your vehicles with GEICO.Up to 25%
Multi-policy discountThose who bundle insurance products such as renters, mobile home or homeowners insurance with their auto policy get lowered prices.Varying amounts

Additional Ways To Save With GEICO

Applying for the DriveEasy telematics program and increasing your auto insurance deductible are a few ways to lower your premiums beyond the standard GEICO car insurance discounts. Below, we’ll run through these options.

DriveEasy Telematics Program

DriveEasy is a telematics program that tracks your driving habits and lowers your insurance premiums based on responsible behaviors. Those who avoid hard braking and accelerating along with texting while driving may reap significant benefits from signing up for DriveEasy.

Be aware, though, that your rates may increase if GEICO identifies you as a high-risk driver. While you may be able to find a cheap car insurance policy through DriveEasy, that’s never guaranteed. DriveEasy may also be the wrong choice if you’re unwilling to let the GEICO mobile app track your location.

DriveEasy is currently available in 28 states and in the District of Columbia, so not all policyholders will be able to use the telematics program.

Increase Your Deductible

With any auto insurance provider, you can likely reduce your rates by bumping up your deductible. This process has its downsides, though.

While you pay less each month by increasing your deductible, that means you’ll have to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim. Many motorists believe it’s worth it for the lower monthly payments, but you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Also worth considering is cutting your policy back if you currently have full coverage auto insurance. Once again, note that you’ll end up paying far more if something goes wrong.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

Our top recommendations for auto insurance coverage are GEICO and USAA. It’s smart to get free car insurance quotes from multiple providers before making a final decision on coverage.

GEICO: Best Overall

GEICO often ranks near the top of consumer surveys for its affordable car insurance rates and plethora of GEICO car insurance discounts. Customers typically trust GEICO for its broad range of insurance options and easy claims process.

USAA: Best Military Provider

USAA received an excellent customer satisfaction rating for its competitive auto insurance rates for active military personnel, veterans and their families. Note that eligibility is restricted to these groups, so not all motorists are able to get coverage from USAA.

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