Mercedes Celebrates 30 Years of Square With The Geländewagen

Mercedes Benz G-Class

Now THIS is what an SUV should be: Square, honest, minimum of creature comforts yadda yadda yadda … here we have the Mercedes Benz Geländewagen, Germany’s answer to the Hummer. It started out life as a military truck, and it then made its way into the private sector. And all that happened thirty years ago, and hence, Mercedes is celebrating that auspicious occasion with a raft of pressers, photos, and reminders of what a tough ride this guy is.

For starters, most of you should already know that the Geländewagen, or G-Class as it is now officially called is the preferred ride of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of Kahleforneya, the terminator himself. Ahunuld went so far as to convert all four of his (two black, two silver) to run on bio-diesel, since he is amazing enviro-conscious for a Republican, especially a Republican governor.

Mercedes Benz G-Class AMG

Secondly, apart from the price, size, and over all lack of utility for 99% of American drivers 99% of the time, what’s NOT to love about this thing?

Since it started off life as a military truck, it functions much a like a Jeep CJ, which is to say: All of the time. Come hell or high water, literally, the Geländewagen is going to make it through. That was its job from the outset: Get the troops to where they need to be. Getting Maria and the kids to ballet and/or soccer practice should be a snap. And it is.

Mercedes Benz G-Classes

Mercedes Benz G-Class interior

Inside, they’re quite comfortable. Sure, the first ones form 30 years ago were more Spartan, but that changed. Seating for five, loads of cargo space, great heater and AC, and hey, the performance ain’t all that bad. At least in the brute that AMG put out a while back (and people say that Germans have no sense of humor).

Who else uses a Geländewagen? The Pope for one. Actually the last three Popes used them. And the lead singer/harp player from Blues Traveler had a custom one built with a hidden gun compartment. Sure, the Washington State Police didn’t like that feature much, but it DID get him, and his Geländewagen, noticed.

Mercedes Benz G-Class stretch

No, they ain’t cheap running anywhere from 59,381 Euro to 97,461 Euro, but if you’re the Governator, or a rock star, or for that matter The Pope, you can afford it.

Mercedes Benz G-Class on road

Mercedes Benz G-Class rear