2008 RMC Scorpion - Ronn Motor Company Scorpion

A Hydrogen Supercar – The RMC Scorpion

Now this is a fantastic idea.

Mean and green, that’s how I like it, and this car delivers.

Called the Scorpion, it is a car made by the Ronn Motor Company (RMC), and it is scheduled to be in production this fall- around October or so. Visually, it is a stunning car with the looks to compete with any exotic, but it’s the mechanics that are the real beauty.

This is proof that environmentally friendly cars don’t have to be slow and ugly. This car is a hybrid, but more than that, it runs on hydrogen. Actually, it runs on a 30-40% hydrogen/gasoline blend, but the important thing is the system used by RMC.

2008 RMC Scorpion side

Most hydrogen cars use fuel cells, a fantastic but costly system that should be further explored. In this method, hydrogen goes to the fuel cell, where it is electrochemically converted to electricity, which then powers the car. This system should be seriously looked into, as it is the perfect system-no complicated moving parts, no combustion, hydrogen is eternally renewable, and the only emissions are water vapor.

The Scorpion, however, runs on a less attractive but fantastic nonetheless hydrogen ICE (internal combustion engine) system. This system is much like a modified gas engine, only it uses gaseous hydrogen rather than liquid gas. Since the hydrogen is mixed with gasoline, it means there is combustion involved, but there are almost no emissions due to the fact that there is no carbon in hydrogen. The hydrogen is provided via the Scorpion’s hydrogen on-demand system, which uses dual computer processing controls to deliver the good stuff in real-time, and it is then blended with gasoline.

RMC Scorpion

Performance numbers are enticing- over 200 mph, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, yep, there’s no doubt that this is indeed a supercar. Anticipated horsepower is 450, nothing to sniff at, as well as 302 pound-feet of torque. However, these numbers aren’t concrete; the official details have not been out yet.

The look of the car itself is fantastic, with its menacing, snake-like front, beautiful curves, and of course, the air scoop along the side. Chromed skirt edges are a nice touch, though they might disappear for the production model. It is sensual, curvaceous, and oh-so-sexy. All in all, a smooth, clean, and simple but good-looking green supercar.

So basically, put it all together, and you get over 40 mpg, no emissions, and one hell of a sexy ride. I wish it got more mpg, but considering what it has already accomplished, it’s a win-win. And you can’t go wrong with that.

RMC Scorpion top


Price: $150,000 (estimate)

Engine: 3.5 liter V-6

Top Speed: 200+ mph

Horsepower: 450

Torque: 302 lb-ft.

0-60 mph: 3.5 seconds

Mileage: 40+ mpg