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Ford Is Pounding The Daylights Out of The New Ranger (Video)

Ford is pounding the tar out of the new Ranger, set to arrive early next year. In the last few years, midsize trucks have made quite the comeback, evidenced by the return of the Colorado and Canyon, and a redesigned Tacoma and Ridgeline. So naturally, the Blue Oval decided it was time to get back in the game, and even gave us a glimpse of the new Ranger at the North American International Auto Show in January.

In a new video, we see just what Ford is up to with the Ranger. As you watch it, you almost feel sorry for the truck. It really takes a beating.

Torture Test Theme

This is not the first time Ford has thrown knock out punches at their trucks. In 2011, the company filmed a series of “Torture Tests” to promote the 3.5 Ecoboost engine for the newly-redesigned F-150. The series, hosted by Mike Rowe, saw the trucks tackle a number of outrageous challenges, from hauling logs in the Pacific Northwest, to hauling you know what around Homestead-Miami Speedway with a loaded trailer.

Now the Ranger is receiving the same treatment as its older brother, and some of the tests are so intense, robotics are utilized because it’s simply too harsh for humans to endure!

“We torture every component – from its high-strength steel frame to its EcoBoost engine, to its cloth and leather-trimmed seats – to ensure Ranger is ready for any season and nearly any terrain,” said Rick Bolt, Chief Engineer, Ford Ranger.

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2019 Ford Ranger on display at the North American International Auto Show, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan.

Aggressive Approach

Ford’s rigorous, perhaps even nontraditional, approach to ensuring the Ranger’s capability starts in the lab, where the truck is subjected to a four-post shaker table. This contraption does exactly what it sounds like and is used, for days on end, to weed out any squeaks and rattles in the chassis. Testing then progresses to more intense, real-world challenges. The Ranger has been as far away as the Australian Outback and as close to home as the company’s Michigan Proving Grounds for various tests.

Davis Dam in Arizona is a prime location for testing, and Ford made an appearance there with the 2011 F-150 in the aforementioned videos. Similar to the F-150, the new Ranger is subjected to the high temperatures and steep grades of Davis Dam while towing trailer.

The video is below. While we are excited to see the truck when it’s finally released, we do have one question in the meantime? How do you get a job at Ford driving the Ranger for these tests?!

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. He studies mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, serves on the Board of Directors for the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, and is a loyal Detroit Lions fan.

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Photos, Video, & Source: Ford Motor Company.

  1. Will the Ranger be available without that huge chrome crap on the fender? (just below side mirror). It’s pretty dang ugly!

  2. I purchased a hilux in 2015 for $70K and now year 2018 you can get it for $50K but Ford ranger kept the same price, It makes me think whether Hilux is better or not but seeing the new Ranger it definitely looks better then the hilux.

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