Ford Transit Van to Replace E-Series in US for 2013


Presenting the line-up for their future commercial division in North America, Ford Motor Company officially confirmed United States roads can prepare to witness another product of their existing global portfolio. On the success of the Transit Connect van, the larger Ford Transit will be selling in America starting for the 2013 model year.

Featuring a look consistent with Ford vehicles, the Ford Transit characteristics also includes the admirable traits of a high roof profile. Only announcing the arrival of the Transit large van for 2013, Ford has not stated what North America buyers can expect. Available in front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models in Europe, the Ford Transit also comes in a multitude of body lengths. Similar to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, roof height options exist with the Ford Transit expanding cargo room and flexibility. The European Ford Transit vans feature turbodiesel power that also includes a model utilizing ECOnetic Technology. Based on diesels still being a tough sell stateside, it should not be surprising if a gasoline model of the Ford Transit appears specifically for the marketplace. Said to be at least 300 pounds lighter than the E-Series, Ford boasts the Transit will be a more fuel-efficient option combined with smaller engines.

The arrival of the Ford Transit coming to the North American marketplace comes with news that the long-running E-Series van will be discontinued. Celebrating 50 years on the market during the 2011 model year, the large utility van best known as the Ford Econoline had been a common sight in the neighbourhoods of North America.

Though traditionally possessing longer product cycles exist for commercial duty vehicles, Ford’s E-Series line last major generational chance occurred in 1992. A major redesign including a reworked exterior was incorporated in the 2008 model year E-Series but it was becoming obvious that Ford’s enthusiasm for their large van has past. Some would say the writing was on the wall for the discontinuation of the Ford E-Series.

Promoting the newest in vehicle design and technology, the modern Ford Motor Company has been on a mission to delete the remnants of their old guard. Making drastic fleet-wide changes, the most recent signal of the new Ford comes with the retirement of the Crown Victoria. After a long reign as a police interceptor and taxi, the Ford Crown Victoria’s V-8 power as well as body-on-frame construction made the car a technological dinosaur. Just entering production, the new Ford Interceptor Sedan and Utility vehicle reflect the auto brand’s utilization of modern engineering that includes the EcoBoost V-6 engine.

An import-derived design and nameplate, the Ford Transit van will be assembled inside the United States. The Transit will be produced at Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant. Producing the Ford Transit close to their customer base inside the United States, Ford Motor Company is also positioned on better ground when competing for some supply contracts. The United States government or certain corporations favour American construction when ordering products. The modern commercial vehicle industry has become a very hot segment in which new and existing automotive players are rapidly upgrading their offerings.

While some will decry the loss of the Econoline’s history in the North American Ford line-up, it’s interesting to note the Transit van’s actually predates the vehicle it replaces. The Transit van’s 2013 debut in the United States will come on the 60th year of Ford using the nameplate.

Information source: Ford Motor Company
Photo source: Ford UK via Newspress UK

  1. Looks like a very viable choice for many businesses who may need a van. It’s good to see that the E series will be produced in the States.

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