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Top 5 Best-Selling Radar Detectors on Amazon

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When buying products online, it’s usually a good strategy to look for the best-selling items that fit your criteria. After all, they’re usually the best-selling for a reason.

Amazon, being the juggernaut of eCommerce as it is (but not always the best place to buy car parts), tends to be the perfect website for this type of research. I wanted to know the most popular radar detectors on the market (and why they’re popular), so I headed over to Amazon’s best sellers page.

As you may know, we’re not big fans of Amazon over here, so instead of just linking you to Amazon and calling it a day, we dug in a little deeper to find out the best place to buy these popular radar detectors. But don’t worry, we’ll include the Amazon links too, for you 2-day-shipping-Prime-addicts.

Let’s dive in.

#5: Uniden R7

Uniden R7

Why is it a Best-Seller?

Trailing just behind its little brothers, the R3 & DFR1 in sales, Uniden’s most powerful radar detector still manages to make the best seller’s list. Falling into the “$500-ish” price range, the R7 is like a Uniden R3 on steroids. This is one of the longest detection-range units on the market today with its dual-antenna setup and 360° laser detection.

It also has directional arrows to tell you where the radar or laser signals are coming from (a super helpful feature), voice alerts, a larger and brighter OLED display, and a slew of other useful features and upgrades. If someone is looking for a radar detector in the $500 price range, this is the one I suggest.

Where to Buy It?

Since Uniden doesn’t sell directly, you can pick it up at Best Buy or on Amazon for around $500.

#4: Uniden DFR1

Uniden DFR1

Uniden stealing yet another spot on the top-sellers list with its entry-level DFR1 radar detector.

Why is it a Best-Seller?

The Uniden DFR1 is the most entry-level radar detector that any “big name” manufacturer makes. Coming in at only around $50, buyers can get a brand name detector they can trust for a very low price. It does come with some nice features like 360° Laser & Radar Detection, stealth mode (hiding you from radar detector detectors), and signal strength bars, but that’s about as advanced as it gets.

If you’re looking for an absolutely bottom-basement-priced detector, this one is OK, but if you have a little more to spend (but still under $100), we’d suggest the next detector on the list (read on).

Where to Buy It?

Best Buy doesn’t carry this model anymore, so your best bet is to pick it up on Amazon for around $50. Strangely enough, you can also pick it up at Home Depot for around $60.

#3: Cobra RAD 380


Cobra’s entry-level detector made our list of the best radar detectors under $200 as the “Top Budget Pick.” Indeed, at under $100, you can’t go wrong with this simple but reliable unit.

Why is it a Best-Seller?

Like the Uniden DFR1 above, the Cobra RAD 380 is a bare-bones radar detector with the most basic features. But it does have front and rear detection for radar and lasers, which is the most important thing.

What makes this radar detector worth the extra cost above the Uniden? We really like Cobra’s reliability, extra detection range & speed thanks to its Digital Signal Processing (DSP), updatable software, and advanced false alert filtering.

Where to Buy It?

You can pick it up on Cobra’s website for $99 with free shipping. There’s really no reason to resort to Amazon for this one.

#2: Cobra RAD 480i


This one comes as absolutely no surprise. The Cobra RAD 480i won our #1 top spot for the best radar detectors under $200.

Why is it a Best-Seller?

At only $149 or so, it’s super affordable and has nearly as many features as some of the units costing over twice as much. It detects radar and laser from both the front and rear, has surprisingly long-range detection, false alert filtering, comes with the helpful Cobra iRadar App (kinda like Waze), and has earlier detection than many models.

Honestly, when someone asks me which basic radar detector they should buy, this is the one I recommend unless they’re looking for a more advanced model.

Where to Buy It?

Well, you could buy it on Amazon, but we’d suggest buying it straight from Cobra’s website. It’s the same price, and you’re giving more money to the manufacturer.

#1: Uniden R3

Uniden R3

Why is it a Best-Seller?

Uniden’s most popular radar detector is popular for a reason. It won our “Best Bang for the Buck” award in our guide to the best radar detectors on the market. It comes with GPS for Red Light and Speed camera locations, a colorful OLED display, truly advanced false alert filtering, and voice alerts. Its real selling point is its long-range detection, which is a class-leader in this price range.

Where to Buy It?

Strangely, Uniden doesn’t sell units directly from their website. But you can buy it online or in-person from Best Buy with fast, free shipping, for around $300. Amazon offers it for less, but since Best Buy lets you price match online, you can still get it for the same price there.

Why Not Amazon?

Some of you may be thinking “but I love my free two-day shipping!” or “Jeff Bezos is my Home Boy!” Well, sure, but we’re just not fans of Amazon’s business and monopolistic practices, as well as poor treatment of employees, poor environmental practices, and a number of other reasons. if you’re curious, here are a few good reads about Amazon and its practices.

But we aren’t political here; I just wanted to give you multiple options to buy your products.

Let us know which radar detector you end up getting – was it on this list?