The Most Common Cause of Accidents

Wrecked Bugatti Veyron

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident, in most situations, you will need to file an auto insurance claim, regardless if you believe you were responsible for the accident or not. In the majority of collision cases, the parties involved are quite quick to point the finger at the other person(s) and place the blame on them. However, according to many statistics, the most common causes of car accidents are completely avoidable.

In fact, the majority of collisions are the result of reckless or careless driving, and usually all it takes is one moment of lost attention or slow reflex for a crash to occur. The following are some frequent reasons behind accidents that lead to auto insurance claim calls.

Distractions – There are many things that can distract drivers and take their focus off the road. The following are some examples of distractions that have lead to accidents:
• Talking on the phone
• Texting
• Talking to passengers
• Eating or drinking
• Changing radio stations
• Smoking
• Looking for something that has dropped on the floor
• Shaving
• Applying makeup
• Waving to pedestrians
• Gawking at an accident
• Looking at a flashy or risqué billboards or other advertisements
• Reading
• Looking at a map
• Emotional distraction – Being upset, angry, worried or terrified.
• Etc.

When the vehicle is in motion, drivers need to have their full attention on the road, on the other cars around them, and be able to react quickly when sudden problems occur to avoid causing or becoming part of an accident.

Speeding – Exceeding the speed limit reduces a driver’s ability to respond in time when necessary. A person requires time to process information in a situation before they can determine whether or not they should react, as well as what actions to take. Moreover, when traveling at an excessive speed, the distance covered during the time needed to react is longer, as is the distance between starting to break and a total stand still. Hence, the possibility to avoid a collision as speed increases becomes smaller.

Intoxication – Unfortunately, filing auto insurance claim for accidents involving impaired driving – under the influence of drugs or alcohol – is not uncommon. Impaired driving is incredibly dangerous and dramatically increases the risk of a crash with severe consequences. An intoxicated individual has a slow response time, poor judgment, and are far more likely to drive carelessly and recklessly.

Sleep Deprivation – Operating a vehicle when you are tried can result in falling asleep at the wheel, causing you to lose control of the car. Sleepiness can slow down how quickly you respond to a situation, making your reflexes sluggish. It can also decrease a person’s attention span and increase the risk of falling asleep. Those who suffer from sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are at a greater risk of causing accidents due to sleep deprivation.

You can avoid the most common causes of accidents and reduce the likelihood of creating auto insurance claim records, by dedicating your full attention to driving and obeying the law.