Infiniti Previews Four New Models, Including Vision Qe Concept, Its First EV

The Infiniti Vision Qe concept, the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, is inspired by three Japanese philosophies: Kabuku, Sho, and Sui. Kabuku is a sense of the extraordinary, Sho is a sense of speed and movement, and Sui is about the presence of sophistication and purity. It’s these elements Infiniti wishes to embody with the all-electric Vision Qe as it seeks to electrify most of its lineup by 2030.

Comprehensive Range Refresh

Vision Qe is one of four new models announced by Infiniti in October 2023 at the automaker’s New Dawn event in Tokyo, Japan. Infiniti refers to the four forthcoming models as part of a “comprehensive range refresh” that will “signal a product renaissance.”

In addition to the Vision Qe concept, Infiniti announced the Vision QXe concept, an all-electric SUV, a mid-size crossover coupe with FX-inspired vibes called the QX65, and the next-generation QX80. The updated QX80 will likely be the first to arrive as a 2025 model, as its release date is set for 2024 (the current QX80 is largely unchanged from prior model years).

“Today is a pivotal moment for Infiniti as we announce four stunning new models are on the way,” said Jose Roman, Global Head of Infiniti and Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Nissan Motor Co. “These additions will reinvigorate Infiniti and pave the way to achieving our long-term plan: Ambition 2030.”

The Infiniti Vision Qe concept showcases the brand's evolved design form, "Artistry In Motion," in the all-electric era. As described by Infiniti, it blends artistic details with a single fluid design gesture that flows from front to rear.
The Infiniti Vision Qe concept showcases the brand’s evolved design form, “Artistry In Motion,” in the all-electric era. As described by Infiniti, it blends artistic details with a single fluid design gesture that flows from front to rear. Photo: Infiniti Motor Company.

Artistry In Motion

With each new model, Infiniti promises a human-centric and holistic luxury ownership experience and welcoming interiors that blend technology and materials with artistic precision. “All models of the brand’s future range have been crafted under an evolved design language called Artistry in Motion,” Infiniti said in a statement. “Artistry in Motion delivers products that blend evocative, artful design with powerful yet graceful movement.”

“As we began to follow the inspiration around Artistry in Motion, we rediscovered the Japanese expression of Sho, an expression of soaring with grace and power,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Global Design at Infiniti Motor Company. “Our designers began creating forms that, to me, looked like abstractions of a bird in flight – powerful, almost motionless, but generating such speed. The sleek, low profile paired with tapered, yet muscular, rear fenders expresses effortless motion and powerful purpose.”

Vision Qe Concept Styling

During Infiniti’s New Dawn event in Tokyo, the automaker shared a fair number of details about the Vision Qe concept’s styling. Infiniti highlighted the Shadow Blue exterior paint, which consists of a deep blue base coat with gold highlights and the geometrical pattern of the wheels, inspired by the wound coil of an electric motor. The wheels have gold accents to bring out the Shadow Blue paint. Infiniti said its “refreshed visual identity” is centered around the colors of blue and gold.

Infiniti’s “digital piano key” lighting signature is incorporated into the Vision Qe’s front and rear, while a new three-dimensional emblem is the centerpiece of the front fascia. Drivers and passengers are greeted with a unique animation sequence as they approach the Vision Qe concept.

More Details Coming Soon

Infiniti said that more info about each new model, including the Vision Qe, will be revealed in the near future. In the meantime, the Vision Qe concept will be on display at Infiniti’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

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Photos & Source: Infiniti Motor Company.